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I agree, much like Goc's Southwest you seem to get the best out of everyone from top to bottom.


I've seen the last month of my shows as the end of chapter one before we kick on to the new year with new talent.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for December 23rd


The camera comes up on Mean Gene Okerlund, sitting in a comfortable armchair by a fireplace. He is wearing pajamas and a dressing gown and holding a mug of hot chocolate. He turns to the camera and smiles warmly.


Mean Gene : Seasons greetings, folks! We’d like to wish all of the wonderful fans of the AWA Happy Holidays and best wishes of this festive season. Most of our great AWA wrestlers are having a bit of a break as they get ready for the holidays , as well as gearing up for our return show to Denver and the big Super Clash card in Atlanta. But we have something special for you tonight, several great interviews with important developments for the AWA going into the new year, plus a couple of great matches including an exciting AWA debut and a major grudge match. So stay tuned for some great AWA action!


Interview segment : Mean Gene is standing in the ring.


Mean Gene : Ladies and gentlemen, my first guest is one half of the Latin Lovers, Vinnie Valentino!


The crowd cheers as Vinnie Valentino, accompanied by several of his Bootie Girls (dressed, of course, in bikini tops and Vinnie Valentino Bootie Underwear TM ), makes his way to the ring, high fiving fans along the way. Conspicuous by his absence is Valentino’s partner in the Latin Lovers, Javier Cruz.


Mean Gene : Vinnie, I couldn’t help but notice that your partner, Javier Cruz, is not with us today. Could you fill us in on his situation?


Valentino : (scowling) Well, Gino, just recently , Javier got some bad news. His dad is very sick and is in long term care in a hospital in Atlanta. Cruz Control may be a free wheeling bachelor like myself, but he is also a family man, so he went to be by his dad’s side. (Sad faces on the Bootie Girls) The girls and I are going to miss him, but we understand his priorities and wish him the best.


Mean Gene : So what does this mean for the Latin Lovers? Are they done?


Valentino : (brightening) Not at all, Mean Gene. See, I’ve been able to find a new member of the team. A lady pleaser who is almost as handsome as myself . Ladies and other ladies, welcome the newest Latin Lover … “The Latin Heartthrob” Al Perez!


“Winning” by Santana plays over the arena PA as Al Perez heads to the ring, to the sound of squeals by the Bootie Girls and some of the women in the audience.


Al Perez : Thanks for the great introduction, Vin Man. When Vinnie here told me his predicament, I knew he had called the right man. I’m looking forward to showing my talents to the AWA fans, especially the many lovely ladies. The Latin Lovers are going to rock the AWA like no team before!


Interview Segment : Mean Gene in the ring.


Mean Gene : Folks , my next guest is the newly crowned AWA American Champion. Along with Sheikh Adnan Kaissie, Mike George, and the newest member of his alliance, “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell … Olympic strongman, Ken Patera!


The crowd loudly boos the Sheikh and his men as they head to the ring. They seem completely unfazed by this response and, if anything, looked like they were enjoying it.


Mean Gene : Ken Patera, you won the American title in what some would call a shocking upset of the former champion, Iceman Parsons.


Patera : Shocking to whom, Okerlund? I wasn’t shocked! It was only a matter of time before I took the belt of that little pipsqueak, and now it is mine. But I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Hogan, I told you I was going to destroy you and I haven’t finished doing that. The big man is back to help me run you out of the AWA, and there is one surprise left, Hogan!


Mean Gene : “Crusher” Blackwell, you haven’t been seen in the AWA in some time. What made you decide to come back?


Blackwell : Gene, I’ve been up north, destroying everyone who got in my way, but when my old buddy told me that there was a chance to whip the hide of that Venice Beach muscle head, that was too good to pass up. Hogan, the real Crusher has got you in his sights, and I am fixin’ to squash you like a bug.


Master Gee vs. Bill Rathke


This was the first appearance of Master Gee in the AWA and he was very impressive against Rathke. For all that he was a large, muscular man, Master Gee was very agile and dazzled the crowd with his array of dropkicks and head scissors before making Rathke submit to the Masterlock (modified Fuller leglock).


Interview segment : Mean Gene in the ring.


Mean Gene : Fans, my next guest is a long time favorite here in the AWA, the man who made Milwaukee famous … Da Crusher!


The fans go wild as Da Crusher comes out, accompanied by the Hands Of Stone, Ronnie Garvin.


Mean Gene : Crusher, you finally got revenge on Ivan Putski for betraying you, and it looks like you brought along a friend to watch your back while you did it.


Crusher : Mean Gene, my good friend da Perfesser has decided to move on, and while I wish him the best, it did put me in a tough spot taking on three guys at a time. But when Ronnie here heard what his brother was up to, he came here right away to lend a hand.


Ronnie Garvin : That’s right, Crusher. I always knew my little brother could be trouble, but I wasn’t going to stand by and let him drag our family name through the mud. Little Jimmy, I’m going to make you see the light, and if I have to knock some sense in you to do that, then I will do whatever it takes.


Mean Gene : But crusher, what of this mystery man who carried off Precious when she tried to interfere? What is his story?


Cusher : Well, Gene, I knew that even Ronnie here would not be enough against three guys and there dollie girl. I knew I had a secret weapon. So I asked an old friend. He wasn’t able to come out and help, he has business of his own to take care of, but Mad Dog Vachon (the crowd cheers at the name) told me he knew just the guy to do the job. A guy who took some of the most vicious beatings he has ever dished out, and has given some of the worst beatings Vachon has ever taken. A man who can carry two kegs of beer all through the forest over his shoulder, and drink both of them when he got out. My kinda guy! That guy is … Mad Dog Lefebvre!


Lefebvre comes out to appreciative applause of the fans.


Lefebvre : That’s right, Crusher. Jimmy Gorgeous! Polish Brothers! You are gonna wish you never messed with my new friend, Crusher! Mad Dog Lefebvre is here in the AWA, and by the time I get through with you goons, you are gonna wish you never heard my name!


Interview segment : Mean Gene in the ring.


Mean Gene : Gang, my next guest is the leader, err, commanding officer of the Army, Colonel Buck Robley!


