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With the draft and such, I've been having a hard time figuring out exactly what to do with my cards. So, I'm going to post the results from the 11/26 show at Cobo now, just bare bones. I'll do the same with the next one or two TV shows as well. The reason is I have an idea of who goes over but angle plans are really up in the air based on the upcoming draft.





Big Time Wrestling Presents ... BTW Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finale

Cobo Arena

November 26 1983


Stephen Petitpas/Ben Bassarab (2-1) d. Doug Somers/Bobby Bass (1-2) via pinfall


Fidel Sierra (2-0) d. Alexis Smirnoff via pinfall


Ben Backlund/Tiger Conway Jr (1-0) d. The Valiant Brothers via pinfall


Rick Martel (1-0) d. Jesse Barr (1-1) by CO


George Steele (2-1) d. Rocky Johnson (1-2) via pinfall - Paul Christy was at ringside with George Steele, and hit Rocky Johnson with a cane while the referee was distracted.


Chicky Starr (2-1) d. Leo Burke (1-2) via pinfall


Prior to the Tournament Final, Rick Martel was interviewed in the ring. He challenged the winner of the tournament. Chicky Starr hurried from the locker room to protest and the two traded shoves before being separated.


Greg Valentine (3-0) d. Ivan Koloff (2-1) via pinfall at 23:43 - During the match, Alexis Smirnoff and Jesse Barr were ejected from ringside. Jesse Ventura remained seated by the timekeeper for the duration of the bout. Greg Valentine won the BTW Heavyweight Championship.



















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Big Time Wrestling - Aired 12/3/1983


(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, Chicky Starr, Ivan Koloff and others … ending with footage of Valentine holding the Heavyweight Championship high in Cobo Arena)


Lord Layton : Welcome everyone to another episode of Big Time Wrestling, here at the Michigan State Fair Coliseum. We’ve got another great night of action here tonight, although I’m having trouble finding the official form…


(Layton is interrupted by Jesse “The Body” Ventura , new BTW Heavyweight Champion Greg Valentine, and “The Mechanic” Jesse Barr)


Layton : What’s the meaning of this?


Jesse : I’ll tell ya what the meaning is, Lord Loser. As the representative of the only true Union in professional wrestling, I’ve made some deals with the board room here in Big Time Wrestling - you’re looking at the new color commentator and your partner, The Body! And you would have known that if you’d taken the time to read your format instead of spending an hour in makeup tonight


Layton protests - he doesn’t have a format - and Barr taunts him with a folder. I should have known you had a hand in that!


Jesse : My mistake, Layton. Since you don’t know what’s going on, I’m gonna have to do this on my own. First, you’ll see we’ve got a suit dummy from the offices here to make an announcement. Someone get suit dummy out here!


Suit Dummy : First, Big Time Wrestling would like to congratulate Greg “The Hammer” Valentine on his coronation as our first Heavyweight Champion. As you’ve seen in the local papers, Dick Murdoch was named the number one contender by our board. However, upon further consideration, there are grave concerns among the board about the integrity of a matchup between Mr. Valentine and Mr. Murdoch. We’ve negotiated with their official representative Jesse Ventura, and have come to an agreement that includes Mr. Murdoch passing on the matchup, leaving Mr. Valentine without a mandatory challenger for the Cobo Arena event on December 31st.


As part of this agreement, Mr. Murdoch and his partner will be given a bye into the second round of the BTW Tag Team Title tournament. This tournament will take place beginning on the 12/22 event here at the Coliseum with an 8 team first round. The following week the winners of those bouts will take on four teams who have been chosen to receive byes, including Mr. Murdoch and partner. At the Cobo Arena on New Years Eve, the four remaining teams will conclude the tournament and a new championship team will be crowned. We’ll announce brackets for this event in the following weeks.


As for Mr. Valentine, he will have a title match at this event. The BTW board has decided that next week, here at the Coliseum, #2 contender Fidel Sierra will face #3 contender Rick Martel in a title eliminator bout, with the winner receiving a championship shot on the New Year’s Eve card.


With the preliminaries out of the way, Jesse gloats, the Hammer looks smug, and we head to the ring for our first match of the night. Layton also announces our main event of the evening - Bob Backlund vs. Alexis Smirnoff!


Jesse Barr vs. Tony Garea


Jesse’s mechanic hits the ring fast and attacks Garea before the bell, and never really lets up. The looming threat of Ventura at the table and Valentine at ringside helps keep Garea on edge and he can’t get out of second gear as Barr takes him apart for a victory.


Jesse Barr (2-1) d. Tony Garea (0-1) (4:03)



Layton wants to get a quick word with his new partner Jesse and his mechanic. He wonders if Jesse Barr is going to be Dick Murdoch’s tag partner in the tournament. Ventura denies this - The Mechanic has to be available to fix problems all over, not focusing on a tag team. He’s got a partner for Dick, and we’ll meet him soon enough - when Dick returns from Japan. Layton asks The Body if Dick even knows about what has happened here in Detroit while he is in Japan, and Ventura quickly assures him he knows all he needs to know.



George Steele vs. Tiger Conway, Jr.


Paul Christy is leading “The Animal” to the ring to face Tiger Conway, Jr. The Animal remains in his catatonic state as Christy regales the crowd with a card trick. Conway looks on impatiently and Christy performs his magic on The Animal, sending him into a frenzy. Conway is overwhelmed. Steele seems to have really rejuvenated his career remark both Layton and Ventura. They don’t understand it, but hey, whatever works.


George Steele (3-1) d. Tiger Conway, Jr. (1-2) (3:33)




It’s not over for Tiger, though. Christy doesn’t snap Steele back, and he continues on the offensive, pummeling a helpless Conway until Rocky Johnson comes flying out of the back. He’s not happy about his loss to Steele and starts firing off shots at him - but it only slows Steele down. Christy enters the ring and again blasts Johnson with a cane from behind, just like Cobo, and then leads the Animal back into his trance and back to the locker room.


Doug Somers & Bobby Bass vs. The Kays


In a fast tag match, Somers & Bass get back on the winning track with a fairly dominating performance against the Kays. As per usual with these two, there’s plenty of preening for the ringside ladies.


Doug Somers & Bobby Bass (2-2) d. The Kays (0-2) (5:21)



Jesse Ventura gets a quick word with Somers & Bass after the match. “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers guarantees that he and his partner are ready for the tournament and the odds-on favorites. They’ll have the belts, the ladies, and the money. Bobby Bass interjects - he’s tired of people calling him “No Class Bass”. This is the Motor City, and he’s “Best in Class Bobby Bass” - ask your old lady about how much class he has.

The Magic Hour w/ Paul Christy (and George Steele) featuring Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff

Christy, looking a bit ruffled from the events with Johnson and Conway earlier, welcomes out the big Russians. Uncle Ivan seems upset at Alexis. He wants to know what he was doing getting kicked out of the title match to leave him against Valentine and Ventura. Alexis protests, and they seem to be doing ok. Alexis has strong words for Bob Backlund - Mother Russia will reassert herself tonight and it starts with chump Backlund.



Chicky Starr vs. Nick DeCarlo


Chicky runs over DeCarlo in his arrogant manner, with Fidel Sierra standing guard at ringside.


Chicky Starr (3-1) d. Nick DeCarlo (0-3) (4:34)




Chicky grabs the mic on his way back. He’s not happy about Rick Martel getting the title eliminator shot over him, but since it’s against Fidel, all's well that ends well. He’s sure Sierra can take care of Rick and they’ll get the gold one way or another.


