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[1998-07-08-ARSION] Mikiko Futagami vs Michiko Omukai

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Really fun match and another glimpse at the stylistic weirdness that was going on in ARSION. The first couple minutes are pure women's BattlARTS style. Omukai really lays it in on Futagami in the corner with some malintentioned knee strikes and then rocking her with that running solebutt of hers, so Futagami, after a brief mat scramble, replies in kind by just standing up and punting Omukai square in the eye. After that it turns into a more typical joshi style match with dives and suplexes but they always go back to the submissions. Futagami doesn't seem to react to anything so the crowd responds big when she points to a guy who was obnoxiously chanting Omukais name the whole time. Omukai is not afraid to land the most god awful hits to the face. Very much worth watching for the intense submissions scrambles between, building to an intense finish.

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