The crowd boos loudly as Col. Robley, along with Apocalypse, head to the ring.


Mean Gene : It appears that the ranks of the Army have gotten a bit thin. Where are the rest of your men?


Robley : Okerlund, last week, when that Mexican worm Tito Santana sent that chair straight into the Major’s head, he gave him a concussion so bad, I had to give Cal Manson a medical discharge from the army. But it turns out, when I looked to recruit somebody to help me get revenge on Santana, I had no shortage of volunteers wanting to get a crack at him. That’s how I was able to find the latest member of the Army … the Ragin’ Bull, Manny Fernandez!


Fernandez joins Robley in the ring.


Fernandez : You said it, Colonel. Santana, you stuck up, goody two shoes. You think you are better than everybody else? Just because you obey the rules and kiss up to the fans? Well, I am rougher, tougher, and crazier than you will ever be, and when I get a hold of you, you will know you’ve not just been in a wrestling match, but a fight!


Mean Gene : But Colonel, what of the rest of the Army? The Wild Bills and Lord Humongous?


Robley : After the last match with the Road Warriors, I made the decision to redeploy the Wild Bills, just for the time being. But don’t you worry, I’ve got something special in store for them in Denver. And as for Lord Humongous … well, after he dismantled Jerry Lawler in Milwaukee, he impressed a very rich and powerful man in Memphis. He was willing to cut a sizable check to the Colonel, and let’s just say the price was right. So I sold him Lord Humongous contract, and took that money and invested it in bringing in some heavy artillery. I’m bringing in “The Tank” Mike Shaw!


Shaw joins the rest of rest of the Army.


Shaw : That’s right! The Army now has the Tank on their side! I don’t care who you are, the Colonel points me in your direction, and I am going to run right over you.


Interview segment : Mean Gene in the ring.


Mean Gene : Team, my final guest for the night is someone making what has got to be his last appearance in the AWA, “The Continental Lover” Eddie Mansfield.


The crowd explodes into boos as Mansfield heads to the ring with an annoyed look on his face.


Mean Gene : Eddie, I guess this will be bon voyage to you, since you lost that match with Mr. Olympia and will now have to leave the AWA.


Mansfield : It’s not fair! I’m telling you, Okerlund, it is not fair! Me and the Heartbreakers were strongarmed into taking this match, and we would have never taken it if the AWA hadn’t threatened to suspend and fine us if we didn’t. There’s no way we should have lost that match. It’s a crime, I tell you …


Mansfield is cut off by the sound of “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” by Barry White playing over the arena PA and “Playboy” Buddy Rose and Rip Oliver, of all people, coming to the ring. Both Mean Gene and Mansfield look very confused.


Rose : Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Good news! Christmas has come early for you. I had my very expensive lawyers have a look at the contract you signed, and while it said that if anyone was pinned or submitted or disqualified or interfered in the match, they would be gone from the AWA, there was no mention of countouts! When you cut and run from that match, you were in fact not running out of the AWA. So the Playboy has saved your career, and you can now repay the debt by becoming a part of my Playboy Club!


Mansfield : (stunned) But what about my boys? What about the Heartbreakers?


Oliver puts a meaty hand on his shoulder.


Oliver : It’s too late for them. We are your only friends now.


Rose and Oliver leave the ring, with Mansfield awkwardly in tow.


Greg Gagne vs. Paul Orndorff


These two had been waging a virtual war with each other and this match raged back and forth, with Orndorff trying to set Gagne up for the piledriver, and Gagne trying to counteract that by wearing down Orndorff’s legs and set up the Gagne Leglock. Orndorff tried to knock Gagne to the mat with a lariat, but Gagne ducked it and got him in the Gagne Sleeper. This was the cue for the Super Destroyer to come out and break it up, but he found himself intercepted on the way to the ring by the Can Am Express, Jim Brunzell and Jim Lafon. Orndorff was still able to break up the hold by kicking back and driving Gagne back first hard into the corner turnbuckle. He then tried to get Gagne up in the piledriver, but it seems the effort of escaping the hold was too much on his damaged legs and he was unable to finish the move. Gagne reversed it into a small package and got the one two three.

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AWA show at the Denver Auditorium, Denver, December 23rd


Samu & Tito Santana vs. Apocalypse & Manny Fernandez


In as wild a match as you can imagine, Samu got the win with the Dynamic Drop on Apocalypse while Santana and Fernandez brawled at ringside.


“Wildman” Jack Armstrong vs. “The Tank” Mike Shaw


The Wildman unleashed a flurry of offense on Mike Shaw, but could not get the big Tank of his feet. When he tried to hit him with a cross body press, Shaw caught him and drove him down with a crushing front power slam for the win.


Mr. Olympia & Greg Gagne vs. “Playboy” Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver


In the debut appearance in the ring by the Playboy Club, Eddie Mansfield tried to interfere but was sent back to the locker room. However, while everyone was distracted by Mansfield, “Bruiser” Bob Sweetan (who had never before been seen in the AWA) entered the ring and hit Olympia with a piledriver, leaving Rose to get the cover for a shocking victory.


Can-Am Express vs. Super Destroyer & Paul Orndorff


Brunzell dropkicked Super Destroyer into a Lafon Cobra Clutch suplex for the win.


Ronnie Garvin, Da Crusher & “Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebvre vs. Jimmy Garvin & The Brotherhood Of Poland


When Putski got Crusher in a massive Polish Bearhug, Lefebvre nailed him from behind by coming off the ropes with a big double axe handle. He then put Crusher on top of Putski for the win.


AWA World Tag Team championship match : The Road Warriors © vs. ?


There was much anticipation and discussion in the crowd as to whom would be the challengers for the Road Warriors’ belts. A gasp went up when Col. Buck Robley came out, followed by … The Wild Samoans! Afa and Sika lived up to their reputation, being unfazed by the Road Warriors’ offense and savagely attacking the champs. Ultimately, the match broke down with both teams brawling in the ring and the ref calling for a double DQ.


