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Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens

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There is some. I have a preliminary list but can't C and P it here...I'll send it to work and try to find some time to put it together in the next few weeks.


Most of the 70's stuff will be Luce film but there are two or three tv matches off the top of my head.

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Ok, this is everything I could find from a quick glance at my lists. Ther might be a few more hiding in it that I missed. Mostly we're working with film here although some of it is longer in nature than just clips.


There are these from 70's TV that are complete or near-complete:


Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. Bastien/Robinson (2/3, AWA TV, 12/20/72)

Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens vs. Greg Gagne/Jim Brunzell (Bobby Heenan Debuts
as Bock/Stevens manager, 8/10/74 AWA TV)


On the whole list below you will see more completed matches from later on in the mid-80's. Some of them might have made the DVDVR set, I can't remember.


Crusher/Robinson vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens (Luce Film)


Crusher/Wahoo vs. Stevens/Bockwinkel (highlights, Luce film)


Wilbur Snyder & Pepper Gomez vs. Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens (Luce Film)


Bruiser/Crusher vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens (From Luce’s Blood Arena release)


Crusher/Bastien (AWA tag champs) vs. Stevens/Bockwinkel (11/20/71, Luce film)


Stevens vs. Dr. X (TV clip), Stevens/Bockwinkel vs. Andre/X (Chicago film circa 1972)


Crusher/Bastien vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens highlights (3/72, Luce Film)


Crusher/Dusty Rhodes vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens highlights (Luce Film)


Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. Bastien/Robinson (2/3, AWA TV, 12/20/72)


Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. Bruiser/McDaniel (2/3 falls, 6/9/73, Luce film)


Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. Bruiser/Crusher (more Chicago film. There are several matches
Available from Chicago between the teams, not all the same. This one is from Luce’s
Bloody Battleroyals Comm release


Bockwinkel/Stevens (AWA Tag Champs) vs. Bruiser/Crusher (6/30/73, Chicago film)


Bruiser/Crusher vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens (“Human Cage match”, 7/14/73, Luce film)


Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens vs. Greg Gagne/Jim Brunzell (Bobby Heenan Debuts
as Bock/Stevens manager, 8/10/74 AWA TV


Greg Gagne/Jim Brunzell vs. Bockwinkel/Stevens (Winnipeg, May 1981, #1 contenders match)


5/23/85 Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. The Hennigs 22:58 of 23:12 Winnipeg


4/24/85 Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. The Hennigs 16:30 Complete Winnipeg


6/13/85 Bockwinkel/Stevens vs. Curt Hennig/Greg Gagne 20:00 complete Winnipeg


Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens/Bobby Duncum vs.Curt Hennig/Steve O/Buck Zumhofe (1985, either St. Paul or PW USA)


Bockwinkel/Stevens/Zbyszko vs. Gagne/Hennig/Hall (St. Paul, 1985)—might be the Super Clash match mislabeled


Bockwinkel/Zbyszko/Stevens vs. Hall/Hennig/Gagne (Super Clash I, Chicago 1985)


Stevens/Bockwinkel/Gagne vs. Saito/Ninja/Zbyszko (Minneapolis Aud, 1986)

Zbyszko/Ninja vs. Stevens/Bockwinkel (Las Vegas TV 1987)

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I know Stevens is old as dirt and way past his prime but I really love that Zbyszko/Ninja vs. Stevens/Bockwinkel (Las Vegas TV 1987) match.

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So IS there any footage from San Francisco out there? Just in general, I mean. It seems like a holy grail of sorts.


One of the first teams that popped in my head during this project that I really wanted to dive in on considering how much I loved Bock in his AWA stuff.

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Timbo, this stuff surfaced a week or so ago:


California Wrestling (SF & LA from the 70’s)
(L.A.) Eddie Mansfield vs. Tom Jones – the commentary is in Spanish. Roddy Piper. After the match Chavo Guerrerro comes in to confront Piper but Roddy gets help and ends up choking Chavo with his tee shirt and leaving him lying.
Roddy Piper cuts a promo on Chavo Guerrerro. He says next week he’ll be there with one hand tied behind his back and will wrestle anyone.
(SF) "Irish" Pat Barrett vs. "Rock-n-Roll" Buck Zumhoffe
(SF) "The Polish Prince" Ed Wiskoski & "Playboy "Buddy Rose cut a promo
(SF) John Tolos vs. Ron Pope in an arm wrestling match and it doesn’t end with a heel attack.
(SF) Jimmy Snuka vs. Buddy Rose – 2 out of 3 falls match
(SF) Jimmy Snuka promo – he challenges Buddy Rose to a 2 out of 3 fall no time limit match
(SF) Buddy Rose & Dr. Frank Ramey promo
(SF) Red Bastien & Billy Ash vs. Ed Wiskoski & John Tolos
(SF) Ed Wiskoski & John Tolos promo
(SF) Ron Pope vs. Ed Wiskoski in an arm wrestling match with $2000 on the line. – Pope wins but then Wiskoski claims that Pope always sits on the same side of the table so they need to do it again with the other arm. And Now…we have the heel attack. Pope fights back but Buddy Rose runs in and the Washington boys lay a beating on Pope.
(SF) Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskoski vs. Red Bastien & Ted Heath
(SF) Ken Ramey, Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskoski promo
(SF) Dean Ho & Ron Starr promo

