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A Proposal

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Matty Mouron is offering to purchase the IWF roster. He proposes the following terms and conditions to this purchase:

1. Only the roster will switch hands - no previous history, titles, etc. of the former Maple Leaf/WWF/IWF enterprises

2. The new entity will run shows only in Michigan, with a home base of Detroit, but with no restrictions on television distribution

3. The new entity will not be a part of any existing inter-promotional alliances exclusively at the outset - but is willing to work, case by case, with any other promotion or alliance

4. The new entity also does not "contest" other promotions appearing in Michigan live or on television. Other promotions wishing to air TV in Michigan will be invited to air before or after the new entity program as part of a "wrestling block" if they so desire. Consideration of booked dates is appreciated but not mandatory.

5. The former Maple Leaf/WWF/IWF names, towns, and properties will remain available for another promoter to purchase. In the event of said purchase, the new entity will work in good faith, and as completely as possible, with the new promoter to help resolve outstanding continuity and business issues if they chose to revive/retain those promotions in line with previous history.

6. All existing obligations of the IWF roster will be fully honored

Matty Mouron has authorized the following message to this proposal to the owners:

To foster global sportsmanship, honor, and competition, the new Detroit-based promotion will entertain any, and all, reasonable offers for trade, exchange, or general co-operation.

Thank you


Anyway, that's the kayfabe version.

I've lurked around a lot and posted occasionally but never here. I've been following off and on since the beginning and have a good time in my life to jump in right now if it's cool. I don't really want to book a WWF/IWF sized promotion so I'd like to take the roster, move to Detroit, and run a different style. I won't accept any and all trades but I think you'll find I'm pretty open to ideas and I don't intend to hog the prime main eventers from that roster in Detroit all the time at all

Sooo that's my pitch

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I think we give it a go. If someone wants to come in and run a promotion, it is beneficial for that person to run it the way that they want. Now moving to Michigan will be interesting and still leaves that big gap in the North East, but I think we can decipher that issue at another point in time due to us having a huge gap on the West Coast as well.

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Nobody has to book any more shows than they want to, I guess other than doing a weekly TV which seems to be the bare minimum that's been set.


Seems like trying to do too much is something that has caused people to get burnt out and lose interest so if you want to scale down the IWF from what Grimmas was doing more power to you.

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Alright, cool. Sounds like this is happening. Here's my plan:


- I'm putting together my rough plans and schedule this weekend

- I plan to run my first show towards the end of next week, most likely Thursday will be my weekly event.

- I'm not running any regularly scheduled televised house shows at the beginning both to make my life easier and to fit the image of the promotion I'm trying to create

- Weekly TV, occasional untelevised events, and then a regularly scheduled "big" show once per month is the rough framework


After I get a draft of those plans together, I'll probably be hitting some of you up with talent offers. If there's anyone on the roster you're interested in, feel free to send a reasonable proposal and we'll see if it works - but just FYI, I probably won't be responding to those offers til Monday or so because I'm in the process of putting my own plans together


I'll do the freelance bookings that Grimmas was supposed to do but if it's cool give me a couple days here to catch up on the situation and such in full before I do much in that thread


I'm reading through a lot of threads I've either missed lurking or didn't pay full attention to get up to speed on the game world, so to speak, but most importantly - if you have any exchange/trade/whatever agreement with any of the guys on the roster please let me know, I want to make sure any outstanding deals are fulfilled, if any still exist.


Looking forward to it!

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