Hulk Hogan & Iceman Parsons vs. Ken Patera & “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell


Patera and Blackwell unleashed a furious assault on Hogan and Parsons. The World champ and former American champ did their best to fight back, but when Blackwell hit a running splash on Parsons, that was all she wrote. Blackwell tried to hit a second splash on him after the match ended, but Hogan pulled the Iceman out of the way just in time. Hogan then stood in the middle of the ring, daring Patera and Blackwell to come after him, but he was then attacked from behind by … the One Man Gang! The Big 747 had made his return to the AWA and the three men beat down Hogan until the AWA officials cleared the ring.

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Love that Iceman is a main- eventer in your show. It was just something about his energy that made me like him. I also love how you get stars to come into the AWA to add to your roster. The Samoans vs The Road Warriors would be a match of the year candidate.


I can't wait to see where you go with Crusher Blackwell. He was so agile for a big man. You must be so excited to use this new roster. Enjoy it.

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Loved seeing the Samoans come in against the Road Warriors. That would be a great brawl based feud to keep the tag division running wild. Hogan is back and he has a nice partnership with the Iceman but the OMG is back and he is there to ruin the party. Looks like the Hulkster has some new blood to run with when it comes to Blackwell. Some big names coming into the fold for the AWA but I have my suspicions on who will rise up. Tito Santana and Paul Orndorff are two guys with whom I think have got gold written all over them in 84.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for December 30th


The Latin Lovers vs. Moondog Morretti & Pat Rose


This was the fans first chance to see the new Latin Lovers in action and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The women in the audience were certainly appreciative of the newest member, Al Perez, as he dominated the pair of Memphis stalwarts before getting the Ally-Copter (helicopter spin off the shoulder) on Rose for the pin.


"Playboy" Buddy Rose vs. Samu


Rose came to the ring accompanied by the rest of the Playboy Club consisting of Rip Oliver, Eddie Mansfield and newest member, Bob Sweetan. This proved a distraction for “Samoan Dynamite” , who brought his usual aggressive offense but found it hard to keep up his momentum against the Playboy. When he went up to the top turnbuckle to hit the Dynamite Dive, Oliver and Sweetan advanced on him, looking like they were going to knock him off. He paused to warn them off, but this was enough of an interruption for Rose to recover and throw him from the top turnbuckle. Rose then hit the Inside Out Backbreaker and got a pinfall that shocked the crowd.


The Mothership Connection (Iceman Parsons & Master Gee) vs. Mike Jackson & Ted Allen


Master Gee had made his AWA debut last week and now was joining one of the AWA’s most popular wrestler in Iceman Parsons for an exciting new team called the Mothership Connection. This new pairing dazzled the crowd with their rapid fire offense and easily dominated Jackson and Allen before Gee hit a big atomic drop on Allen into a top rope Rumper Stumper by Parsons for the win.


Greg Gagne vs. Mike George


Greg seemed to be gaining some momentum after finally getting a victory over Paul Orndorff. He and the bulky member of the Sheikh’s men had a relatively clean, technical bout that could have gone either way until George went for the shoulder breaker and Gagne countered by sliding down his back. Gagne then took advantage by sinking the Gagne Sleeper on George to get the win.


Tito Santana vs. Apocalypse


Santana had been in some knock down , drag out fights with Apocalypse’ stable mate, Manny Fernandez, and seemed to be trying to send a message. He swarmed over Apocalypse and never gave him a chance to get in the match, hitting the Mexican Hammer before putting on the Figure Four and forcing him to give up.


Ron Garvin & Mad Dog Lefebvre vs. the Brotherhood Of Poland


Garvin brought the French Canadian newcomer in to take on the Brotherhood and the Mad Dog seemed determined to live up to his name, savagely brawling with Wiskowski and Putski. At one point, he had Putski in the corner and was pummeling him with lefts and rights. The ref tried to get him out of the corner and got busted one in the face for his trouble. The ref called for the DQ, which caused Lefebvre to get even more angry, and it took both Garvin and Da Crusher to get the Mad Dog calmed down post match.


AWA Canadian Championship match : Rick Martel © vs. Jimmy Garvin


This marked the return of the Canadian Champion after a long absence, and Martel was clearly set to defend his belt against top competition as he took on the former American champ. This match went back and forth, and at several points it looked like Garvin could take the Canadian title. About mid-way through the match, Garvin’s partners, the Brotherhood Of Poland, showed up at ringside, but Martel kept his focus on the match in the ring. Martel got Garvin set up for the slingshot splash, but Garvin was able to roll out of the way to dodge it. This ended up being a moot point, as the Brotherhood pulled Martel off the ring apron before he was able to execute the slingshot splash, and this led to a DQ victory for Martel. Garvin argued after the match with the Brotherhood, telling them he had the situation well in hand and they shouldn’t have interfered, but Precious was able to get things smoothed over among her men.

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AWA show at the Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, December 30th


Bob Sweetan vs. Samu


Bob Sweetan won with the piledriver


The Can-Am Express vs. Paul Orndorff & The Super Destroyer


The Can-Am Express won when Lafon hit a flying cross body press on Super Destroyer.


Tito Santana & The Latin Lovers vs. The Playboy Club


During the match, Manny Fernandez came out and attacked Santana. During the distraction of the two brawling, Rip Oliver hit Vinnie Valentino with a chokeslam for the win.


Rick Martel, Ron Garvin & Mad Dog Lefebvre vs. Jimmy Garvin & The Brotherhood Of Poland


Martel, Garvin and Lefebvre won when Ron Garvin and the Mad Dog both slingshot Martel into the ring for a flying clothesline on Jimmy Garvin


AWA American Championship match : Ken Patera © vs. Greg Gagne


Both men went to a 20 minute Time Limit Draw


The Road Warriors & Moose Cholak vs. The Wild Samoans & "The Tank" Mike Shaw


In a pretty crazy bout, the Samoans and Shaw won when Shaw hit a running splash on Cholak


AWA World Championship match : Hulk Hogan © vs. "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell


Blackwell was joined at ringside by Ken Patera, One Man Gang and Sheikh Adnan Kaissie. When the action spilled to the outside, Blackwell got Hogan up against a corner post and went for a lariat, and Hogan ducked under it but found himself face to face with Patera. Meanwhile, Blackwell was blocked from going into the corner post by being caught by One Man Gang, and while Hogan was staring down Pateran, Blackwell clobbered him from behind with a lariat. He then got a short running splash on the back of the champ and was able to make it back into the ring to get the win by count out.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for January 6th


The Latin Lovers (Vinnie Valentino & Al Perez) vs. Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond)


This was the first appearance for the rookie team of Tanaka and Diamond and they impressed the crowd with their fast paced moves and double team offense. Ultimately, though, the Latin Lovers had the edge in experience and got the win when Valentino hit a top rope cross body press on Diamond.


