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Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez

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Hell yes, they are going to be on my list. Absolutely great team. I feel bad for nominating MVC before them because I sat here thinking they had already been nominated. Yet here we are. Awesome heels, probably the best thing Manny ever did, and Rick got to finally be the heel that made him a superstar. It was only about seven months, but they were a fantastic seven months.

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Damn I really liked the pairing but no way in hell they make my list. Just not enough under the belt in terms of matches. I will say had they stayed together I think we may be talkin about another in the long line of great JCP tag-teams. I'm biased and cock sure confident when it comes to JCP tag teams and matches as I saw it front and center. Live and in color when I was in my late teens thru mid 20's.

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