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[2004-10-15-ENESMA] L.A. Park vs El Dandy

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This is for some title in some promotion I have never heard of.


Park is in a cool red variant outfit. The first fall is technical wrestling where Dandy gets the win with a leg submission. It's not the type of stuff you want out of LA Park in 2004, but he is solid enough here.


The second fall stats off super fast paced with some great armdrags by Park then a tope into an armdrag on the floor. Park gets a submission of his own for the very very short second fall. Lots of fun, but modern lucha short second fall syndrome here.


The third fall is a lot of fun. Lots of dives and big moves, but sold well through out. The ending was interesting as Dandy and Park both take out the other seconds and look to do topes in sequence, until Park turns around and pins Dandy quick.


Overall a pretty fun match, but way below any expectations I would have.




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This was pretty fun - given the year and wrestlers involved it's hard not to have higher hopes. Park has a cool red outfit and does some good dives and top rope moves. Fun finish. Match was missing something though. Worth watching but both have hit way higher.



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