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The return of BIG TIME WRESTLING to the Motor City

Catch it live in the arena on Thursday nights - or from the comfort of your own home on Saturdays (check local listings for availability)

Featuring the roughiest, rowdiest, toughest competitors in professional wrestling

Promotion Information


HQ: Detroit, MI









Big Time Wrestling - Taped on Thursday, Airs Saturday (shows posted on Saturday)


House Show Schedule

No Regularly Scheduled Shows





The no scheduled house show aspect may change at some point, but running so many shows and starting from scratch on everything seems like a poor idea both in-game and for my sanity. I'm taping on Thursday nights. The show will be posted on Saturday. So, this week's debut show will be posted 10/29. There will be larger shows about every 4-6 weeks at the Cobo and other places, which I'll be looking to bring in other acts for as well.





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Very interested to see what you do and what kind of shake ups happen with the former Toronto/IWF roster. Always good to have new writers come in.

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Big Time Wrestling 10/29


(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, and other former WWF/IWF stars in action)


Show opens on Bill Bonds at a studio desk


“Detroit is no stranger to hard times. You know that, and I know that. But the Motor City - the Arsenal of Democracy - doesn’t stay down on the mat. We’ve all heard the challenges facing professional wrestling in this area over the years. Tonight, in association with the Detroit Athletic Club, we’re proud to move on from that era. This is the return of Big Time Wrestling. It’s the return of hard hitting, fast paced, championship action - right here in Detroit - and just like Detroit, pro wrestling in the Great Lakes is going to bounce back with a vengeance. Each and every week, we’re going to bring you the best matches possible from the world of professional wrestling. You’ll see the biggest stars and the biggest matches, right here on the Big Time Wrestling program. Tonight, we will kick off a tournament for the Big Time Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. You’ll see veteran Tony Garea and his new protege Angelo Mosca, Jr. in tag team action. The Valiant Brothers will take on two young Canadian stars, Ben Bassarab and Stephen Pettipas. Dick Murdoch will be in action, and as mentioned, two matches from the heavyweight championship tournament - Pedro Morales versus Leo Burke and a true main event anywhere in the world, Greg Valentine versus Bob Backlund. Let’s go to Lord Athol Laython in the arena …”


Lord Layton welcomes us to the arena (Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum) for this episode of Big Time Wrestling. We waste little time heading to the ring for the first match


Tony Garea/Angelo Mosca, Jr vs. Killer Karl Krupp/Gary Royal


These two teams show their inexperience together in a topsy turvy first few minutes, but Garea’s experience wins out as he takes control before ending the fast-paced opening contest at 4:30 with a pinfall on Krupp.


Garea/Mosca, Jr (1-0) d. Killer Karl Krupp/Gary Royal (0-1) at 4:30


Bill Bonds is back to run down the BTW Heavyweight Title Tournament




Bonds turns to Rick Martel - he knows fans in the area have seen him competing for titles and likely wonder where he is. He explains Martel’s injury situation, combined with prior obligations, have forced the BTW leaders to exclude him from the tournament due to the timing.


Stephen Petitpas/Ben Bassarab vs. The Valiant Brothers (with Don Carson)


Don Carson parades out with his new acquisition, the Valiant Brothers. Another fast paced tag team contest, with the Canadians putting up a valiant (ha!) effort against the veterans, but falling short. Bassarab gets tripped by Carson, resulting in a pinfall victory for the Valiants at 8:16


The Valiant Brothers (1-0) d. Petitpas/Bassarab (0-1) at 8:16


The Magic Hour with Paul Christy


Paul Christy introduces himself as the Magic Man, the host of the Magic Hour. He attempts to pull flowers from his sleeves but instead produces a spray of loose change. He angrily transitions into his first guest - Jesse Ventura. Ventura tells us that that loser Tunney and that even bigger loser McMahon have failed to produce the payroll, the venues, and the matches that top-flight competitors in wrestling want, and that’s why they’ve failed. He compares them to the Big 3 and their inability to thrive in this environment. Since the management can’t make things happen, Jesse is going to make things happen himself, for the workers. He brings out the first two members of the International Alliance of Wrestlers - Greg Valentine and Dick Murdoch. Greg’s going to run through the heavyweight title tournament, and Murdoch is going to have his back.