Paul Orndorff vs. Phil Lafon


Orndorff had a number of encounters with the Can-Am Express but now was taking on Lafon in solo action. Lafon was a house afire in the match, peppering Mr. Wonderful with forearms and dropkicks. Orndorff was equally determined and fired back with power moves and nasty elbow smashes. When Orndorff whipped Lafon hard into the corner turnbuckle, Lafon caught himself just in time, swiftly ascended the top rope and came back with a flying back cross boddy press, but Orndorff ducked just in time, and when Lafon fell hard to the mat, Orndorff picked him up and got the piledriver for the win.


Buddy Rose vs. Mr. Olympia


Olympia had been no fan of the Minnesota Heartbreakers and was clearly no more enthused about Rose’s Playboy Club, especially given Rose bringing back Eddie Mansfield when he had thought he had gotten rid of the Continental Lover for good. Olympia took out his frustration on the Playboy and, while Rose managed to sneak out of some close situations with his surprising athleticism, it seemed to be all over when Olympia got the Sleeper on Rose. This provoked the rest of the Playboy Club to come out and break up the hold, leading to a DQ result in favor of Olympia.


Tito Santana, Samu & “Wildman” Jack Armstrong vs. Manny Fernandez & The Wild Samoans


The Wild Samoans lived up to their reputation in this brawl that was on the verge of going out of control at any moment, teaming with their equally crazy stable mate, the Ragin’ Bull. They seemed to direct most of their ire at fellow Samoan Samu, beating him down in the corner every chance they got, but it wound up being Armstrong who took the fall when Afa hit him with the Samoan Drop.


“The Tank” Mike Shaw vs. Moose Cholak


In this match up of two leviathans, the big Tank showed why he was brought in to Col. Robley’s Army as he savaged the veteran Cholak. Cholak looked like he might just squeak out a victory when he went for an Avalanche in the corner on Shaw, but Shaw was able to move out of the way just in time and when Cholak rebounded out of the corner, Shaw knocked him to the ground with a clothesline before hitting the running splash for the win.


“Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebrve vs. “The Polish Prince” Ed Wiskowski


This was an out and out slugfest as Wiskowski seemed determined to get Lefebvre out of his hair after the Mad Dog interfered in the Brotherhood Of Poland’s business several weeks before. Lefebvre would not be dismissed so easily, and whenever it seemed like he was down and out, he would come back with a flurry of punches. At one point, when he had been knocked down by the Prince, Wiskowski turned to his manager, Precious, and insisted that she throw in her trademark can of air freshener, but before she could respond, Lefebvre recovered and blindsided Wiskowski with a brutal running double axehandle and got the one two three. Wiskowski was clearly not happy with Precious as they left the ring.

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AWA show at the Met Center, Bloomington, January 6th 1984


The Playboy Club (Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver, Bob Sweetan & Eddie Mansfield) vs. Greg Gagne, Samu & The Mothership Connection


Samu’s team won when Samu hit the Dynamite Dive on Mansfield


The Latin Lovers vs. Badd Company


The Latin Lovers won when Al Perez got a German Suplex on Pat Tanaka


Manny Fernandez vs. Tito Santana


Both men fought to a double DQ when the ref was unable to get their brawling under control


Super Destroyer vs. Phil Lafon


Lafon won with a flying back cross body press


Da Crusher, Ron Garvin & “Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebvre vs. Jimmie Garvin & The Brotherhood Of Poland


Ron Garvin’s team won when he caught Ivan Putski with the Hands Of Stone punch


Paul Orndorff vs. Jim Brunzell


Orndorff won when he hit Brunzell with the Piledriver


AWA American Title match : Ken Patera © vs. Mr. Olympia


In a back and forth match, Olympia sent Patera into the ropes for a big dropkick, only for Patera to catch himself in the ropes and Olympia went crashing into the mat. Patera then hit a running knee drop to successfully defend his title.


AWA World Tag Team Title match : The Road Warriors © vs. The Wild Samoans


The Road Warriors won by DQ when Sika hit the Samoan Drop on the referee


AWA World Title match : Hulk Hogan © vs. Stan Hansen


The Hulkster had defended his belt against an array of challengers since winning the title in July, but the huge Texan looked to provide him with his toughest defense yet. Hansen unleashed a ferocious offense on the champ, and it was all Hogan could do to fight back against the Bad Man From Borger. It certainly didn’t help that Sheikh Kaissie and his men, Ken Patera, “Crusher” Blackwell and the One Man Gang, showed up mid way through the match and surrounded the ring. For the most part, they didn’t interfere directly in the match, instead just stared at him and jawed with the champion. Hansen sent Hogan into the ropes to hit the lariat, but Hogan ducked it at the last second and looked to come back off the opposite ropes with his own Axe Bomber. However, Patera chose this moment to take action, snagging Hogan’s leg and sending him staggering, off balance, out of the ropes. Hansen blasted him with a huge lariat and got one …. Two …. THREE! STAN HANSEN IS THE NEW AWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!! The crowd looked on in shock as Hansen held the belt over head while the Sheikh and his men laughed at Hogan’s misfortune.

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Hansen does the business, be interesting to see where he turns up with the belt, hope no dodgy NWA promoters try anything. Great to see a young Badd Company teaming here, always been one of my favourite tag teams. Mansfield eats the fall for the Playboy Club, couldn't see anyone else on that team taking it, hoping for big things from the Playboy, another favourite of mine...