(SF) Ed Wiskoski vs. Art Domingues – Wiskoski has Buddy Rose in his corner
(SF) Ed Wiskoski & Buddy Rose Promo
(LA) Roddy Piper confrontation with Hector Guerrerro
(LA) Pedro Morales vs. Tokyo Joe – Spanish commentary as the LA group didn’t have English TV.
(SF) Ed Wiskoski vs. Jerry Monte – Wiskoski has offered $10,000 to anyone who can beat him
(SF) Ed Wiskoski promo – he’s from a long line of Polish Royalty
(SF) Ed Wiskoski vs. Texas Red – Texas Red is Red Bastien under a hood. Buddy Rose is in Ed’s corner
(SF) Ed Wiskoski promo – Texas Red interrupts

1970’s San Francisco (Roddy Piper eats a fish; Sullivan vs. Roop; Buddy Rose)
San Francisco 1970’s
Rick Thompson vs. Roddy Piper
Roddy Piper eats a live gold fish
Pepper Gomez & Takashi Inomi vs. Texas Red (Red Bastien) & Buddy Rose
Buddy Rose promo
Kevin Sullivan vs. Bob Roop
Kevin Sullivan & Barry Orton vs. Von Steigers for the Tag Titles

Roy Shire’s San Francisco/LA Promotion 1976

Piper vs Terry Sawyer

V. Rivera & Canadian(Piper) vs Tom & SD Jones

Pat Patterson-Canadian Confortation

Gordman & Goliath vs Chavo & Canadian �turns heel

Mando G. vs Canadian Cage Match

Tx. Red & Mando G. vs Canadian & Alex Perez

Rivera & Canadian vs Tx. Red & SD Jones

Piper vs Chavo

Gordman, Perez & Sawyer vs Mayne, Piper & R. Bass

Bass & Hiro Ito vs Chavo & Gordman

Piper vs Tony Milan + Promo

Race vs M. Stallings+ Race Promo

Hector vs Goliath

Hector �Mayne Brawl

B. Rose vs F. Monte

Piper vs Lambert

Piper & Bass vs Gordman & Sawyer

Piper vs Thompson

Piper vs P. Gomez

Gomez & Japanese wrestler vs Tx. Red & Rose

K. Sullivan vs Roop

Von Steigers vs Sullivan &Barry O.

Smirnoff vs Mexican Wrestler

R. Stevens vs Johnny Charisma

Smirnoff vs Dean Ho-Stevens save

Von Steigers vs T. Heath & Ho

Von Steigers handcuff Stevens

Ho vs Roop TV Title

Roop & Barry O. vs Ho & Heath

Sullivan Vs Mr. Charisma

Mando vs Gordman

Rivera vs El Negro

Rivera- Mando Confortation

San Francisco 1976-1977

Shires San Fran 1978 (Piper, Sullivan, Mayne, Patterson etc)

Piper Promo

Piper vs Inoue

Piper vs Moondog Mayne - US Title

Rose & Texas Red vs Mando & Heath

Dynamite Kid vs Nelson Royal

Piper - Moondog Mayne -Confrontation

Rose vs Mando

Inoue & Tenyru vs Rose & TX. Red � Rose walks off

B. Rose vs Hector G.

Announcement of Mayne�s death

K. Sullivan vs Roop

Von Steigers vs Sullivan &Barry O.

Smirnoff vs Mercado

Von Steigers handcuff Stevens

Roop & Barry O. vs Ho & Heath

Sullivan Vs Mr. Charisma

Muraco vs Thompson

Patterson vs Mansfield

Mayne vs Zatar

California April - July 1978

Buddy Rose Interview
Roddy Piper vs Guy Lambert
Roddy Piper Interview
Black Gordman and Terry Sawyer vs Roddy Piper and Ron Bass
Moondog Mayne interview
Moondog Mayne & Pak Chu Interview
Buddy Rose & The Maskd Avenger attack Mando Guerrero
Roddy Piper vs Rick Thompson

California August - September 1978

Hiro Ota & Alexis Smirnoff vs Dean Ho & Texas Red
Roy Shires Interview
Buddy Rose vs Jimmy Snuka
Chavo Guerrero vs Great Goliath
Superstar Billy Graham vs Carlos Mata
Roy Shire interview
Takashi Onome & Tenryu Shimata vs Alexis Smirnoff & Buddy Rose
Dean Ho interview
Buddy Rose & Alexis Smirnoff interview
Roddy Piper & Pak Chu vs Hector Geurrero & Tonga
Roddy Piper & Java Ruuk interview
Chavo Guerrero interview

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I don't disagree. I do think there is *more* footage out there a lot of the time than people might think, even if there aren't always full matches.


I actually feel like I've somehow got better at watching 8mm silent footage. I was pretty into that Terry Funk vs Jack Brisco match.


There was also some very interesting looking Bill Watts and Fred Blassie stuff uploaded recently.

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Tremendous duo. I could find a spot for them on memory for the most part but need some re-watchin. As individuals they're all-timers.


It's to bad that Stevens and Patterson don't have the footage from the 60's to make a go. They may be the best team I saw until I saw Gene and Ole Anderson. Then again maybe I was wearin rose colored glasses with Pat and Ray but I don't think so.


My Elders thought the Sharpe Brothers were the best tag-team of all time.

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I will be reviewing all available Bock and Stevens in the Microscope soon, including five singles Patterson vs Stevens bouts from LA on silent film from 70-73. I have this weird idea of doing commentary for them and uploading to YouTube, but it's a bit Rocky Raymond.

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I understand not wanting to rip the guy off, but Rocky Raymond is absolutely glorious. Only real problem is that his act would be hard to top.

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