Dick Murdoch vs The Don of Downriver, the Baron of Birmingham, Pete Doherty


Murdoch murders (possibly literally) Doherty. He scores the pin at 2:40 and then brutalizes him some more before Jesse Ventura calls off the attack.


Dick Murdoch (1-0) d. Pete Doherty (0-1) at 2:40


We see a short video package highlight both Pedro Morales and Leo Burke


Pedro Morales vs Leo Burke


In a clean scientific match, Burke and Morales put it all on the line for a chance to move to the second round. Burke has a bit more in the tank though, and scores the victory at 15:36. They shake hands after the match, but Morales looks more than a bit disappointed…


Leo Burke (1-0) d. Pedro Morales (0-1) at 15:36


We see another short video package introducing Greg Valentine and Bob Backlund


As Backlund makes his way to the ring, he offers some condolences to Morales, who accepts and continues dejectedly to the locker room


Greg Valentine vs Bob Backlund


Murdoch and Ventura are at ringside for the bout, but surprisingly play little role in the affair. This is a hard-hitting bout that sees many near-falls. In fact, Valentine even gets going a bit before the 15 minute mark. It’s tough, it’s intense, and Valentine scores a clean victory at 19:20 of the contest to move on to the next round.


Greg Valentine (1-0) d. Bob Backlund (0-1) at 19:20


We close with the announcement that the tournament will continue with the other first round matches next week, and implore you all to come back for Big Time Wrestling.


Author Notes:


I hope to start doing longer match descriptions but my main concern right now is staying on-track timewise. Also, some of these dudes I have no idea how to write bouts for - I’m talking especially Bassarab, Pettipas, Burke, Chicky Starr and a few others. If you have any suggested match watching for anyone on my roster feel free to PM. Anyways, I hope to flesh these out a bit more over the weeks as I start getting rough drafts for the next few weeks written that I can then go back and add to as the air-date gets closer. Thanks for the patience!!


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I like the lay out here. I really like the graphic for the tournament and I have my pick to win it all so we'll see how it plays out. Definitely a different style from others, especially with the records, so that will be fun to keep any eye on over the course of your tenure. Good stuff man.

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If you aren't sure on how to write a match for somebody either keep it the way you did or youtube it enough to figure out what they can do and how you want to package it. Good first effort though, the tournament is a nice way to restart the promotion and give new direction.

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Enjoyed reading it. Love the graphics! That is one tough tournament to see Backlund and Morales loose in the first round. Enjoyed seeing you post records. That is something that is different and tries to legitamize the sport.

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On the records, that's something I tossed in to make me work a bit harder creatively. Kayfabe wise, I won't bury anyone else's talent in that department unless it's part of the instructions when they get sent over, if anyone was concerned

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Big Time Wrestling 11/3


(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, and other former WWF/IWF stars in action)


Show opens with a quick video recap of the two tournament bouts last week and hype for Rocky Johnson-Chicky Starr and Ivan Koloff-George Steele first round bouts this week

Lord Layton welcomes us to the arena (Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum) for this episode of Big Time Wrestling.


Doug Somers/Bobby Bass vs. The Kays

The exceptionally attractive team of Somers and Bass dominate the Kays in a squash to get the show started, and there’s plenty of preening for the audience to enjoy.

Doug Somers/Bobby Bass (1-0) d. The Kay Brothers (0-1) at 4:45


We’ve got a special video look at the soon-to-be returning Rick Martel, set to “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads.


Tiger Conway, Jr. vs Pete Doherty

Conway makes his Detroit debut by making quick work of the Don of Downriver

Tiger Conway, Jr (1-0) d. Pete Doherty (0-2) at 4:32


The Magic Hour with Paul Christy

It’s time for the Magic Hour! Paul Christy brings out his guest this week - Bob Backlund. But first, he wants him to know he’s got a magical surprise! It’s Pedro Morales!


Christy is stirring the pot - he shows the footage of Backlund and Morales in the aisleway from last week, and he wants to know if they have ever really settled the simmering rivalry they’ve had in the past. It seems like Bob might have been poking some fun at Pedro for getting knocked out in the first round.