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AWA show at Boylan High School, Rockford, IL, January 7th


The Mothership Connection vs. Badd Company


The Mothership Connection won when Master Gee got the Masterlock on Pat Tanaka


Mr. Olympia & Samu vs. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver


The Playboy Club won when Rose got the Inside Out Backbreaker on Samu


“The Tank” Mike Shaw vs. “Wildman” Jack Armstrong


Shaw won when he hit the running splash


Greg Gagne vs. Eddie Mansfield


Gagne won when he caught Mansfield in the Gagne Sleeper


Paul Orndorff vs. Tito Santana


Both men went to a 20 minute time limit draw


Da Crusher & “Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebvre vs. The Brotherhood Of Poland


Crusher and Mad Dog won when Crusher hit a running Bolo Punch on Putski


Hulk Hogan & The Road Warriors vs. Ken Patera, Crusher Blackwell & One Man Gang


Hogan and the Road Warriors won by DQ when Blackwell and OMG hit a double avalanche on the ref

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for the weekend of January 13th


The Assassins vs. Badd Company


This was the first appearance of the Assassins in the AWA, and they proceeded to bully the rookie team of Diamond and Tanaka throughout the match. Badd Company tried to get some fast paced offense going but kept getting shut down by the size and dirty tactics of the bigger team. Assassin #1 finally put them away with a powerslam on Tanaka.


Master Gee vs. Sheikh Adnan Kaissie


This was a rare wrestling appearance for the manager of Kaissie’s Krew, and he tried to bully the popular newcomer just like the Assassins bullied Badd Company, but Master Gee would have none of it. He would muscle out of Kaissie’s attempts to choke him out and come back with big flying shoulder tackles before finishing him off with the Masterlock. Post-match, a livid Kaissie summoned his men “Crusher” Blackwell and One Man Gang to the ring to attack Master Gee, provoking Gee’s partner, Iceman Parsons, to charge out swinging a chair to clear the ring.


Eddie Mansfield vs. Samu


Mansfield came out with his fellow Playboy Club members, Buddy Rose and Rip Oliver. Strangely, Rose and Oliver gave no indication of interfering in the match, instead observing Mansfield’s performance with a distinct look of displeasure. Mansfield seem thrown off by the lack of support from his corner, looking to his stable mates to put in a cheap shot on Samoan Dynamite only to be greeted with stony stares. He tried that one too many times , giving Samu time to recover and take him down with a vicious thrust kick to the jaw. Samu went up to the top rope and looked down at Rose and Oliver to see if they would try to knock him off, but the two members of the Playboy Club did not move and Samu hit the Dynamite Dive for the win. Rose and Oliver led Mansfield back to the locker room, clearly looking displeased with his performance.


Can-Am Express vs. The Wild Samoans


The Wild Samoans were gunning for world tag champions The Road Warriors and were looking set to run right over the Can-Ams to get to them. To their credit, Brunzell and Lafon were determined not to be used as a stepping stone and fought back hard with their trade mark high-velocity offense. The Samoans ultimately cut that short when Brunzell went for a Thesz Press on Sika but was caught and dropped throat first on the top rope. One Samoan Drop later and they had put away the challenge of the Can-Ams.


Interview : Mean Gene is in the ring


Mean Gene : Ladies and gentlemen, my guest is the former AWA World Champion, Hulk Hogan!


The crowd explodes in cheers as Hogan heads to the ring. Hulk good naturedly high fives the fans as he makes his way but seems a bit subdued without the World Title belt.


Mean Gene : Hulkster, the whole world was shocked when Stan Hansen took the AWA World Title from you last week in Minnesota, thanks in no small part to the dastardly actions of Kaissie’s Krew.


Hogan : Well you know , Mean Gene, I make no excuses. I take it all on my shoulders. I knew they were out there and it was on me to watch out for them interfering. You can’t make a mistake like that for even a second with a big beast like Hansen, and it cost me the belt.


Mean Gene : Well, with Patera and his cohorts taking a hand in Hansen’s affairs, it’s going to make things that much harder for you to get the title back.


Hogan : I’m never one to back down from a challenge, Gene. But I am nobody’s fool, either. That’s why I have worked a special stipulation into my return match. When I take on Hansen for the title next week in Milwaukee, it’s going to be a cage match! (The crowd cheers) No Patera, no Blackwell, no Gang, no Sheikh. Just you and me, cowboy. And whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster has you trapped in a cage and runs wild on you?


Tito Santana vs. “The Tank” Mike Shaw


The always popular Santana brought his usual intensity against the much bigger Shaw, and managed to keep the Tank off balance for much of the match. The tempo of the match shifted when Santana sent Shaw into the ropes for a drop kick, only for Shaw to catch himself in the ropes and send Santana falling hard to the match. Shaw followed up with an elbow drop and proceeded to beat down Santana for several minutes. He would then send Santana into the ropes for a clothesline, only for this time Santana ducked and came back with the Mexican Hammer and sent Shaw falling out of the ring. Santana then dove out of the ring and landed on Shaw. He then proceeded to slug it out with Shaw until the Tank’s stable mate, Manny Fernandez, came out to join the fray. All three men exchanged punches until the ref called a double count out.


“Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebvre vs. “ The Polish Prince” Ed Wiskowski


Wiskowski came to the ring with his partner, Ivan Putski, and his manager, Precious. Lefebvre came out by himself but carrying a very large axe handle. This was a distinctly unrefined match, with Wiskowski trying to take every shortcut he could to win and Lefebvre firing back with lefts and rights. In the end, it was one set of pulled tights or one eye gouge by Wiskowski too far, as Lefebvre simply brought the axe handle into the ring and blasted the Prince with it, leading to an immediate DQ. Putski entered the ring to come to his partner’s aide, only for Lefebvre to take a swing at him too. It took Da Crusher and Ronnie Garvin coming out to the ring to finally calm down the Mad Dog.

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Really solid show with a great build up to Milwaukee.


Your roster has some great angles going and you have it set up with the Main-eventers going head to head... perfect for the viewer.


I love the idea of using Hansen as a champ! Sorry I didn't introduce him as the AWA Champ last time he was in Memphis but I was behind on my reading.


Love shows that end with some chaos.

