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[2001-02-24-ECWA-Super 8] American Dragon vs Spanky

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The first incarnation of the match I watched the most in 2000.  They open by working things around the wristlock with reversals and counters before they trade knife edge chops in the centre.  Spanky cuts off the headbutts with a forearm but then badly slips on a springboard, Dragon stomping him to cover for it.  Dragon blocks the wheelbarrow and kicks Spanky’s shoulder.  I can’t really describe it but it was so good.  Speaking of “so good” so is Dragon’s working over of that shoulder, the way he pulls him into the ringpost, the way he kicks it, the reverse arm wringer into the mat, tying the arm around the ropes and then dropkicking it.  After being whipped into the corner Spanky comes off with a reverse crossbody but Dragon snatches him with a Fujiwara armbar.  Spanky rolls through on the second armbar attempt and launches Dragon with a release German suplex.  A springboard reverse forearm smash, he was brave to try that one again after slipping earlier.  Northern Lights bomb.  He’s slow climbing the turnbuckles and Dragon takes his legs away.  Spanky fights off the double underhook superplex but then fails to connect on the high frog splash, rolling to the outside to try and get his breath back.  Wow, Orihara moonsault by Dragon, I can’t remember ever seeing him do that before.  Wrist clutch suplex.  The two jockey for position in the centre, Dragon blocks Sliced Bread #2 and then hits a Dragon suplex, transitioning to the Cattle Mutilation for the win, moving onto the semi-finals at the same time.

Dragon’s work is so tight, especially when he’s focussing his attack on a specific body part.  Where did that Orihara moonsault come from also?  Considering this was only a first round tournament match I thought it was really good for that.

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