Bob isn’t biting. He didn’t mean to make Pedro feel bad, and he’s sorry if he was offended by anything that happened last week. He felt bad fo-


Pedro interrupts him, wanting to know why he “feels bad” for him. After all, didn’t Bob lose last week too?


Christy is enjoying the back and forth but wants to know if they have considered settling this Big Time debate in a Big Time ring, perhaps on Big Time Wrestling?


Neither man wants to throw down the gauntlet. They warily shake hands to settle the matter, and Christy says that is fine - he has a special announcement from the BTW offices for just this situation. Next week, it’s The Valiants versus Backlund and Morales right here on BTW.



Dick Murdoch vs Nick DeCarlo

Valentine and Ventura accompany Dick Murdoch to the ring, and he slaughters DeCarlo.

Dick Murdoch (2-0) d. Nick DeCarlo (0-1) at 1:37


Lord Layton tells us that Jesse has some time scheduled, and hits the ring with the microphone.


Jesse gloats about Greg getting the win last week and takes a shot at Backlund and Morales, throwing his support behind the Valiants for the match next week. He then moves on to Dick Murdoch. He’s beaten two men in less than five minutes here in BTW, and he’s baffled why Dick wasn’t included in the tournament. He tells us that the “management upstairs” kept Dick out because of his upcoming Japan trip - but if this is truly the Big Time, why wouldn’t they accommodate his schedule? It’s fine though, everything is going to work out for the International Association of Wrestlers in the long-run.


Speaking of the IAW, Jesse has a message for Rocky Johnson. Jesse knows Chicky Starr and he knows he won’t be alone tonight, or ever. He knows that Rocky is gonna need all the help that he can get and Jesse wants to offer his services. He tells Rocky that he knows where to find him, and if he’s looking representation, the offer is open.


Ivan Koloff (w/ Alexis Smirnoff) vs George “The Animal” Steele

It’s hard hitting action at the fairgrounds and the crowd is a bit confused by the dynamic here. During the match, we get an inset promo from Leo Burke hyping the second round bout with Greg Valentine and promising to secure an honest, hard-working victory.

Steele, being American and with some knowing a bit of his background, gets most of the cheers against the big Russian. It’s not enough though - Ivan scores a clean victory and summons Layton into the ring for his victory interview.

Ivan Koloff (1-0) d. George “The Animal” Steele (0-1) at 12:22


Koloff wants the world to know that and he Smirnoff aren’t going to be intimidated by anyone - not Starr, not Johnson, not that absentee prima-donna Martel, and not Jesse Ventura’s band of wannabe socialists. They are the most powerful force in wrestling and they’ll prove it everywhere they go, even if they have to start here in this capitalist hellscape called the Motor City.


Chicky Starr (w/ Fidel Sierra) vs Rocky Johnson

Jesse was right - Starr enters first, with Fidel Sierra at his side, looking especially menacing. After Rocky enters, Jesse (with Greg and Murdoch) follow. Has Rocky accepted his offer? Apparently not, as Rocky forcefully orders them out. Murdoch and Valentine look ready to strike but Jesse seems to calm them down and they head to the back.

Rocky tries to use his power and athleticism to down Starr. Starr stays crafty though and Johnson can’t quite put him away. Fidel plays little role until the end, as he begins interjecting himself some more. Now the IAW is back out, and they seem to be stopping Sierra from interfering. Things are breaking down in the Motor City and Johnson seems more confused than anyone - Starr rolls him up from behind and he’s going to the second round!

Chicky Starr (1-0) d. Rocky Johnson (0-1) at 13:51


Johnson is irate at everyone - Starr/Sierra, the official, the IAW. The skeleton security team employed by BTW is out to somewhat calm the situation as we’ve got a three way shoving and yelling match in the ring. Starr and Sierra leave the area as Johnson and Ventura argue in center ring, and we’ll see you next week!


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Very nice card. This is twice I have been really surprised after reading Big Time Wrestling. I was shocked when Backlund and Morales lost in the first round and now I was surprised when Rocky Johnson lost. In wrestling it is a great thing to be surprised at what you see and read. Keep it up! Very Well done.

