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The Picaso of the Project. Great poster to go along with the top notch talent and writing. Detroit is a serious hot bed right now with some of these top stars from around the country. The records continue to keep me hooked to see if it is going to be 50/50 for some guys or if some of the stars will jump out ahead and have cushion to take a loss here and there.

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Now that is some promo! When people like Rick Martel, Sgt. Slaughter, and Ivan Koloff are the small print in a wrestling ad, you know that is going to be one special night of wrestling.

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BIG TIME! I know your on a little break and no harm there. Nothing wrong with taking a small break to recharge the batteries due to life's circumstances... could be worked into the overall story of your promotion with Detroit running on its own. Looking forward to the comeback... even though you were never really gone.

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  • LIVE on Channel 7 and Tape-Delay in Other Markets -

  • Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum -


Lord Layton and Jesse Ventura welcome us to the matches, and we’ve got a full card, so let’s get running!


Rocky Johnson (6-2) vs. George Steele (5-1)


Rocky is fired up to get another shot at Animal Steele, one of the great rivalries that has developed here in Detroit. Paul Christy, somehow still with some of that 10,000 left from New Years Eve, is flashing money at ringside.


The winner of this match is going to face the Heavyweight Champion soon, and both men are firing on all cylinders. Johnson overcomes the interference attempt of Christy, ducking a cane shot, and he covers Steele for the victory! Johnson is elated about his upcoming title shot, but something tells us that the battle between him and Paul Christy is probably not over.


Rocky Johnson (7-2) d. George Steele (5-2)


Bob Backlund Interview


Bob Backlund is ready for his title match tonight - he’s not going to be able to accompany Rick Martel in his match against Chicky Starr because of his focus on Greg Valentine, but he wishes his friend luck.


Sgt. Slaughter & Ivan Koloff (3-0) vs. The Blackjacks (1-1)


The Sarge and The Comrade infuriate the crowd with their antics, and then the Blackjacks come stomping down the aisle with their own American flags.


A good ol-fashioned brawl here, with Mulligan tossing Sarge around for some big bumps occasionally. The Blackjacks fight valiantly for America, but they just can’t overcome the power of Soviet-American cooperation, and Sarge and Ivan continue their winning ways.


Sgt. Slaughter & Ivan Koloff (4-0) d. The Blackjacks (1-2)


Greg Valentine Interview


The Champ is ready. He’s turned back every single challenge in BTW so far, and he has no plans to lose to this Howdy Doody nerd, not here, not tonight.


Leo Burke (2-2) vs. Charlie Cook (1-2)


The Canadian bruiser continues his singles run with a win over a game Charlie Cook. A clean, well-fought match that leaves no doubt, however, that Burke is the superior competitor.


Leo Burke (3-2) d. Charlie Cook (1-3)


Bad News Allen Japan Interview


A video from Bad News Allen in Japan plays - he's kicking butt and he's going to be back soon to kick more butt here, you beer bellied share croppers.


Chicky Starr (5-2-1) vs. Rick Martel (4-1-1) - No Time Limit


The grudge match of the evening, a rematch of their time limit draw on television recently. While not officially a title contender bout, this will certainly have a big impact on the next rankings from the office.


Martel and Starr battle back and forth, and it looks like we might have had another time limit draw if there were a limit for this bout. Martel is still limping a bit from his run-ins with the Union over the past couple months, and he’s contending with Fidel Sierra at ringside AND an absent Bob Backlund. Leo Burke, who had expressed support for Rick on television, has also left Martel to fend for himself here.


Martel looks to have the win, but Sierra pulls the official out of the ring. This draws a DQ, and Martel is happy for the win but he’s not quite finished! He goes after Sierra, and whips him into the guardrail. Starr jumps down and goes after Martel, but Martel unloads on him! Wait a minute, who’s this? It’s a big man, alright! And he’s going after Martel! He drops Martel on the concrete! And helps up Chicky Starr! Hercules Ayala has come to Detroit!


Rick Martel (5-1-1) d. Chicky Starr (5-3-1)


Bob Orton, Jr & Dick Slater (4-0) vs. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (4-1)


A clubbering blubbering affair between these roughnecks. The match is relatively clean with only the occasional lapse into uncontrolled mayhem. The MWC certainly proves they belong at the top of the tag team conversation with several near victories, but in the end, Orton and Slater get a big title defense and a hard-fought victory. The teams shake hands after the bout.


Bob Orton, Jr & Dick Slater (5-0) d. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (4-2)


Greg Valentine (4-0) vs. Bob Backlund (5-1)


Jesse Barr and Brutus Beefcake accompany Valentine to the ring - noticeable by their absence, Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis. Ventura is silent about them on commentary.


Backlund comes out, and he’s accompanied by his friend Martel, who is still smarting from the attack by Hercules Ayala, Chicky Starr, and Fidel Sierra after their earlier match.


Backlund and Valentine have great chemistry and tonight is no exception. They work a slightly faster paced version of their WWF bouts and Backlund seems to be on the verge of winning the Big Time Heavyweight title. Brutus and Barr try to get involved. Martel pulls them out of the ring, but now Martel is on the apron?! He waffles Bob Backlund with a steel chair?!? What the hell is this? Jesse Ventura cackles maniacally at commentary as a groggy Valentine scores the victory over a comatose Backlund, and Rick Martel limps down the aisle to the back with a look of consternation.

Greg Valetine (5-0) d. Bob Backlund (5-2)

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Wow, you really matched up your top stars here.


Johnson 6-2 vs Steele (5-1)

Starr 5-2-1 vs Martel 4-1-1

Orton/Slater 4-0 vs The Minn. Wrecking Crew (4-1)

Valentine 4-0 vs Backlund 5-1


This type of card would keep the audience coming back week after week. Great job and it was on live on TV. This is so rare that your fans must be so excited.


Looking forward to the next show!

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