Bob Backlund vs. Alexis Smirnoff


It’s a fairly even match between two world-class competitors. Alexis struggles at times however as Bob goes on his trademark offensive. Koloff is at ringside but declines to interfere in the bout even when the referee is momentarily stunned from a collision. Smirnoff argues with Koloff a bit about this, which gives Bob an opportunity to finish him off. Uncle Ivan doesn’t seemed pleased with the loss and walks to the back shaking his head while Smirnoff recovers and Backlund celebrates with the crowd.


Bob Backlund (1-1) d. Alexis Smirnoff (1-2) (12:45)


We end the show with Jesse Ventura promising it doesn’t matter who wins the big title eliminator next week, Greg will take care of them no matter what!

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I love a tag tournament, but I'm struggling to see all of your teams which is great. Really looking forward to the tournament, great to see Detriot back on the map.

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Taped 12/8/83 - Airing in local syndication 12/10/1983


(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, Chicky Starr, Ivan Koloff and others … ending with footage of Valentine holding the Heavyweight Championship high in Cobo Arena)


Lord Layton and Jesse Ventura welcome us to the Michigan State Fair Coliseum with a rundown of the card tonight.


Title Eliminator (Winner Gets a Heavyweight Title Match at Cobo Arena 12/31):

Rick Martel vs. Fidel Sierra


Chicky Starr vs. Buzz Tyler

Rocky Johnson vs. Tiger Conway, Jr.

Bob Backlund vs. Killer Karl Krupp

Stephen Petitpas/Leo Burke vs. Masa Fuchi/Killer Khan

Ivan Koloff/Alexis Smirnoff vs. The Valiants


Layton: Johnson versus Conway! After Johnson saved Conway last week!


Jesse: They’ve got the same record - clearly the board wants to see who can move up in the rankings.


Layton: You do seem to have an inside connection on the board. With your other inside connection, who does Greg Valentine want to see win the eliminator?


Jesse: Frankly “Lord”, if that’s your real title, we don’t care. The Hammer is the premier wrestler in this entire country. We’re not afraid of any pretenders.


We’re off to the ring ...


Rocky Johnson vs. Tiger Conway, Jr.


The competitors shake hands before the match. The action is fair but hard fought, with both men giving the other clean breaks and showing great sportsmanship. Conway puts up a good fight but it’s pretty clear Johnson is the overall superior competitor, and he scores the victory.


Rocky Johnson (2-2) d. Tiger Conway, Jr (1-3) - 8:04



Rocky Johnson gets a quick interview after the match. He’s hopping mad about George Steele and Paul Christy’s ridiculous antics at Cobo and last week. He doesn’t need a magic cane to provide a whoopin’ to anyone and he’ll prove it when he gets another shot at the Animal. He is also gracious to Conway and wishes him luck in his future bouts.


Bob Backlund vs. Killer Karl Krupp


Backlund dominates Krupp, guzzling him up and spitting him back out with ease. Layton points out that after his unfortunate loss in the title tournament, Bob’s been on a bit of a hot streak between his teamups with Tiger Conway and Pedro Morales and his (after this bout) 2 match singles winning streak. Could he be in contention for a shot soon? Jesse scoffs - they already took care of Backlund once in the tournament and will do it again if need be.


Bob Backlund (2-1) d. Killer Karl Krupp (0-1) - 6:20



Backlund has promo time after the match. He announces that he’ll be heading to NWA Starrcade to participate in the big battle royal. He also understands he has work to do to put himself in the title picture, and he’s going to get there - it’s his promise to the fans.


Stephen Petitpas/Leo Burke vs. Masa Fuchi/Killer Khan


Layton and Ventura note that normally Petitpas teams with Bassarab, but due to various circumstances he’s left the area. Fellow Canadian Leo Burke stepped up to the plate and offered to team with Petitpas. The new team turns in an impressive performance, taking down the favored Fuchi and Khan in a win that is sure to impress the matchmakers putting together the upcoming tag team title tournament.


Petitpas/Burke (1-0) d. Fuchi/Khan (1-1) - 7:30



The Magic Hour w/ Paul Christy


Paul Christy and his catatonic Animal Steele are out for the Magic Hour. Pick a card, any card!


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is the guest this week. Jesse leaves the booth to join him. Christy is wondering about The Hammer and Dick Murdoch. Is there any lingering resentment from not getting the title shot?


Greg and Jesse both re-assure us that the Union is stronger than ever, that Dicky knows all about it, and he’s fine with it. He’s got commitments in Japan, he’s got a tag team partner coming in for the tournament, and they are going to run this city with all the gold.


That’s all fine, agrees Christy, but what about his Animal? He’s on a streak, he’s vicious, and he’s got the resume to challenge Valentine. Valentine and Animal stare at each other … The Hammer is unphased. The Animal is drooling. Jesse says that isn’t his decision - Animal Steele will get his title shot when the board determines he deserves one. Christy calls Ventura a turkey, and this sets off a bit of a shouting match. Christy threatens to unleash the Animal - Ventura thinks better of this situation and convinces the champion, who is ready for anything in his way, that they should cut this interview short.


Chicky Starr vs. Buzz Tyler


Starr continues to look impressive, taking apart Buzz Tyler in a quick manner. He has some choice words for Rick Martel during the bout, telling the camera that what he and Sierra do to him is something he won’t come back from.


Chicky Starr (4-1) d. Buzz Tyler (0-1) - 3:27



Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff vs. The Valiants


It’s a roughouse bout between two teams who aren’t exactly popular with the ringside fans. Koloff dominates his portions of the match, but Smirnoff gets in trouble when he’s in the ring. Uncle Ivan doesn’t look thrilled with the development. Eventually, Koloff tags himself in when Smirnoff is near the corner, and he finishes off the Valiants with authority.


Koloff & Smirnoff (1-0) d. The Valiants (1-3) - 7:11



After the match, Koloff is staring down Smirnoff. They argue in Russian for a moment, before Smirnoff goes to exit the ring. Koloff lays him out with a clothesline from behind, and puts the boots to Smirnoff. As security breaks up the beating, Ventura gets a quick word with Ivan. He says that he is tired of Smirnoff disappointing Mother Russia, and that Moscow has decided it’s time for a substitute in the team. He promises that he’ll have a new ally in Detroit soon.


Now it’s time for the Main Event - the winner gets a shot at Greg Valentine at the Cobo Arena on New Year’s Eve.



Rick Martel vs. Fidel Sierra


Fidel is a big, strong, tough guy, and he gives Martel fits. But, it’s apparent that Martel has a championship constitution and is the overall better wrestler. Sierra gets his licks in but Martel doesn’t fold under the pressure. Chicky Starr at ringside attempts to intervene, but Martel drops him with a right hand before turning his attention back to Sierra. He gets the Big Cuban down and locks in the crab, leading to a submission victory. Martel’s excitment is short-lived, as Starr charges back into the ring with a stool and belts Martel. Sierra is stirring up and he joins in on the assault - when suddenly Bob Backlund emerges from the back! Backlund helps Martel run the two off, and the show ends with Backlund and Martel shaking hands. Ventura cackles over the fade to black - he’s apparently not at all concerned with this alliance or the upcoming title match.

Rick Martel (2-0) d. Fidel Sierra (2-1) - 12:53


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I like the angles that are developing. Especially the ones in the Magic Hour. That segment gave us a look into the future or at least allows us to think we see what is going to happen. You never know for sure in wrestling. Also like the Backlund/Martel alliance.


Looking forward to the tag team tournament.

