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Bobby Fulton

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His selling in the Sheepherders match would make Ricky Morton green with envy. His punch is right up there with Bobby Eaton. Rogers was the athlete, workrate guy. Fulton was the heart & soul! Tons of charisma, passion, selling and a great right just how God intended Southern-Fried wrestling to be!

Bobby Fulton has undoubtedly booty-shook his way into my Top 100! 

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I may have told this story elsewhere on the board, but just in case it helps anyone in rating Mr. Fulton. Here is what he was doing years past his prime.

In around 2015, I was working as a ring announcer for a very small promotion in a backwoods West Virginia town. The only "name" on the card is Bobby Fulton, and he is scheduled to work in the main event with local heroic babyface as his partner against local heel tag team. He arrives to the show with his young son (somewhere between 10 and 12 if I had to guess) and heads back to the dressing room. As we get closer to show time and the promoter is putting the finishing touches on the card, Bobby looks at us and says "I want to work heel." 

The promoter tells him "you can't work heel, you are in the advertised main event teaming with our top babyface." Bobby says "It's okay, I'll work twice." The promoter is like "Bobby, you can't work heel once and then as a babyface in the main event." Bobby then starts pulling a second set of gear out of his bag and says "I'll be working under a mask as The Sheik of Syria!"

He then proceeds to put on gold tights with a black camel stitched on the ass. Curly toed boots, and a gold mask with a camel in the middle of the forehead. Then he pulls out a matching set of gear for his kid! who will be his manager... The Prince of Syria..

So the second match of the night comes around and here comes Bobby Ful.... The Sheik of Syria with his manager the Prince of Syria, and now he has produced a Syrian flag from somwhere and is waving it around, and he and the boy have on long matching robes as well. They hit the ring to a chorus of boo's, and I get down to announcing them. First I announce Joey America, or whoever the USA themed opponent we picked for him was, and then I announce him. 

As I finish, out comes the Prayer Rug! and he drops down and begins trying to pray before the match....to a massive chorus of boo's from the backwoods country folks. So he storms around the ring, has the kid cover his ears, and then storms over to me (cause I apparently speak Persian) and tells me to tell the crowd that unless they quiet down he is going to raise the price of gas to ten dollars a gallon! I make that announcement, and of course the boo'ing gets louder. So then he tells me to tell them that if they don't quiet down, he is going to buy up all the businesses in town and send the jobs overseas. Same reaction obviously. So then he says to me "Act like I said something so awful, that you won't repeat it!" So I pushed him away from me and went "NO....ABSOLUTELY NOT....I AM NOT SAYING THAT HERE IN THE...U...S...A...."  Which of course got a U.S.A. chant going, and he chased me around and out of the ring before Pearl Harboring his opponent.

He then proceeded to have the most god awful ten minute match you've ever seen, using an imaginary foreign object, which he would first hide in his trunks, then when the ref checked those, in his armpit, to the kneepad, to the boot, to the kid at ringside, and on, and on. Before finally hooking the Camel Clutch, letting the guy power out, and then taking the loss. Just the absolute drizzling shits.


In closing, all of this was fucking atrocious. But it was the good kind of "only in wrestling" atrocious that just makes you sit back and smile as you take it all in.


Not sure if that is at all relevant to what you are doing here. But Bobby Fulton would certainly make my Top 100!

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