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Shake Them Ropes

Shake Them Ropes SummerSlam Reaction Show w/ Dylan Waco

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Shake Them Ropes #101: WWE SummerSlam Reaction Show w/ @DylanWaco


One of the most anticipated weekends in a long time for WWE, Takeover & SummerSlam weekend, is complete! Tonight on Shake Them Ropes, we review the big show on Sunday night, as well as the key takeaways from NXT Takeover, with our special guest, Dylan Hales. Dylan comes on to give his take on the biggest show of the summer, and we encourage all of you to join in the discussion on Twitter and/or the VOW Podcast page on the Voices of Wrestling forums!

Among the topics we get into with Dylan: The "death slot," Finn Bálor's chances for success, Brock vs Taker 3, Jon Stewart on Monday's Raw, the Divas Revolution, news on the next two NXT Takeovers, and much more!

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Dylan calling Sheamus/Orton the most "routinely rejected" match lately had me nodding my head in agreement. And the line about smarky crowds at these big shows being predisposed to shit on anybody that didn't "cut a cartwheel in PWG" had me cracking up.


I do disagree with the idea that Stewart needs to be on sight for many live events to get this angle over though. If any situation called for more "on location, sent-in" interviews, then it'd be something like this one. It'd play up the sense that Stewart is cowardly & give the announcers reason to speculate that he's afraid of facing up to Cena for his actions.


I know everyone's calling for a Kaufman-like deal out of this one, and sure. That'd be tremendous. But I think that's setting the bar unrealistically high. I'd settle for some entertaining heel shtick & trash talk out of Stewart, along with a decent payoff - hopefully a big enough, really memorable bump - or just even a one on one squash match with Cena. But only if it's something closer to Lawler/Kaufman than Cena/Laurinitis.

I think it's all going to come down to their patience with the angle, whether Cena's reaction allows the fallout to feel like it actually means something, and just how much participation they can get out of Stewart for the payoff.


I was a little disappointed with the Wyatts/Shield tag, but I never really expected to be blown away by it. I think it was destined to be a "middle of the road" match on this show, because so much other stuff was getting the spotlight & attention anyhow. Plus I was pleasantly surprised that there was no turn, because I honestly don't feel like the timing is right for anyone to make a turn.


They did well enough, and Reigns going over Bray was an okay choice. Both guys now have wins over one another since Battleground, and it sets up a rubber match.


I know the feud itself isn't exactly lighting the world on fire, but I believe we could get some great stuff out a series of stipulation matches between Bray and Reigns. I've never been underwhelmed by a Bray hoss fight yet, and Reigns has been killing it in gimmick matches all year - from the Extreme Rules match with Big Show to meaningless RAW and SmackDown bouts with Kane.


I wasn't enraged by the finish of the main event or anything, but it does feel a little frustration. There's just this sense of guys getting NO traction on the under-card and mid-card already, which Dylan touches on A LOT these days. And I agree. Everybody's just spinning their wheels and running on treadmills - trading wins and losses meaninglessly, with VERY rare exceptions.


So to see something like this done in the main event, with one of the few guys left that feels above that stuff - they go and almost undo the special appeal of breaking the streak in the first place. I forget who said it, but there was a comment that summed it up nicely - everybody lost here. It's just that, at the end of the day, the Undertaker lost a little less. And that's just a surefire flat fucking finish in my book.


Some great discussion and some interesting thoughts. Good stuff.

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Re: Death Spot vs First Spot:


I was at the Rumble in Philly, and Tyson and Cesaro being in the first match and getting a massive babyface reaction (while they were heels), had a big part in them being turned and getting the belts I think.

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