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Rick Martel & Tony Garea

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Slept on portion of Ricky Martel's career where he proved himself a COMPLETE babyface tag wrestler. Excellent doing arms drags in the shine, excellent face in peril, excellent got tag. All-time level great talent.


Thing is though, Garea is at least very good at all those things too despite the fact he was getting on by the time of this team.


They also have a cool Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in the Color of Money dynamic. Contenders for best WWF through to 1981.

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Hehe, Johnny :-) One's gotta take care with one's movie references around you. I like it! ... Agree with Parv on the team. I think they hands down are the best WWF team through to 81. And maybe a bit further that... I'm not 100% convinced another team decisively outperforms them until The Bulldogs get there. The Funk Brothers are a better team, obviously, but are they better i WWF? Not to me. I really enjoy Fuji & Saito, so maybe them. I also enjoy US Express, Soul Patrol, Foreign Legion (Sheik/Volkoff) and others, but none of them decisively more then Rick & Tony. Maybe The Wrecking Crew on their best days?

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