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Catching up after the hectic holidays ... look for the 12/22 episode either tonight or sometime tomorrow, and then hopefully on schedule with the real timeline after that. I'll be reading all of your wonderful shows as well during a slow work day! Thanks for the patience



Taped 12/15/83 - Airing in local syndication 12/17/1983

(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, Chicky Starr, Ivan Koloff and others … ending with footage of Valentine holding the Heavyweight Championship high in Cobo Arena)

We’re back in the Michigan State Fair Coliseum with Lord Layton and Jesse Ventura for another week of BTW action. This week, we’re going to reveal the tag team title tournament brackets - Dick Murdoch will return to television - Rocky Johnson is in action - we have the debut of Blackjack Mulligan - Ivan Koloff has a new partner on orders from Moscow - and in the main event, The Mechanic Jesse Barr will look for a measure of Union revenge against Bob Backlund!

Rocky Johnson (2-2) vs. Doug Somers (0-0)

Despite the emotional support from “Best in Class” Bobby Bass at ringside, Doug Somers can’t handle the the Rocky Johnson onslaught. Johnson continues his tune-up for his appearance at Starrcade and climb back up the ranks of the BTW Heavyweight title picture with a dominating victory.

Rocky Johnson (3-2) d. Doug Somers (0-1)


Jesse stops Rocky Johnson for a quick word after the bout. He knows Rocky is in the tournament for the tag belts - what geek is he gonna team up with?

Rocky brings out Koko Ware, who will be in action against George Steele later, as his tournament partner. He’s excited to have the young star by his side as they look for tag team title gold. Rocky wishes Koko good luck against the vicious Animal later.

We cut to a videotape promo for a new team debuting - Dick Slater and Bob Orton, Jr. We see clips of them from previous promotions, followed by a promo from the team. The Rebels are bringing some southern toughness to the Motor City and look forward to their debut in the tournament next week.

Blackjack Mulligan (0-0) vs. Charlie Cook (0-0)

Blackjack Mulligan makes his debut in Big Time Wrestling with a big time victory over fellow newcomer Charlie Cook. Mulligan uses his massive power advantage and scores a victory.

Blackjack Mulligan (1-0) d. Charlie Cook (0-1)



Lord Layton introduces us to Blackjack Mulligan, the new big man on the scene. Mulligan congratulates Cook on his effort and thinks we’ll see some big things from him too in the future. Mulligan brings out his partner in the tournament, the legendary Blackjack Lanza. The two hombres are ready for whatever is headed their way.

Speaking of the tag team tournament, it’s time to reveal the brackets. Jesse is cackling as he talks about his good fortune before we see the brackets. He implores us to hold the phone a second - and here comes Dick Murdoch back from Japan!

Captain Redneck is back and ready to rumble. He’s had “a successful tour of Japan” we are told. Murdoch is ready to rumble. He thanks Jesse for the great negotiation on his behalf - even after being absent, he’s glad he was able to impress everyone enough to be granted a bye in the tournament. He also wants to send congratulations to Greg on winning on the heavyweight title. Now, here’s his partner in the tournament - Adrian Adonis!

Adonis is cocky as ever. The North-South Connection, the Mason Dixon Maulers, the United Republic, whatever you wanna come up with, him and Murdoch are going to dismantle everyone in their way and walk out of the Cobo on New Year’s Eve with a title.

Layton shakes his head a bit at the brashness and is ready to unveil the brackets. He mentions some new teams will be involved as a result of the great people at Big Time and their talent relations skills:

Now, for the brackets:


Layton knew their would be new faces - but who is this Beefcake?

Jesse says we’ll meet Brutus “Boulder” Beefcake when the time is right. He’s an associate of the Union, and he’s working as an apprentice under The Mechanic. Isn’t it just shocking how they happen to match up with Martel and Backlund, he laughs.

George “Animal” Steele (3-1) vs. Koko Ware (0-1)

Christy’s Animal snaps out of his trance, and the youngster Koko is in trouble. He fights valiantly and tries to come back with some high-flying offense but the Animal gobbles him up and keeps punishing him until Christy gives the signal.

George “Animal” Steele (4-1) d. Koko Ware (0-1)


Christy is ecstatic. He’s also ecstatic about the tag team match coming up with Rocky Johnson and Koko - it’s the last time he’s going to have to deal with Johnson, that’s for darn sure. That turkey is gonna get what’s coming to him. And now it’s time for … The Magic Hour.

The Magic Hour w/ Paul Christy

Welcome, welcome everyone! Mr. Magic Paul Christy is proud to welcome to the stage the Magnificent Muscovite, Ivan Koloff.

“Our glorious leaders in Moscow - they tell me Ivan that former Comrade Alexis not strong enough to lead, not strong enough to win in America anymore. Alexis must go - and I send Alexis away! Moscow tell me they have lined up new partner. New alliance, new frontiers in international diplomacy! It is new era in America and Soviet power! Please welcome my new partner - SGT. SLAUGHTER!”

Christy is taken aback, the crowd buzzes. Here comes the drill sergeant!

“Attttention! Listen to me pukes, and listen to me well. I’ve searched through this country and I’ve found NOBODY worth my time as a partner, as an ally. My loyalty is to my success, and the best option for that success is my new alliance, with the great champion IVAN KOLOFF!”

Christy doesn’t know what to say, and neither do The Body or Lord Layton. This powerful new alliance is a threat to every title in Big Time Wrestling.


Rick Martel (2-0) vs. Pete Doherty (0-4)

Martel has no trouble with the Duke, drubbing him into submission with the Boston Crab.

Rick Martel (3-0) d. Pete Doherty (0-5)


As Martel leaves the ring to get an interview in, Greg Valentine flies out of nowhere and drops him with the title belt. We’re introduced to Boulder Beefcake sooner than expected as well, since he and Barr are right behind to help the beatdown. Jesse is gleeful on the mic. Martel looks to be in serious trouble until Bob Backlund comes out on fire and drives them away with a chair. This segues into our main event for the evening...

Bob Backlund (2-1) vs. Jesse “The Mechanic” Barr (2-1)

Barr puts up a strong fight against Backlund, as Martel keeps watch on the ringside area. Valentine has been escorted to the back by security, perhaps by design of Ventura and The Union. Layton questions why Adonis and Murdoch weren’t involved in the hit - Jesse simply explains it wasn’t worth risking a possible suspension. So, why Valentine then? Well of course they aren’t going to strip the champ over such a petty act, he claims.

Barr does manage to take control of the bout for a few minutes after a low-blow while the official isn’t looking. The crowd rallies behind Backlund and he fights back to even things up and then finish off Barr with an atomic drop. Martel quickly hops in the ring to watch Bob’s back and they celebrate, taunting Jesse Ventura as the show goes off the air.

Bob Backlund (3-1) d. Jesse Barr (2-2)


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Good show as always. Very interesting tag team tournament shaping up. That is a tough first round match up for the Anderson's! Backlund, Steel and Martel are a combined 10-2. Can't wait to see your next rankings.

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Almost caught up...



Taped 12/22/83 - Airing in local syndication 12/24/1983


(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, Chicky Starr, Ivan Koloff and others … ending with footage of Valentine holding the Heavyweight Championship high in Cobo Arena)


It’s Christmas Eve for our viewers, and the Michigan State Fair Coliseum is decked out for the holidays. Your best present is right here - the first round of the BTW Tag Team Title Tournament!


Jesse and Layton welcome the viewers. They run down the matches coming up tonight, with Jesse feeling supremely confident about his team of Barr and Beefcake against a team many peg as the favorites in the entire tournament, Rick Martel and Bob Backlund. Lord Layton is especially excited for the debut of Bob Orton Jr. and Dick Slater - and both men are ready for the Andersons - who they have heard much about - to take on the legendary Blackjacks in a big time first round matchup.


In singles action, we’ll also meet the debuting Bad News Allen - an accomplished wrestler and former Olympian in Judo.