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Big time cards. My pick of Koloff is still holding strong. He has got as good of a chance as any... but I think I may be in the minority with Valentine being the strongest contender on the opposite side. A great start for a new promotion, keep being consistent and I think things are going to work out quite well for you in Detroit.

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Great stuff. With the win-loss records, you are the EVOLVE of 1983 promotions. You obviously have a plan and I'm looking forward to seeing who ends up with the title and what their first program is.

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Suuure ... I've got a plan ... or something.


Due to some unscheduled late working hours the past two days, the show is slightly delayed this week, which I'm sure you're all very disappointed about - this week's episode will be up tomorrow during the day.

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(“Free for All” by Ted Nugent plays as shots of Detroit are mixed with shots of Greg Valentine, Rick Martel, Dick Murdoch, Jesse Ventura, and other former WWF/IWF stars in action)


Bill Bonds at the Studio Desk:


It’s Big Time Wrestling! This week, we’ve got the first semi-final match in the BTW Heavyweight Title Tournament, as the rugged Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, accompanied by his representative Jesse Ventura, will do battle with the tough-as-nails Canadian Leo Burke in what is sure to be a physical affair.


Last week we saw some tension between two legends in this sport, as Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales had a verbal confrontation during “The Magic Hour”. Can they put aside differences this week in a titanic tag team tussle with The Valiant Brothers?


We’re going to catch up with Rocky Johnson, who is still fuming from the shenanigans that took place during his first round title tournament match with Chicky Starr.


You’ll see the debut of another tag team here in Big Time Wrestling, as Masa Fuchi and Killer Khan have arrived in Detroit for a stop before heading back on their international travels - can they handle The Big Time?


All this and much more, let’s head to Lord Layton in the Fairgrounds.


Layton welcomes us to the Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum and this week’s episode of Big Time Wrestling. There isn’t much time to waste this week, and we head to the ring for our first bout - the debut of Masa Fuchi and Killer Khan!


Masa Fuchi/Killer Khan vs. The Kay Brothers


Total massacre, as Fuchi and Khan show off their sadistic sides with an unnecessarily extended squash of the Kays.


Fuchi & Khan (1-0) d. The Kays (0-2) at 5:30


Layton attempts to get a word with the team of Fuchi and Khan after the bout, but he is menacingly shoved aside. Fuchi and Khan spit at the camera on their way out, and Layton speculates about what they’ll have in store for BTW when they return from their travels full time.


The Magic Hour w/ Paul Christy


Paul Christy regales us with some cheap parlor tricks as we’re welcomed to another edition of The Magic Hour. Christy promises us a real wild guest this week, and out comes George “The Animal” Steele, still smarting from his loss in the title tournament last week.


Christy attempts to ask the Animal about the match with Koloff, but he doesn’t get much of a response. Animal starts to get a little physical, but Christy backs off and says that he has an idea.


Out comes a pocket watch, and Christy is going to hypnotize the Animal. He tells us that he believes the dominating, unstoppable creature inside is still there, and that with his hypnotism, the Animal can return to his once great heights.


The session starts a bit rocky, but Steele starts to get woozy - finally, he sits down in the chair on set and Christy appears very pleased with himself. He signs off with a promise of more to come next week.


Fidel Sierra (w/ Chicky Starr) vs. Pete Doherty


The Squire of Sterling Heights is no match for Fidel Sierra. Sierra puts the boots to Doherty hard as Starr antagonizes the fans at ringside. Layton openly speculates on how long Doherty will remain in “The Big Time” if he can’t put something in the win column.


Fidel Sierra (1-0) d. Pete Doherty (0-3) at 4:44


Layton wants a quick word with Sierra and Starr, who are more than happy to oblige.


Starr explains that in a place like Big Time, you need to have amigos. Sierra is here to watch his back, since no one else is going to do it. Rocky Johnson was just an obstacle on the road to greatness, it’s nothing personal. But as for Jesse and his Union, that’s different- they stuck their noses where they probably shouldn’t have and they’ll be on notice.


