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[1982-03-28-WWF-Landover, MD] Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis (Lumberjack)

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WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis - Landover 3/28/82 Lumberjack Match


If the first match Adonis complimented Backlund well, in this match Adonis took it over and just went balls to wall in this action-packed sprint. This was totally in Adonis' bump 'n' run wheelhouse. They did a great job establishing the stipulation early with Adonis finding himself in all sorts of precarious positions with the babyface lumberjacks much to the crowd's enjoyments. Adonis gets his bearings and rakes Backlund's eyes and sends him to the heel side. They just run a ton of high end offense. Adonis is busting out missile dropkicks! BACKLUND PILEDRIVER~! i love Backlund kicking Adonis in the head from his belly when both on the mat. That is the scrappiness all wrestlers should have! Awesome back drop of Adonis into the lumberjacks and Adonis is fighting for his life. Back in the ring, these two are just throwing the kitchen sink at each other. It feels two wrestlers who want to win at all costs rather than just an exhibition of moves as counters are based off mistakes by the opponent. Adonis takes three tremendous bumps rapid fire that need to be seen. He is reeling, but Bob telegraphs a back body drop and GOOD NIGHT IRENE! Backlund counters with a bridging victory roll to retain the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

If you love action, you will love this match. They cut a frantic pace. Adonis is at his "bump n run" best. Backlund has plenty of firepower to keep up. Two wrestlers doing all they can to win a match with Adonis applying his best shot, but Backlund proving he is just that much better. ****1/4

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