Before we hit the ring, Lord Layton runs down the schedule in the next two weeks for Big Time Wrestling. The first round of the tag team tournament will take place tonight. The second round takes place on the normal television taping date of 12/29, with the final four squaring off at Cobo Arena on 12/31. Since that’s the normal air-date for BTW, they’ve worked out a deal with Channel 7 WXYZ in Detroit to air the 12/29 bouts LIVE. The show will also air on other stations, as usual, the 31st. But this will give fans in the Channel 7 area a chance to see the tag team tournament setup before the Cobo show.


First Round Tag Team Tournament Bout


The Kay Brothers (0-2) vs. The Rebels (0-0)


We get right to the action with the introduction of Bob Orton, Jr. and his partner Dick Slater. The Rebels take the fight to the Kay Brothers and are intent on showing they are a force in this tournament. The Kays struggle to ever really mount an offense in this bout, which is essentially a squash for Orton and Slater.


The Rebels (1-0) d. The Kay Brothers (0-3)



First Round Tag Team Tournament Bout


The Andersons (0-0) vs. The Blackjacks (0-0)


The Blackjacks take control early after a bit of back and forth, using their size and experience advantage over the Andersons. Ole gets caught up in some double teams from the big Texans and manages to fight his way back and get a tag to Arn, who comes in and surprises everyone with an offensive flurry that has the Blackjacks on their heels. Mulligan catches Arn though, and plants him with some big power offense. Arn looks like he is about cooked but Ole makes the save on a pin attempt to keep the match alive.


The match turns into a four man brawl, and in the chaos, Ole produces a foreign object from his tights - levelling Mulligan from behind. Arn pounces on the opportunity - did he see how the situation was created? - and gets the victory. Ole hides the object as they celebrate moving on.


The Andersons (1-0) d. The Blackjacks (0-1)


Interview: Somers/Bass introduce Don Carson


Doug Somers and Bobby Bass are out to talk about the tag team tournament a bit. They introduce the Best Dressed Man in Detroit, Don Carson, as their new manager. The smooth talking trio is confident they’ll walk out of this tournament with the straps.


Bad News Allen (0-0) vs. “Iron” Mike Sharpe (0-0)


Iron Mike is loud as usual, making his BTW debut along with Bad News, but he’s not able to take control. He puts up a good fight but Bad News beats him down with authority as the match goes on. Both announcers put over Allen, with Layton asking Jesse if he’s going to try and sucker him into paying his dues for The Union too - Jesse is intrigued but isn’t sure Bad News is much of a team player.


Bad News Allen (1-0) d. “Iron” Mike Sharpe (0-1)



First Round Tag Team Tournament Bout


Rocky Johnson & Koko Ware (0-0 ) vs. Paul Christy & George “Animal” Steele (0-0 )


Johnson and Ware both have trouble dealing with the Animal when he is in the ring - but when they can force a tag to Christy, take control. Christy isn’t totally worthless, and holds his own with Koko, but he’s no match for Rocky. Rocky is fired up over the trouble Christy has caused him lately and lays a smackdown on him for a moment. But Christy makes a desperate tag to the Animal, who comes in and takes control.


After some back and forth battling, Christy tries to once again use the cane on Johnson - but it breaks over his break and doesn’t seem to phase the Soul Man. He goes after Christy - who isn’t the legal man. Koko is yelling at Rocky to get in the ring but Animal levels Johnson with a lariat before rolling back into the ring for the countout victory.


Christy & Steele (1-0) d. Johnson & Ware (0-1)



Rocky Johnson is furious at this apparent out-smarting by the Magic Man. Koko is stuck in the ring with both Christy and Animal, and Animal locks in the hammerlock. Johnson pulls himself up and goes in to chase them off, but Masa Fuchi! appears and joins Christy and Animal. Christy seems to be assembling himself quite the little group.


First Round Tag Team Tournament Bout


Rick Martel & Bob Backlund (0-0) vs. Jesse “The Mechanic” Barr & Brutus Boulder Beefcake (0-0 )


Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis do not accompany the Mechanic and Boulder to the ring, but they are at the commentary table to provide “security” for Jesse, who feels threatened by the presence of Backlund and Martel after the threats he claims they have made towards his person.


Despite the ominous presence of Murdoch and Adonis at ringside, there’s no outside shenanigans in this bout. However, it becomes clear that while Barr and Beefcake are outclassed by Martel and Backlund, they are not necessarily in this tournament to win the belts. Rather, the Mechanic and his apprentice take every cheap shot possible - low blow, chokes, eye rakes, and all the good stuff whenever they can. Martel and Backlund fight through this.


Barr and Beefcake are out to injure one, or both, men, by any means necessary. Martel tweaks a knee at one point and is subject to chop block after chop block. Suddenly, it seems the underdogs might actually pull this off. But Martel makes the tag to Backlund, who goes Terminator on the two thugs and pulls out the victory for his team.


Martel & Backlund (1-0) d. Barr & Beefcake (0-1)



Now here comes Greg Valentine, with Murdoch and Adonis, to surround the ring. Things don’t look good for Martel and Backlund, but the Union doesn’t attack. Greg simply smiles at a limping Martel and makes the Figure Four motion - Rick has to go through Adonis and Murdoch next week, and then he’s got Valentine at Cobo. If Martel and Backlund lose, it’ll be his only match. If they win next week, Martel faces the possibility of two tag team bouts and a championship match. Valentine (and Jesse on commentary) seem to believe they have Martel right where they want him.


We’ll see you next week LIVE on Channel 7!



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Loved the Blackjack/Anderson match.


Poor Rocky Johnson can't seem to catch a break here in the Motor City.


That is some match with the Rebels and Backlund and Martel. I would pay to see that!


Good show!

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LIVE on Channel 7 12/29 - Airing in other Markets 12/31 prior to Cobo Arena Show

We’re LIVE on Channel 7 in the Southeastern Michigan area. BTW Presents… 1984! at the Cobo Arena is just two days away - join us for all the action on New Year’s Eve. We’ll find out who is doing battle in the Tag Team Tournament Final Four right here tonight at the State Fair Coliseum as 8 great teams square off for the right to fight for the title in venerable Cobo Arena.


We’re also going to sitdown with Greg “Hammer” Valentine for a chat before his huge title matchup with Rick Martel at the Cobo. Also, the announcement of the rest of the card!


Minnesota Wrecking Crew (1-0) vs. Doug Somers & Bobby Bass (2-2) (w/ Don Carson)


During introductions, we are told that the Andersons would prefer to go by their team name - The Minnesota Wrecking Crew.


Arn and Ole jaw with Don Carson prior to the bout while “Best in Class” Bobby and “Pretty Boy” Doug chat up the ladies at ringside.


Bass and Somers take early control and show off their classy dance moves to the audience. Arn and Ole come back with some precision artillery on offense and have the pretty boys on the run. Carson tries to interject himself in the proceedings but he eats a left hook from Ole and tumbles down to the arena floor just as Arn nails Somers with a spinebuster for the 1-2-3.


Minnesota Wrecking Crew (2-0) d. Doug Somers & Bobby Bass (2-3)



Chicky and Fidel stop by to chat before the matchup with Slater and Orton. Chicky isn’t “Anti-American”, you see, but he’s Anti-Hillbilly and Anti-Ruffians. Slater and Orton are the worst of not just this country, but any country - uneducated, uncouth and disrespectful. Chicky also isn’t happy about his recent lack of singles action - he’s got a great record!


Lord Layton takes the opportunity to inform him that he’s scooped Jesse on front office news for once, and that Chicky is in the running for a Title Shot Eliminator matchup at 1984 - but the final decision won’t be revealed until the end of the program.