Rocky Johnson joins Lord Layton at ringside for an interview. He’s mad as hell about what happened last week. It’s ridiculous that in a tournament for the title you’ve got people at ringside running around and causing a commotion like what happened in his match. This brings out Jesse Ventura - he reminds Rocky that he offered his assistance, that he offered him protection, that he offered to help make all that trouble irrelevant, and Johnson wasn’t interested. It’s his own fault for not thinking of his best interests and he needs to accept the nature of the beast.


Rocky isn’t buying it. He’s his own man, not Jesse’s, and he’s not going to lower himself to working with a guy like Ventura and his reputation. He’ll win his way. Jesse reminds him that he didn’t win, but to each their own, and we’ll see what happens with his method.


In a shocking turn of events, Jesse Barr arrives in Detroit by waffling Johnson from behind with a steel chair. Ventura gets a couple kicks in on Johnson while he is down and Barr taunts the fans. What’s the meaning of this? Jesse (Ventura) introduces Jesse (Barr) as his Mechanic, a guy to solve problems, and the International Association of Wrestlers, Detroit Branch, has grown by one member this week. He’s paid his dues, and BTW better be on notice.


Before the feature bouts, Bill Bonds is back in the studio to announce that BTW will be at The Cobo Hall on November 26th for a HUGE SHOW, featuring the finals of the BTW Heavyweight Title Tournament, as well as the first Detroit appearance of Rick Martel.


Bob Backlund/Pedro Morales vs. The Valiant Brothers


Backlund and Morales put aside whatever alleged differences they have and battle the Valiants hard. It’s obvious the two superstars have a bit of an advantage over the Valiants, talent-wise. They just can’t quite seem to put the Valiants away though.


Paul Christy emerges from the entrance, and he has George Steele in tow - and the Animal looks a bit catatonic. Christy and Carson conference on the outside as the Valiants narrowly escape defeat - suddenly, Christy “flips the switch” and Steele is in the ring, mauling Morales. Backlund charges in and tries to help, but Steele and the Valiants toss him off. Morales looks hurt, and it appears we have our first disqualification in BTW.


Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales (1-0) d. The Valiants (1-1) via DQ at 14:23


Backlund tends to Morales in the ring, as the four villians leave to a chorus of boo’s. Lord Layton wonders what kind of hold Christy has put on the Animal - hypnotism seems like bunk. He thinks money might be the real factor. Are Christy and Carson in cahoots or was this simply an opportunity to strike?


It’s time for the main event - we get quick 30 second promos from both Greg Valentine and Leo Burke beforehand.


Greg Valentine (w/ Jesse Ventura and Jesse Barr) vs Leo Burke


Rough, tumble, and rough, and rough. Burke and Valentine have a clean, hard-hitting bout. Conspicous by his absence from ringside is the violent Dick Murdoch. Ventura and Barr refrain from intereference but spend plenty of time jaw-jacking with the fans at ringside.


Burke comes tantalizingly close to finishing off Valentine - but he tweaks a knee. Valentine pounces on the opportunity and attacks viciously. He locks in the figure four, and this hard fought contest comes to a close with Greg Valentine advancing in the tournament.

Greg Valentine (2-0) d. Leo Burke (1-1) a 15:21




Little behind on graphics work. And you better believe I'm running a hypnosis angle

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I try to be unpredictable with my stuff but I think you've definitely got me beat there. Really tough to predict who is going to win a match in this territory. Like the graphics for the tournament, that's a little too high tech for Joe Blanchard's capabilities.


I really dug that first Magic Hour with Paul Christy and Venture essentially making his stable a wrestler's union.

Bobby Bass & Doug Somers is an awesome pairing, really like that idea. Christy stirring the pot between Backlund and Morales was good stuff, I think the Magic Hour is going to be my favorite segment each week.

Ivan Koloff calling Jesse's guys socialist is pretty rich coming from a guy who made his living off being a fake Russian commie :)

Layton isn't too bright trying to interview Fuchi and Khan, not sure who he expected to do the talking there.

You're 3 for 3 on the Magic Hours and if no one else is, at least I'M interested to see how the hypnosis thing plays out. Steele showing up and being turned into a monster by Christry is almost a proto-Festus thing which to me is great because I fucking loved Festus.

