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[1994-07-17-WCW-Bash at the Beach] Lord Steven Regal and Antonio Inoki

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After the TV title match, Gene Okerlund delivers a fawning intro for Antonio Inoki, as we get a mini-Slamboree-type presentation for no particular reason other than to set up a farcically contrived angle for the match with Regal at the Clash. No one in the crowd has a clue who this guy is or what this is about, until Regal comes back to save the segment. He actually gets the crowd invested into this, though they were hot coming in. Jesse takes over at the commentary's table and is visibly very, VERY annoyed and irritable. I'm guessing he wasn't happy about being demoted upon Heenan's arrival to start with, and the arrival of Hogan couldn't have sat well with him either. Still, he's acting pretty unprofessionally right off the bat, and it's about time for the Body to go away.

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