Fidel Sierra & Chicky Starr (0-0) vs. Dick Slater & Bob Orton, Jr. (1-0)


Fidel and Chicky work well together, but Slater and Orton are game for a fight. This match swings back and forth repeatedly with Fidel able to use power to counter the roughnecks, and Chicky staying suspiciously aloof on the apron at times. Orton shines with his superior wrestling technique and Slater comes in a wild man at times to brawl. After an even match, Orton takes down Fidel with a superplex and a pin to advance.


Dick Slater & Bob Orton, Jr. (2-0) d. Fidel Sierra & Chicky Starr (0-1)



Orton and Slater stop by the table to put the Minnesota Wrecking Crew on notice - it’s nothing personal, just business. They came to Big Time to win the straps and that’s exactly what they are gonna do.



Bad News Allen (1-0) vs. Pete Doherty (0-5)


Total annihilation. Poor Pete.


Bad News Allen (2-0) d. Pete Doherty (0-6)




Buzz Tyler (0-1) vs. Ted Oates (0-0)


Buzz Tyler gets a fairly easy win to bring his record to .500 over the debuting Ted Oates. His brother Jerry couldn’t make it this week. They were terribly disappointed to miss out on the tag team tournament.


Buzz Tyler (1-1) d. Ted Oates (0-1)



Stephen Petitpas and Leo Burke talk about their past success in Canada as a team, and deny having any fear of Animal Steele or his maniac handler Christy. When they are told Masa Fuchi, Christy’s latest acquisition, will be at ringside in the upcoming bout, they just chuckle. Of course they expected that! And they’ve brought a friend to make sure everything stays square out there - it’s Soul Man Rocky Johnson!


Stephen Petitpas & Leo Burke (w/ Rocky Johnson) (1-0) vs. Paul Christy & George “Animal” Steele (w/ Masa Fuchi) (1-0)


Petitpas and Burke take the fight right to Animal and Christy. Animal holds his own but Christy isn’t able to do much against the big Canadians.


As everyone anticipates, Masa Fuchi attempts to get involved while Paul Christy is in trouble. The Rocky Johnson arrangement works out as he pulls Fuchi down from the ring and gives him a whip into the guardrail. Christy, who was busy distracting the referee, doesn’t notice that Rocky has taken out Fuchi and grabbed the cane - when he turns his attention back to the action, he sees Johnson with his cane! Johnson snaps it across his knee and Christy is really freaked out now! He gets clobbered by Petitpas and slammed down - 1-2-3 and The Canadians are moving on!


Stephen Petitpas & Leo Burke (2-0) d. Paul Christy & George Steele (1-1)



Rocky Johnson is excited to have gotten a measure of revenge, but he promises this isn’t over. He knows it’s been a tough road in BTW so far, but his performance at the recent Starrcade Battle Royal has him excited.

Jesse then informs him that he can put that battle-tested Battle Royal experience to use again soon, as there will be a $10k , 18 Man Battle Royal at the Cobo! And guess what - Fuchi, Christy, and Animal are also entered!


Rocky is pleased as punch, and he leaves happily with Petitpas and Burke, who await the winner of our main event in a semi-final bout at Cobo.


Greg Valentine comes out for an interview. He knows what people say about him - he’s protected by Jesse Ventura, he’s protected by the Union, all that. He doesn’t care. He’s the champ because he ran through a tournament of some of the best competition the wrestling world has to offer. He didn’t cheat and he doesn’t need anyone to protect him. He works with the Union because he likes people who think like him and he’s in this business to make money - Jesse Ventura helps him do that. Rick Martel doesn’t scare him. He’s limping around on one leg, and he’s still got at least one match before New Year’s Eve. He guarantees victory at Cobo.

Rick Martel & Bob Backlund (1-0) vs. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (0-0)


This is every bit the barn burner that you would expect from these two teams. Hard-hitting back and forth action with no slowdown.


Martel is obviously hampered by his (potentially) injured knee, but is able to hold his own and contribute. Backlund does the real heavylifting, punishing both Murdoch and Adonis with his relentless offense.


Near-falls abound towards the end, but neither team is ready to give in. Martel ends up in the ring with Adonis, who traps him in a figure four! Backlund tries to make a save after an agonizingly long time, but Murdoch waffles him as he does. Martel is forced to submit. Jesse Ventura openly speculates that Martel submitted to save his own hide and be able to compete at Cobo - Lord Layton doesn’t think he’d ever do such a thing.


Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (1-0) d. Rick Martel & Bob Backlund (1-1)



Greg Valentine, with his title, saunters to the ring as the match ends. Backlund is being restrained by Adonis and Murdoch, and Valentine stomps on Martel’s leg several times before once again applying the figure four. This is the disgusting scene on which the episode ends - can Rick Martel overcome this at Cobo Arena? Find out 12/31/1983!


A graphic shows the full card for Cobo, revealing the other battle royal participants as well as the Title Eliminator match - Chicky Starr vs. Bob Backlund!






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Really good stuff here from Big Time. I have said it before but I really like the records here to keep up on things. 1984 looks to be a spectacular show with some big names coming in and some huge matches. I am interested to see how the final four plays out... you have three known great teams and perhaps I don't know too much about Pet and Burke, but they could pull the upset in my eyes.


Valentine v Martel is the best way to go and with guys like Sarge and Volkoff coming in, the main event scene is going to be loaded with some real contenders and not to mention some of the names in the Battle Royal, 1984 is going to be a great way to kickstart things for BTW.

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It does exist!!


BTW Presents … 1984

December 31st, 1983 @ Cobo Arena


Lord Layton and Jesse Ventura welcome the closed circuit audience in various theaters around Michigan, and hype the action for tonight. Is Rick Martel healthly enough to take down Greg Valentine, even with his injured knee? Who will put themselves in line for the next Cobo title shot - Chicky Starr or Bob Backlund? Who is going to walk out the tag team champions? And someone is going to be $10,000 richer!


Charlie Cook (0-1) vs. Buzz Tyler (1-1)


The crowd gets their popcorn and filters in as Charlie Cook and Buzz Tyler have a back and forth contest that ends with Cook scoring a pinfall victory and evening up his record.


Charlie Cook (1-1) d. Buzz Tyler (1-2)



At the entranceway, Lord Layton interviews Rick Martel regarding the upcoming title match. Martel has a wrap around his knee and a slight limp but assures the crowd that he will emerge victorious and get the title away from Jesse Ventura and his corrupt Union.



Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (1-0) vs. Stephen Petitpas & Leo Burke (2-0)


The Canadian team is game for a fight with Adonis and Murdoch. It’s a brawling heavy match with big shots landing for both teams. Adonis and Murdoch appear to have declined assistance from the Union as their junior teammates Brutus & Barr are nowhere to be seen. Jesse ignores questions about this from Layton on commentary. In the finishing stretch, Murdoch and Adonis prevail with a clean pinfall victory to advance.


Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (2-0) d. Stephen Petitpas & Leo Burke (2-1)




BTW Heavyweight Title Eliminator Match

Bob Backlund (3-1) vs. Chicky Starr (w/ Fidel Sierra) (4-1)


Chicky works the mic on his way to the ring, insulting the lazy Michiganders and their stupid snow. Fidel is smoking a cigar and blowing smoke at ringsiders while Backlund comes down.


Bob is his usual unstoppable self, taking the battle right to Starr. Starr continually rolls out of the ring to break the momentum and have a strategy session with Fidel. Backlund eventually tires of this and follows him out, landing some blows on both men before tossing Starr back into the ring, who shockingly uses that opportunity to land a borderline low blow and take control.


Starr works over Backlund for a bit before he starts going for pinfalls, but he can’t put Backlund away. With momentum surging, he lands an atomic drop on Starr and then traps him in the crossface in the middle of the ring for a submission before Sierra can intervene. Backlund gets the next title shot!


