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[1986-04-20-AWA-Wrestlerock '86] Midnight Rockers vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers

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Midnight Rockers vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers - AWA Wrestlerock '86 4/20/86


I love fun bullshit matches like this. Especially after all those hot n heavy Mid-South brawls, this was a perfect respite before jumping into another bloodbath. This is definitely a prototype for the polarizing Rockers/Rougeaus London match, which I love and I think is even better than this one. This match is a appetite whetter, but leaves you wanting more. They establish the Playboy & Pretty Boy as the new tag team on the block and Buddy Rose & Sherri dynamic is great. Buddy Rose is a tremendous athlete. Wrestling has proven to me that fat guys can be super athletic and I wish that non-fans could believe me. Buddy Rose is a perfect example of someone that can do one-arm pushups, cartwheels and run the ropes at a million miles per hour. Is there a better rope runner than Buddy Rose? The Rockers do their standard heel in peril arm work to control, but they are so energetic and Rose is so great at stooging that it is never dull for one moment. You gotta love all the heel chicanery from Rose & Somers just cheating and strutting at every turn. The heel transition is a catapult into a forearm. Why the hell did Shawn ever switch from those sick right hands to those lame left hand jabs! He had a great punch as a Rocker. The Rockers had the match won, but Sherri put Somers foot on the ropes leading to a fracas. It was a perfect ending to protect the up and coming Rockers and put over the soon to be new heel tag champs with Rose pushing Jannetty off the top and Somers picking up the win. It was a bit stupid that Shawn flew over the pinfall and attacked Buddy rather than breaking it up. Shawn executes a bodyslam on the Playboy on the outside to save some face. Super fun match and definitely excites me for the matches to come! ****

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