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AWA show at the Cow Palace, San Fancisco, January 13th


The Assassins vs. The Latin Lovers


The Assassins won when Assassin #2 hit a diving elbow smash on the back of Vinnie Valentino’s head


Manny Fernandez & Mike Shaw vs. Tito Santana & Greg Gagne


Santana & Gagne won when Santana hit the Mexican Hammer on Fernandez


Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver & Eddie Mansfield vs. Mr. Olympia, Samu & “Wildman” Jack Armstrong


Samu’s team won when he executed the Dynamite Drop on Mansfield


Da Crusher, Ronnie Garvin & “Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebvre vs. Jimmy Garvin & The Brotherhood Of Poland


Throughout the match, Ed Wiskowski kept trying to get Precious to directly interfere in the match, but Jimmy Garvin refused to allow her to get in a physical altercation with such dangerous opposition. Finally, when Wiskowski had Crusher down, he started arguing with Precious and then insisting she hand him her aerosol can of air freshener, but while he was berating her, Crusher recovered and tagged out to Ronnie Garvin, who came in and nailed Wiskowski with the running Hands Of Stone Punch for the pin. When he had recovered, Wiskowski was furious and went after Precious, but Jimmy Garvin was having none of that and furiously attacked Wiskowski. This brought in Putski and the pair proceeded to double team Gorgeous Jimmy until his brother could take no more and charged in and knocked the Brotherhood out of the ring with big right hands. For all that the two brothers had been at odds with each other, Ronnie showed genuine concern as he and Precious helped Jimmy from the ring.


The Road Warriors & Can-Am Express vs. The Wild Samoans, Paul Orndorff & Super Destroyer


The Samoans and partners won when Afa got Brunzell with the Samoan Drop


Hulk Hogan & The Mothership Connection vs. Ken Patera, “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell & One Man Gang


Kaissie’s Krew won when Blackwell hit the running splash on Master Gee

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for the weekend of January 20th


The Mothership Connection vs. Badd Company


The hot new combo of the Mothership Connection has been getting a lot of attention from the fans of late, and that kept up as they took on rookie sensations Badd Company. Tanaka and Diamond, for their part, have started showing more aggressive tendencies, not out and out cheating but working in more sneaky double teams against Parsons and Wells. In the end, though , the Connection kept calm and was able to get the win when Wells blocked a Diamond Superkick and turned him around for an atomic drop that set him up for the Rumper Stumper by Parsons.


Samu vs. Rip Oliver


Oliver came out with his Playboy Club stablemate , Buddy Rose, at his side and with Eddie Mansfield trailing behind. Samoan Dynamite did his best to keep his focus with all of the distractions coming from ringside bur Rose and Mansfield did everything they could to rattle him , taking a swipe at him when he got too near the ropes and laughing at him when Oliver took advantage and clobbered him from behind. Ultimately, Rose jumped up on the ring apron and when the ref came over to argue with him, Oliver caught Samu with a nasty eye rake and held him in place for Mansfield to hit him with a set of brass knucks. Samu managed to pull out of the way at the last second, however, and Mansfield staggered Oliver instead. Samu threw Mansfield over the top rope before hitting a thrust kick to the jaw on Oliver and getting the pinfall. Rose and Oliver were both livid and loudly berated Mansfield on the way back to the locker room.


Tito Santana vs. The Super Destroyer


Santana had taken on a lot of tough competition since his arrival in the AWA but the huge Super Destroyer would prove to be his sternest test yet. The big Destroyer took every chance he could to bully and beat down his smaller apponent, but the intense firebrand kept shooting back with his own punches and dropkicks , enraging the big man. It seemed like all would be over when the Super Destroyer set Santana up on the top turnbuckle for the Super Plex. Santana showed he was not out yet, though, as he exploded with a series of punches that knocked Destroyer from the turnbuckle. He then went up top and levelled him with a flying clothesline that got him the come from behind victory.


Mr. Olympia vs. "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan


Sweetan came out with Buddy Rose in tow, who off handedly snarled to the camera man as he came to the ring that he had ordered Eddie Mansfield to stay in the locker room. Taking the cue from his friend Samu, Olympia did his best to block out the ringside hectoring of the Playboy, but Sweetan was a very dangerous competitor on his own merits. The tough Bruiser mercilessly attacked Olympia, constantly trying to get him up for his trademark Piledriver only for the masked man to just barely get out. Olympia rallied and was able to dropkick Sweetan out of the ring. When Sweetan tried to get back in the ring , Olympia hooked him up and tried to bring him back into the ring with a vertical suplex. However, Buddy Rose snagged Olympia’s leg so that Sweetan landed down hard on him going back into the ring, holding him down just out of sight of the ref to get the tainted pin for the Playboy Club.


Interview with Mean Gene, the Garvin Brothers and Precious


Mean Gene said he was surprised that the Garvin Brothers came out together, given how they had been at odds since Ron came to the AWA. Ron explained that one of the reasons he had come to the AWA was to get his younger brother to see some sense and realize that the Brotherhood Of Poland were bad news. He said that , while they would sometimes have their troubles as brothers do, they shared the Garvin name and that was a bond that would always win out. Jimmy added that he saw the light when Wiskowski and Putski went after Precious. When they did that, they crossed a line and that could never be taken back, and now the Garvin Brothers were back together and gunning for them.


Da Crusher vs. Ivan Putski


Crusher had been looking to get to Putski for quite some time, ever since Putski had betrayed him in a tag match. He looked to be set to take out all of his frustrations on Putski, bombarding him with big lefts and rights and not giving Polish Power a moment to recover. Ultimately he had Putski trapped in the corner and pounding him with his fists and, when the ref tried to pull him out of the corner, he got a right hook of his own , leading to the DQ. Ed Wiskowski then rushed to the ring to attack Crusher, leading to a two on one attack until Mad Dog Lefebvre came out swinging his axe handle to clear the ring of the Brotherhood.


Greg Gagne vs. Paul Orndorff

These two had faced off many times in the past several weeks and Orndorff seemed particularly aggressive this time out. While the last time they faced off, Gagne targeted Orndorff’s legs, this time out Mr. Wonderful went after Gagne’s right arm with a vengeance, brutally savaging it with armbars and kneedrops. This played a big part in the match, as Greg was unable to effectively sink in the Gagne Sleeper when he tried to put Orndorff away. He looked to compensate for this disadvantage by hitting a number of big dropkicks, but went to the well one time too many when Orndorff grabbed the ropes and Gagne missed the dropkick, crashing hard down on the mat. Orndorff followed up with a big running kneedrop to his head and then picked up Gagne and hit a piledriver, getting a shocking win over the AWA favorite.