Bob Backlund (4-1) d. Chicky Starr (4-2)



Jesse stops Backlund for an interview. What if Martel wins tonight? Will he be willing to fight his ally? Bob starts to answer but Jesse cuts him off because Martel winning is an impossibility anyway.



The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (2-0) vs. Bob Orton, Jr. & Dick Slater (2-0)


A staredown and handshake to start. The first minutes are mostly clean, good solid wrestling action. As the bout goes on though, it gets rougher. Ole especially uses a broad interpretation of the rules to keep the Wrecking Crew alive, with liberal saves and some questionable offense.


Arn gets trapped in the ring with Orton and Slater for an extended period but he doesn’t quit fighting. It’s a real show of guts from the younger Anderson. He finally gets a tag to Ole but his firey comeback can’t put away either Orton and Slater.


With both teams getting desperate, a four man brawl erupts. Ole gets tossed over the top and Orton and Slater nail Arn with a spike piledriver to score the victory. They pull Arn up after the match and congratulate him - Ole returns to the ring and, while hesitant, also accepts a handshake from the victorious team.


Bob Orton, Jr. & Dick Slater (3-0) d. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (2-1)




Sgt. Slaughter & Ivan Koloff (0-0) d. The Kay Brothers (0-3)


Slaughter and Koloff arrive, with each waving the flag of the others country. It’s quite a sight. The crowd isn’t appreciative of Ivan’s newfound patriotism or Slaughter’s embracing of an early form of glasnot.


They absolutely destroy the Kays- sending a vicious message to the winners of the tag title tournament that they will be coming.


Sgt. Slaughter & Ivan Koloff (1-0) d. Ted & Jerry Oates (0-4)




18 Man Battle Royal


The participants arrive:

Rocky Johnson, Koko Ware, Jesse Barr, Brutus Boulder Beefcake, Killer Karl Krupp, Pretty Boy Doug Somers, Best in Class Bobby Bass, Ted Oates, Jerry Oates, Fidel Sierra, Iron Mike Sharpe, Bad News Allen, Pete Doherty, Paul Christy, Masa Fuchi, Animal Steele, Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza.


Wild and wooly action!! It’s a battle royal, so of course. The Blackjacks are the early favorites, quickly tossing the Oates Bros. Bad News Allen is taking the fight to anyone he can find, and he dumps Somers. Bobby Bass is hanging out by himself for a bit before he tries to dump Rocky Johnson from behind - this doesn’t work, and he’s gone. Barr and Beefcake have an alliance going and make it their business to go after Johnson, but he gets out Beefcake. Koko Ware takes out KKK. Fidel Sierra and Iron Mike Sharpe square off in a battle of the titans, and Sierra dumps Sharpe. Christy, Fuchi, and Animal are working as a triad throughout - nobody can get to Christy. Johnson knows, because he keeps trying.


Bad News dumps Fidel Sierra. Jesse Barr gets tossed by the Christy Menagerie. They turn their unit towards the Blackjacks and Lanza and Mulligan both end up on the floor! Simulatenously, Johnson and Ware have eliminated Bad News!


Is Rocky going to get his hands on Christy?


Fuchi and Animal stand in front of Christy.


Johnson and Ware stare at them.


The crowd is electric.


Johnson and Ware turn their heads to the right … and there’s still-alive Pete Doherty.


Johnson, Ware, and the Duke nod to each other and the fight is on with Christy and his men!


It’s a wild brawl. Doherty fights valiantly but gets tossed by Christy while Fuchi and Animal battle Johnson and Ware. Johnson just seems to be getting stronger! But in his excitement, he knocks Koko out of the ring!! Johnson tries to apologize, but this is a mistake - Fuchi and Animal dump him from behind.


Christy is left in the ring with his two “clients”. With a few snaps of his finger and some chanting, Fuchi and Animal both voluntarily leave the ring.


Paul Christy wins Battle Royal and $10,000




The Tag Team Title Belts are displayed in center ring by BTW Suit Dummy before the bout. Jesse is confident on the mic. This is gonna be a war.


BTW Tag Team Title Tournament Finals

Bob Orton, Jr & Dick Slater (3-0) vs. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (2-0)


And a war it is. Non-stop, punishing action from both teams, despite the big battles they had both been in the night before. We get to see all potential combinations of action during the bout for extended periods. Murdoch and Orton are both busted wide open by the halfway mark


Every dirty trick Adonis and Murdoch try, Orton and Slater have one of their own. The crowd is into Orton and Slater and their no non-sense brawling.


Barr and Beefcake, licking their wounds from the Battle Royal, emerge at ringside.


Murdoch, perturbed, seems to be telling them to stay away, and they do not engage immediately.


The action continues with blood flying and increasing tension. Beefcake looks like he is going to get involved, but Orton clobbers him with a clothesline and then chases Barr away.


In the ring, Slater is struggling, but he gets the tag to Orton when he is done dispensing of Barr and Beefcake, and Orton goes on a tear.


It’s another four way brawl as the match nears a conclusion. Slater ties up Murdoch with a flurry in one corner, while Orton hits a massive superplex on Adonis! A bloody Orton covers Adonis for the 1-2-3 and the titles!


Bob Orton, Jr. & Dick Slater (4-0, BTW Tag Team Champions) d. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (2-1)



Jesse is apoplectic at ringside! He throws down the headset and rushes to talk to Adonis and Murdoch, who are exhausted and battered. When Ventura returns, Layton wonders aloud to Jesse if the condition of his prized tag team is going to impact the strategy for the title match. Ventura brushes him aside, agitated, but confident in the Hammer.


BTW Heavyweight Title Match

Greg Valentine (3-0, Champion) vs. Rick Martel (3-0)


Every bit the classic you’d expect from these two men. Martel seems to be moving well at the outset, but eventually Valentine clips the knee and goes to work. With each passing minute, Martel seems to be getting weaker in the leg.


Martel does fight back though. He bloodies Valentine with an offensive assault, limping all the while. Martel is going to go for the Boston Crab, but he’s having trouble turning Valentine because he can barely put weight on his leg at this point. Valentine uses that to his advantage and escapes, kicking it up another notch (hey, we’re past the 20 minute mark, Greg is just getting going now!) and going after the knee some more. He gets the Figure Four, or tries to as Martel small packages him! A very close two count, but Valentine escapes. He attacks the knee again, and then another Figure Four Attempt - this time there’s nothing Martel can do. After battling to reverse or reach the ropes, he’s forced to tap out before his career is ended by the brutal submission.


Greg Valentine (4-0, BTW Heavyweight Champion) d. Rick Martel (3-1)



Jesse is pleased with the victory, and the Hammer is downright exhausted. Martel is helped to the back by medical officials and Bob Backlund, who gives Valentine a good long stare on his way into and out of the ring.

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Great card!


Each match could go either way and that's what I love about BTW!


Slaughter and Koloff will be a force in that already stacked Tag Team Division.


Does Martel get another shot or is Backlund on the rise.. can't wait to see the plan going forward.

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1/7/1984 Big Time Wrestling


“Free for All” Montage, Lord Layton and Jesse Ventura introduce the card and the crowd.


We open with a recap of the Cobo "1984" show and reviewing the new Top Ten Contenders list:





“Pretty Boy” Doug Somers & “Best in Class” Bobby Bass (2-3) vs. The Oates Brothers (0-0)


Don Carson yaps at ringside while his boys get back on the winning track after a less than successful outing in the tournament. The Oates Bros. stay on the losing side here in their BTW tenure with a clean loss.


Somers & Bass (3-3) d. The Oates (0-1)




Before the next scheduled bout, Chicky Starr and Fidel Sierra arrive on the scene demanding the microphone from Jesse and Layton. Chicky sees that the committee has placed him in a bout with Rick Martel tonight, and Chicky reminds everyone that he challenged Martel way back in November, when he first arrived, and never got his appropriate due.


