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Mike Enos & Wayne Bloom

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Nope. Haven't seen much of their AWA run but to this day I hold the following against them


They botched their finisher at the last squash match of a marathon TV taping I attended with my dad. It took 30 minutes to get him out of the ring and it was nearly 1am. My dad was so frustrated at how long it went it was 3 years before I was allowed to attend another wrestling show. So I blame the Beverlys for that and it denies me the ability to objectively rate them.

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If these guys had come along in, say, 84 or 85, they would have had a development curve in the AWA like the Nasty Boys...Start out getting squashed, eventually getting a gimmick and working their way up the tag team ladder, mid-card type. Whether or not they would have gotten the push right to the top is hard to say, but they would have been much better prepared for that to happen with some real seasoning under their belt, and it would have aided them when they moved on to other areas to work.


Their problem, and the same thing happened with many of the latter-day AWA guys, was that there was no more time to allow for a natural development like I noted above. Most of the guys pushed were all that was left, and they were not ready...and I think that hurt them as they moved forward as The Beverly Brothers.


I would be surprised if they make many people's list, if any.

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