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Good use of your roster in this show. You proved a good show doesn't not always have to be the top 2 or 3 stars in a promotion.


Love the Mothership and the "Rumper Stumper."


Really liked how the pecking order of your roster was developed here and by that I mean each match seemed to pit even wrestlers or teams against one another and each match had a winner.

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AWA show at the Mecca, Milwaukee, January 20th


The Garvin Brothers vs. Badd Company


The Garvin Brothers won when they hit a spike brainbuster on Tanaka


"Bruiser" Bob Sweetan vs. "Wildman" Jack Armstrong


Sweetan won when he got Armstrong in a piledriver


The Mothership Connection vs. Rip Oliver & Eddie Mansfield


Mansfield once again tried to get a cheap win by hitting George Wells with a set of brass knucks but Wells dodged out of the way at the last time and Oliver took the shot. Wells pinned Oliver and afterwards, Oliver, Buddy Rose and Bob Sweetan beat down Mansfield until the refs cleared the ring


"Playboy" Buddy Rose vs. Mr. Olympia


In what is considered something of an upset, Rose beat Olympia with the Inside Out Backbreaker


Da Crusher & "Mad Dog" Pierre Lefebvre vs. The Brotherhood Of Poland


The Brotherhood kept double teaming Crusher and resisting any attempts to get one of them in the ring at a time until Wiskowski punched the ref in the face, leading to a DQ. Lefebvre came in swinging an axe handle and ran them out of the ring … then started savagely attacking Crusher with the axe handle! The Brotherhood gleefully jumped in the ring and tried to get in on the attack, but Lefebvre swung his axe handle wide, letting them know their help was not wanted. They instead high tailed it back to the locker room, and it was the Garvin Brothers coming in and swinging chairs that finally got Lefebvre off Da Crusher.


AWA American title Match : Ken Patera © vs. Samu


Samu went for the Dynamite Dive, but Patera rolled out of the way at the last moment , and the champion then hit a second rope knee drop on the back of Samu’s head to successfully defend his title


10 Man Tag Cage Match : The Road Warriors, Moose Cholak, Tito Santana & Greg Gagne vs. The Wild Samoans, "The Tank" Mike Shaw, "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez & Col. Buck Robley


In a shocking result, the Army trapped Hawk in their corner, cutting off the ring as they brutally attacked him. Shaw hit two assisted running splashes to his ribs before Sika hit a sitting splash from the second rope to get the pin.


AWA World Title Cage Match : Stan Hansen © vs. Hulk Hogan


Kaissie’s Krew showed up at ringside and surrounded the cage during this match, but apart from jeering at Hogan they did not attempt to enter the ring or otherwise interfere. This was a brutal brawl with both men a bloody mess by the end of it. Ultimately, Hansen tried to put Hogan away once more with the Lariat, but this time it was Hogan who ducked it and Hansen went crashing into the cage. As he staggered back, Hogan got him in a back suplex and then followed that up with the big leg drop for the pin to win back the title. As he left the ring with the belt held high, he gave the death glare to Kaissie’s Krew, but they just gave it back to him.

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Loved the show. Good move given the title back to Hogan for your promotion but sad Hansen had to lose. In real life, Hansen is one dude who could do it all!


These new 10 man tag matches are catching on in a lot of promotions and you used yours really well to further your feuds. Road Warriors vs Samoans is top notch!

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for the weekend of January 27th


The Assassins vs. The Can-Am Express


The Express had been on a bit of a hot streak lately, but that all came to a screeching halt when they hit the roadblock that was AWA newcomers The Assassins. The fans were shocked as the masked men opened up on the Can-Am Express, giving a brutal beatdown to Brunzell and keeping Lafon out of the ring. Brunzell tried to rally with his trademark dropkicks, but the second Assassin pulled the first out of the way of one and when the felled Brunzell struggled to his feet, he was hit with a nasty diving second rope elbow smash to the back of his head that got the win for the Assassins.


“Wildman” Jack Armstrong vs. Eddie Mansfield


Initially, “The Continental Lover” came out without the rest of the Playboy Club, but he seemed determined to succeed on his own against the fan favorite Armstrong, but the Wildman kept powering out of Mansfield’s attempts to wear him down. Not too long into the match, Buddy Rose, Bob Sweetan and Rip Oliver did come out to the ring, but it was clear that they were not there to help Mansfield, instead hurling insults from ringside. Eventually, this proved to be too much for Mansfield, who turned to shout back at them. Unfortunately for him, this was enough of an opportunity for Armstrong to blindside him with a massive clothesline, followed by a pinfall. After the match, the Playboy Club dragged Mansfield from the ring and put the boots to him, culminating in Oliver and Sweetan giving him a nasty spike piledriver on the concrete. Mansfield had to be taken to the back in a stretcher.


Buddy Rose vs. Greg Gagne


Gagne was still showing the effects of the last week’s match with Paul Orndorff , coming out with his arm heavily taped. Not a good idea to give a target like that to the Playboy, who might not look like the most athletic competitor but is an incredibly dangerous opponent. Rose went after the injured arm every chance he got, wrenching it with armbars and elbows and giving a cheap shot kick to it when Gagne tried to rally. Gagne still tried to take Rose out with his trademark Sleeper, but Rose reversed it into a waistlock from behind, and when Gagne tried to elbow his way out, Rose dodged them and trapped Gagne in a schoolboy rollup, grabbing a big handful of trunks to ensure the pin. After the count, Rose pointed to his head, seeming very please with himself for getting such a cheap win.


One Man Gang vs. Ron Garvin


These two had some intense matches last year, and it seemed like time had done nothing to mellow out the hatred that the two had for each other. This was another chaotic brawl, with Gang’s size and power matching up against Gagne’s toughness and ferocity. Garvin did manage to stagger Gang with a right hook coming off the ropes, but when he peppered Gang with lefts and rights, this proved to be the cue for “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell to charge into the ring and attack Garvin, leaving to a DQ. Jimmy Garvin came in to even the sides, and the two sides brawled until the AWA officials cleared them out of the ring.


