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[1996-07-31-GAEA-G-Power] Mayumi Ozaki & Reiko Amano & Sugar Sato vs KAORU & Toshie Uematsu & Chikayo Nagashima

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Well, this is the performance of KAORU's career so far from what I've seen--she works not one but two LOOONG face-in-peril segments. This is also worked almost as a captain's match, with Ozaki spending most of this match on the apron directing traffic while her two henchwomen do her dirty work, and KAORU doing much of the same on the rare opportunities she has to tag out. This really turns when Ozaki drops KAORU with a Liger bomb through a table, and KAORU gets busted open and brutalized by double-teams from Sato and Amano. Her team gets a good run of their own off the hot tag, but KAORU finds herself getting beaten down again. She gets in a few hope spots, but Nagashima, who notably hadn't done much of anything the entire match, suddenly makes the save for her opponents. KAORU finally goes down soon after that--yeah, I already know enough to know that Nagashima isn't the trustworthy type. She walks out rather than stick around to check on her partner, though she doesn't seem to be a part of Oz's group just yet, though she's certainly a fit for it. There were some awkward spots here but this was still a very good match to establish Oz Academy as a force.

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