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[1994-10-30-Michinoku Pro] Atsushi Onita vs Great Sasuke (No Rope Barbed Wire Exploding Landmine Double Hell Death)

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Am I the only one who thinks the 10/30/94 Sasuke vs. Onita match from Michinoku Pro is worth watching? If yes, I think it's probably the most underrated match ever. The wrestling itself isn't anything special (especially for the high 1994 standards), but... come on... it's Sasuke and Onita~! Both men try to avoid hitting the barbed wire. The suspense is great. The Michinoku Pro crowd is going nuts whenever they tease a big bump is about to happen. The finish is dramatic with Onita trying to protect both his opponent Sasuke and referee Ted Tanabe. Maybe I'm just a huge mark for Sasuke and Onita. After the match, Jinsei Shinzaki shows up to carry Sasuke to the back. Is it just me who likes this match? Perhaps it's just a nostalgic thing? Any opinions on this match?


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