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[1995-01-02-AJPW] Mitsuharu Misawa & Satoru Asako & Jun Akiyama vs Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue & Yoshinari Ogawa

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Great little 6 man with lots of hatred going on here. Asako and Ogawa had some sort of feud going on and the match begins in a chaotic fashion with Team Misawa even triple teaming their opponents. Kawada ends up getting shafted by Akiyama and eats a super nasty exploder, but Akiyama is quickly isolated and made to pay dearly. Tons of nasty shots in that section, and Kawada does this awesome heel spot where he steps on Akiyama's head as he reenters the ring, such a simple but effective dick move. Ogawa continues to be really aggressive by working over Akiyama's mid section in really violent fashion, then later on turns into Mini-Kabuki and decks Asako with a wad of stiff looking punches to the face. Aggressive bully Ogawa is weird to watch. This was a good way to spend 20 minutes.

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