Yes, he lost his title eliminator bout to Backlund at Cobo last week, and there’s nothing that can be done. But he blames it on Martel ducking him, depriving him of top flight competition to prepare. Lord Layton is especially confused by this spurious reasoning, but Jesse thinks he has a point. The three argue a bit as Rick Martel limps out, knee bandaged but miffed by this insult to his character. He tells Chicky he’ll be ready for tonight and back in contention for a title shot in no time, unlike Starr, who is more like a Falling Star now.



Jesse Barr (2-2) vs. Charlie Cook (1-1)


The Union “Mechanic” gets back on the winning track in his first singles match in a few weeks, disposing of Charlie Cook in a somewhat competitive match.


Jesse Barr (3-2) d. Charlie Cook (1-2)




The Magic Hour with Koko Ware


Paul Christy, along with Animal Steele and Masa Fuchi, welcome us to the Magic Hour. Christy is showing off a new suit he purchased with this $10,000 check from winning the Battle Royal at the Cobo, the type of money you wrinkle neck turkeys will never see and only can only dream about when you’re bolting car doors onto overpriced hunks of junk cars in a dingy Detroit factory. With that out of the way, Christy produces a bird from under his hat, which is apparently his way of welcoming Koko Ware to the show.


While Animal and Fuchi stand silent in the wings of the set, Christy asks Koko some background questions. He wants to know how he met Rocky Johnson, how can he know he is trustworthy? Koko knows Rocky from coming up in this sport, and he’s heard nothing but good things. Christy wants to know why Rocky seemed so selfish and only about himself during their encounter in the Battle Royal - doesn’t Koko see the value in teamwork, as exemplified by Christy’s Menagerie of Menancing Maulers, this group standing in front of him? Doesn’t Koko see how that type of backing and support can help any wrestler - young, old, foreign, native, black, white - in their climb up the ladder?


Koko gets to the point - are you offering me a spot?


Christy laughs and laughs - with him, there are no “offers” - if he wants Koko, he’ll have him, just like he has the Big Ape and Godzilla over there in the corner. It’s not their choice - it’s their destiny, and it just might be Koko’s destiny too.


Koko is a bit confused by this - and he backs off the set and right into Rocky Johnson, who has come out after hearing this and in preparation for his upcoming match.


Rocky wants to know if Koko really believes what he is hearing. Koko says he isn’t sure, but he wasn’t happy after the Cobo show. Rocky has a proposal - don’t listen to this carnival barker Christy. If Koko wants to settle something, man to man, Rocky has no problem with that.


Rocky and Koko have a tentative handshake as the Christy Menagerie looks on - it appears (and is subsequently confirmed) that we have a match between Rocky Johnson and Koko Ware scheduled for next week.


Rocky Johnson (3-2) vs. Buzz Tyler (1-2)


Rocky takes it to Buzz Tyler, beating him around the ring and showing off his charisma in the process. Tyler makes a bit of a comeback but Johnson shrugs it off and gets a clean victory.


Rocky Johnson (4-2) d. Buzz Tyler (1-3)



Jesse says he has a special video message for us.


The tape shows Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch, and a bandaged and bloody Greg Valentine. It’s from Japan, after the big show there on January 4th. Adonis and Murdoch have a message for the so-called champions, Orton and Slater, that they haven’t seen the last of them. They are in-demand the world over and can’t be in Detroit every day, but they’ll be there when they least expect it.


Valentine, beaten but not defeated, holds up his BTW Heavyweight Title, points to the scars he has from the match with Martel and the match in Japan, and says no matter what other piece of tin someone else is carrying around, he’s the champ. He’s the best in the world, he’s the heavyweight to beat, he’s the man in this sport. He’s spilled the blood and left the bruises to prove it, and he’s going to continue to prove it when he returns to Detroit.


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (2-1) vs. Stephen Petitpas & Leo Burke (2-2)


The Andersons and the Canadians have a clean scientific matchup, as the announcers talk about the importance of getting some wins to establish the new tag team rankings.


After some back and forth action, the MWC get the victory, pinning Stephen Petitpas. The teams shake hands after the match.


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (3-1) d. Stephen Petitpas & Leo Burke (2-1)


Bob Backlund stops by the booth to keep watch on his buddy Rick Martel, just in case Fidel wants to get involved, and talk to Jesse about his upcoming title match with Valentine. He’s humble, but he’s had battles with Mr. Valentine before and he’s going to show you don’t a need a team of henchman to be a champion.


Chicky Starr (4-2) vs. Rick Martel (3-1)


Martel is still feeling the effects of his travel schedule and knee ailment here, but puts up a strong contest with Starr. Starr has something to prove and work back up the rankings. There’s no outside interference, but Chicky plays fast and loose with the rules as usual. Martel sinks in a Boston Crab late, but Chicky gets to the ropes. As the two brawl, we have our first time limit draw finish in Big Time Wrestling. Both men look disappointed by this, and we’re off til next week!


Chicky Starr (4-2-1) & Rick Martel (3-2-1) - Time Limit Draw




1/14/1984 Big Time Wrestling


“Free for All” Montage, Lord Layton and Jesse Ventura introduce the card and the crowd.


Ivan Koloff & Sgt. Slaughter (1-0) vs. The Oates Brothers (0-1)


Attttten-hut Comrades! Slaughter and Koloff come out waving each others flags and serious as a heart attack. They dismantle and demolish the Oates, who aren’t having a lot of luck here in Detroit.


Koloff & Slaughter (2-0) d. The Oates (0-2)



Comrade Slaughter and Koloff have some words. This alliance is about international peace and prosperity, under the watch of American Discipline and Russian Teamwork. You Motory City Grease Monkeys don’t know anything about either. You wait for your checks you didn’t earn, making things that people don’t need, while the fat cats sit around and eat sushi. You’re doughy and weak.


Of all people, this brings out Pretty Boy Doug and Best in Class Bass, along with Don Carson! Why, darn gone it, they’re representative of the American Dream, they claim. They’ve worked their way up the ranks, they work hard dammit! And to have you two bozos walking around insulting everyone just ain’t right. And on top of that, you’re both ugly!


This doesn’t go well for them. Slaughter and Koloff seem to contemplate the comments, but viciously assault them at the broadcast area. BTW officials hurry on to the scene as the Sarge and Uncle Ivan gloat over the fallen bodies.


George Steele (4-1) vs. Stephen Petitpas (0-0)


Paul Christy, still waving some of his battle royal money around, accompanies Animal, along with Masa Fuchi. The big Canadian strongman, in a rare singles appearance, seems to have the goods to hang with the Animal, but it doesn’t last. Christy pulls Steele outside for a moment and gives him some sort of peptalk, and suddenly Steele finds another gear and really puts it to Petitpas, getting a victory.


George Steele (5-1) d. Stephen Petitpas (0-1)



Christy stops by the commentary table to let us know that due to this match and his interest in the Koko-Rocky matchup, there will be no Magic Hour this week. He’s also been on the phone with BTW brass- he knows Steele is in line for an eliminator shot.


Layton tells him he is right, Steele is a top contender. And due to the time limit draw last week, Rocky Johnson! is going to face George Steele in a title eliminator matchup, right here on Big Time Wrestling, but only if Rocky can get by Koko Ware tonight and maintain his winning ways. Jesse, for his part, isn’t scared. Greg Valentine can take both men at the same time if he has to. But he does wish Christy luck.


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (3-1) vs. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (2-1)


Hard-hitting, intense action here. Both teams have been informed that the BTW brass will be deciding the tag team contender for the next title shot after this evening of action and want to make an impression.


