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Ricky Jackson

"The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz (aka The Jobber Thread)

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Johnny Rodz vs Pat Patterson 6/28/1980, All-Star Wrestling 

This gem is on the Network and was brought to my attention by the great Richard Land yesterday. Really fun match with brawling outside and chairs being used. You would get these type of out of nowhere wild brawl matches on WWF TV a few times a year and they are a treasure. Story of the match is Rodz using multiple foreign objects, chairs and other dirty tactics on Pat until going too far with the exposed turnbuckle, which Pat reverses and Rodz ends up eating. Pat finally ends things moments later

Not the best Rodz match ever but easy top 5 from what I've seen. Great stuff 

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Johnny Rodz vs Frank Williams (3/20/76)


All Star. This goes on for way longer than you’d think. Rodz is dominant frequently going to the second rope with a knee drop. He pulls Williams up on two at one point. Williams is the jobbers’ jobber, everything he does looks pathetic. He has an hilarious wimpy comeback at one point before Rodz cuts him off and pins him. Antonio Rocca is as atrocious as ever on commentary and Vince goes to his “well uh, do you think Williams lacks experience?” line at least three times. 

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