Interview : Mean Gene stands in the ring.


Mean Gene : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is possibly the most controversial wrestler in the AWA. Many people say he showed his true colors when he betrayed Da Crusher in their match last week … “Mad Dog” Pierre Lefebvre.


The crowd explodes into boos as Lefebvre heads down to the ring. Lefebvre , in turn, shouted back at the fans.


Mean Gene : Mad Dog, Da Crusher was the man who brought you into the AWA, but you repay him by attacking him in the middle of your tag match with the Brotherhood Of Poland. What gives?


Mad Dog : (waving the tip of his axehandle under Mean Gene’s nose) You watch your mouth, Okerlund, or you get some of this! Crusher did bring me to the AWA. Promise me a fight! The Mad Dog is always up for a fight! But you think we are your friends, huh? You think the Mad Dog is your boy? The Mad Dog is nobody’s boy! The Mad Dog has no friends, needs no friends, don’t want no friends! The Mad Dog is through with being in your shadow. I’ve sunk my teeth into you, and I am never going to let go!


AWA American Title Match : Ken Patera © vs. Master Gee


For all that people might object to Patera’s tactics, he certainly hasn’t been ducking any challengers, this week taking on one half of the up and coming tag team of the Mothership Connection. Patera had taken the American Title from Master Gee’s partner, Iceman Parsons, and Master Gee seemed to have Patera well scouted, catching the big man off guard with his rapid fire, high impact offense. Patera kept steady, however, and waited for his opportunity, and when Master Gee went for a flying shoulder tackle from the top rope, Patera showed he was playing possum and dodged it with ease. Patera picked up the felled Master Gee and hit a running powerslam on him to successfully defend his belt.


AWA Canadian Title Match : Rick Martel © Manny Fernandez


The wildly popular Martel returned to defend his belt against the wildly unpredictable Ragin’ Bull. Fernandez brought a lot of pent up frustration into the match and seemed more interested in hurting Martel than winning the title. Martel showed his trademark cool in getting out of any trap that Fernandez put him in, which only served to infuriate Fernandez more. Fernandez finally blew his stack and dragged Martel out of the ring , attacking him with a chair and getting DQed. He kept after Martel until Tito Santana ran out and the two fan favorites finally managed to send off the Ragin’ Bull. One commentary, Ron Trongard said that the pairing of Martel and Santana had a lot of potential, possibly calling themselves something like the Attack Team. God damn it, Ron …

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Great group of matches. Loved the description of the Garvin/Gang match.


Martel and Santana as a team? Sounds great to me.


A frustrated Raggin Bull, Buddy Rose with a handful of tights, Patera playing possum..... so real life I could picture it.


Another great show!

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AWA at the Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, January 27th


Can-Am Express vs. Badd Company


The Express went for their dropkick into a Cobra Clutch suplex finisher on Tanaka, only for Tanaka to pull himself out of the way at the last second and Brunzell hit Lafon instead. Badd Company then hit a superkick into a German Suplex on Brunzell to shock the audience with their first win in the AWA


Manny Fernandez vs. “Wildman” Jack Armstrong


Fernandez won with the Flying Burrito forearm.


The Assassins vs. The Latin Lovers


The Assassins won when Assassin #1 hit a powerslam on Al Perez


Samu vs. Ed Wiskowski


Wiskowski won when he hit samu with a set of brass knucks after the ref was knocked down, followed by a face first piledriver.


The Garvin Brothers vs. One Man Gang and “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell


Both teams went to a double countout when they would not stop brawling at ringside


Mr. Olympia vs. Buddy Landell


Landell was making a special appearance from Southeastern wrestling and proved a tough challenge for the popular masked man. He had a deep bag of tricks that he dug into in avoiding both the Powerlock and the Sleeper, and on a number of occasions came very close to pinning Olympia. Olympia was finally able to get the Sleeper in the middle of the ring, but this led to Buddy Rose and the rest of the Playboy Club rushing the ring and attacking him, leading to a DQ.


Rick Martel & Tito Santana vs. The Heavenly Bodies


This dream pairing of Martel and Santana was evenly matched with the exciting tag team out of Southeastern, and the match looked like it would go to the full 30 minute draw. Hoever, in the 29th minute, Bobby Eaton desperately tried to put Santana away with the top rope Alabama Jam, only to be pushed from the top turnbuckle by Martel. Martel then followed up with a flying splash for the last minute victory.


Loser-Leaves-Town Cage Match : Da Crusher vs. Ivan Putski


This feud finally came to a head with both men determined that they would be the last one standing in the AWA. Both Ed Wiskowski and Mad Dog Lefebvre showed at ringside, hoping in some way to tip the balance for Putski , but they were soon run off by the Garvin Brothers. Both men were a bloody mess by the end of the match, and it looked like Polish Power would prevail when Putski got a big bearhug on Crusher, but Crusher rallied with big punches to the face on Putski to finally break his grip. He managed one more lunging Bolo Punch on Putski before putting him in the Crusher Clutch. The barely conscious Putski was unable to break out of it and had to submit, putting himself out of the AWA.


AWA World Tag Title Cage match : The Road Warriors © vs. The Wild Samoans


Buck Robley’s latest challengers for the Road Warriors’ tag belts seemed to be in their best position to win the title. Hawk was coming in with taped ribs, having been badly hurt by the Samoans in a cage match last week, and Afa and Sika mercilessly went after them. Strangely, a mustached man wearing a black beret could been seen in the aisle to the ring, observing and seemingly taking notes. As the battle raged on, the Samoans went back to the tactics that worked for them last week, cutting Hawk off from his partner and keeping him in their end of the ring. When they tried to take him down with a double clothesline, he ducked and knocked them both down with his own double clothesline before getting the hot tag to Animal. Animal exploded on the Samoans, knocking them down with shoulderblocks before jack hammering Sika into the corner with multiple tackles. He then hoisted up Sika and Hawk hit the flying clothesline to once again defend their belts. After the cage was opened, Col. Robley proceeded to berate the two Samoans for failing to bring him back the belts. Bad move. Afa and Sika attacked Robley and then left the ring in the company of the mustached man.

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