As the match wears on, Jesse is increasingly frustrated that Adonis & Murdoch aren’t putting away the Andersons. He’s paid good money for this team and feels he might not be getting a return on his investment.


Arn hits a spinebuster on Dick, and gets an upset pinfall!


Jesse isn’t happy. The Andersons seem to be in line for a title shot.


The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (4-1) d. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (2-2)



Rick Martel is out, and he wants another shot at Chicky Starr. He was informed by the brass that his time limit draw with Chicky is the main reason neither is in the title eliminator match next week.


Chicky arrives, and he notes the tables have turned. Where once the great Martel ignored him, now the great Starr can ignore Martel. But he recognizes the need for a win to separate himself, and he agrees they should have a rematch - with no time limits, of course. Lord Layton is sure the BTW office will be able to get something on the books.


Blackjack Mulligan (1-0) vs. Brutus Beefcake (0-0)


Blackjack Mulligan runs over Brutus, and Jesse isn’t having a good night at the table. He sounds a bit disgusted with the Beefcake performance. Layton needles him - he’s only had his stable together a couple months and he’s already looking to make changes? Jesse changes his tune - he just needs to have a team meeting.


Blackjack Mulligan (2-0) d. Brutus Beefcake (0-1)



Greg Valentine has returned! He downplays the losses of the Union tonight, points to Jesse Barr and his victory last week, and his own continued winning streak. Howdy-Doody may have beaten him in the past, but Valentine is a more complete, and more importantly, tougher wrestler now than he has ever been before. Backlund doesn’t stand a chance. Backlund won’t even get by Jesse Barr tonight in his match.


Rocky Johnson (4-2) vs. Koko Ware (0-1)


Rocky is amped for his potential title eliminator match, but he can’t overlook Koko. Koko has a chance to prove he really belongs in the big leagues. It’s a clean match with neither man wanting to insult the other. Christy, Fuchi, and Steele must of course make their presence known.


Christy tries to throw Koko his cane - and Koko catches it! He contemplates it, but before he can make a decision, Rocky goes on the offense and then gets the victory. Koko is upset at first, but seems to come around. Christy berates Koko from the outside as Rocky pats him on the back. Koko doesn’t do anything … but he doesn’t look that happy about what transpired.


Rocky Johnson (5-2) d. Koko Ware (0-2)



Bob Backlund (4-1) vs. Jesse Barr (3-2)


It’s made official that Bob Backlund will be getting the title shot he earned on a Huge Episode of BTW in two weeks- the 1/28 edition of our program will feature the tag team title at stake, the title eliminator match between Steele and Rocky Johnson, and the title match between Valentine and Backlund! What a treat for our viewers! Rick Martel accompanies his friend Backlund, as Greg Valentine is with Jesse Barr.


Bob is better than Barr, but Barr isn’t totally outclassed. He seems to be out to win one for the team here and puts in a gallant effort.


Bob gets the clean victory after an Atomic Drop.


Bob Backlund (5-1) d. Jesse Barr (3-3)



At this point, Chicky Starr and Fidel Sierra ambush Rick Martel at ringside! Backlund is going to help him, but Valenine blasts him with the title belt! It’s chaos! We have gotta go!




1/21/1984 Big Time Wrestling



The Blackjacks (0-1) vs. The Oates Brothers (0-2)


Things are not going well for the Oates Brothers yet in Detroit. The Big Blackjacks are dominant in this match.


The Blackjacks (1-1) d. The Oates Brothers (0-3)




The Blackjacks get some TV time afterwards and while they appreciated Somers & Bass attempting to stand up for America last week, they might not be the best candidates for it. The Blackjacks are big, tough, American butt kicking machines and if Slaughter & Koloff have a problem with how they live, or how anyone lives, maybe they should come by the ranch and talk to them personally.


Leo Burke (1-2) vs. Fidel Sierra (2-1)


Leo Burke gets back in singles action, and he fairs better than his regular partner did last week. Fidel is game, but Burke is one tough SOB and he scores the victory.


Leo Burke (2-2) d. Fidel Sierra (2-2)



Leo wants Sierra and Starr to know that he respects his countryman Rick Martel and he isn’t happy with what happened last week. He’s also not just a tag team wrestler, he’s an accomplished competitor and is looking to make a name in both divisions. Starr is angry and comes out of the back to jaw with Leo - which brings out Martel. Layton cautions against more of the violence that we saw last week. Starr and Martel both seem to grasp it can’t happen like that every week. Martel reminds Starr they both need wins to get in title contention. Starr gets it - he tells Rick that if he stays out of his business, he’ll stay out of Rick’s business, and they can settle their differences at the 1-28 supershow episode if everyone agrees. We seem to have a deal. Leo Burke is a bit put-off by his sudden push to the back of this little episode.


Chicky Starr (4-2-1) vs. Brutus Beefcake (0-1)


Chicky meets another fan “favorite” in the young Beefcake, and Brutus continues to get an education in Big Time Wrestling. Chicky, safe from worrying about revenge from Martel, scores a victory.


Chicky Starr (5-2-1) d. Brutus Beefcake (0-2)



The Magic Hour


Paul Christy doesn’t need a guest to entertain you, but he has one anyone. And it’s Paul Christy!


Christy asks himself about his recent financial windfall. He’s bought some fine clothes, ate some fine meals, and drank some fine drinks. Unfortunately the women here in Detroit aren’t up to those standards, but he’s had some fine women shipped in as well. Paul asks Paul about Rocky Johnson and Koko Ware - specificially, what is Koko’s major malfunction?


Christy doesn’t know, but he suspects that evil Svengali Rocky Johnson has some sort of psychic hold on Koko Ware. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Koko have taken the opportunity presented to him and won the match last week? A moment’s hesistation can cost one a lifetime of opportunities.


Christy reminds Rocky that Masa Fuchi and himself will be there next week in the big eliminator matchup. Can Rocky count on Koko?


Bob Orton, Jr. (0-0) vs. Ole Anderson (0-0)


Lord Layton announces that the Minnesota Wrecking Crew has indeed received the first title shot at Orton and Slater. This is a bit of a preview.


Orton and Anderson work a fine match together. The veteran Anderson eventually gets the duke over the game Orton.


Ole Anderson (1-0) d. Bob Orton, Jr (0-1)



Rocky Johnson (5-2) vs. Killer Karl Krupp (0-1)


Rocky gets warmed up for his match next week by dispatching Krupp with ease.


Rocky Johnson (6-2) d. Killer Karl Krupp (0-2)



Sgt. Slaughter & Ivan Koloff (2-0) vs. Doug Somers & Bobby Bass (3-3)


The surprising Patriots try their best, but they are no match for this devastating new combination. Koloff and Slaughter continue their roll and dominance here as a team with a victory. They call out the Blackjacks after the bout.


Slaughter & Koloff (3-0) d. Somers & Bass (3-4)



Rick Martel (3-1-1) vs. Adrian Adonis (0-0)


Rick doesn’t have to worry about Chicky, and apparently he doesn’t have to worry about the rest of the Union either! Lord Layton questions Jesse about the whereabouts of Dick Murdoch specifically. Jesse shrugs it aside. He’s at a “Training Session”, according to the leader of the group.


Rick and Adrian go back and forth, but Rick comes away with the victory. He’s on a roll heading into the match with Starr. The Union seems to be in a tailspin lately, with losses all over. Can they regroup?


Rick Martel (4-1-1) d. Adrian Adonis (0-1)


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Wow, Adonis and Murdoch having a tough time lately.


Love the records you keep up.


Minnesota Wrecking CREW on a roll.


What's up next for The Hammer?


Love your idea of BTW but this roster is worthy of WWF!


Wish I had 1% of your graphics ability. Keep up the great work.

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