Finally a "favorite" won a tournament match with Valentine beating Burke. I think a 15 minute match on tape between those two would get a lot of love on this board if one were to exist.

Really enjoyed your first 3 shows so far, looking foward to seeing where things go for Big Time Wrestling.

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Wanted to pop in and just let ya'll know I am going to be caught up in the next couple days. Got behind on writing but sat down this weekend and put a better plan in place for the next month and will be rolling again on time shortly.

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BIG TIME WRESTLING - NOVEMBER 19 (taped November 17th)


Petitpas/Bassarab vs Doug Somers/Bobby Bass


The strapping Canadian lads take on No Class Bass and Somers in an opening tag team sprint. Somers and Bass hold their own, but the Canadian team scores the win on a roll-up when Doug Somers is distracted by an attractive ringside fan. During this match, Lord Layton lets us all know that after the conclusion of the Heavyweight Title tournament, Big Time Wrestling will be holding a tag team championship tournament, making these match-ups all the more important as teams try to make sure they are included. Somers and Bass are upset at their lack of concentration and throw a minor tantrum directed at the pretty lady before huffing their way to the back.


Petitpas/Bassard (1-1) d. Somers/Bass (1-1) 4:50


Jesse Barr vs. Pete Doherty


Jesse’s mechanic makes his debut by joining the ranks of people who have beaten Pete Doherty viciously. Doherty is hapless once again, there’s speculation he’ll be sent packing, and Barr looks like a force as he ends it decisively.


Jesse Barr (1-0) d. Pete Doherty (0-4) in 2:30


Jesse Ventura and Jesse Barr get some post-match microphone time - they are joined by Greg Valentine and a popsicle stick with a picture of Dick Murdoch’s face attached to it. Jesse praises Barr for his efficient “fixing” of Doherty, and Johnson last week. Valentine says that with the Mechanic and the Mastermind behind him, there’s no way he won’t finish the job at Cobo. Jesse puts the Murdoch face in front of his own to deliver a drawl-infused diatribe about how much damage Murdoch is wrecking in Japan, showing the dominance of the International Alliance of Wrestlers Detroit Local 453 and promises Murdoch is coming back with a big surprise for everyone. Jesse wants us to take notice - the Union is keeping the new BTW title in America, they are taking out the Japanese, and whether it’s the Cubans or the Russians at Cobo, they are going down.


George Steele vs Ted Allen


Paul Christy leads the Animal out, and Ted Allen doesn’t stand a chance once Christy snaps his fingers. Steele is on a non-stop offensive and Allen has no counter. Flying Hammerlock and it’s mercifully over.


George Steele (1-1) d. Ted Allen (0-1) in 2:15


Interview w/ Russians

Alexis Smirnoff will be in Ivan’s corner to watch the traitorous Cubans. The title is going to go to the one man who is strong enough to be called a champion, Ivan Koloff.


Rocky Johnson vs. Nick DeCarlo


We’re zooming through matchups this week, Layton notes. DeCarlo can’t buck the trend, as a fired up Rocky Johnson steamrolls him to the delight of the crowd. Johnson makes sure everyone knows he wants the union boys, the Cubans, the Russians, whoever is out there.


Rocky Johnson (1-1) d. Nick Decarlo (0-2) in 3:04


Rocky has some quick words on his exit - it’s definitely not over with him and the IAW, and he’s going to work his way back into contention for that BTW title. In fact, he’s been informed that he’ll be facing the Animal at Cobo, in a first round tournament rematch.


Interview w/ Cubans

They are both going to win on this beautiful night, viva!


Fidel Sierra vs Tiger Conway


Both men at 1-0 and looking to position themselves in the title race post-tournament. Sierra looks impressive here, controlling most of the match. Conway makes a late flurry but it isn’t enough.


Fidel Sierra (2-0) d. Tiger Conway (1-1) in 5:04.


The Magic Hour w/ Paul Christy


Paul Christy reveals his guest this week - Mr. Leonardo Burke!


Leo corrects him, and also makes note of the Animal standing comatose in the corner. Burke wants assurances that he isn’t walking into something stupid. Christy reminds Leo that the Animal is under his control at all times and he has nothing to fear, unless he gives Christy a reason.


Burke is all about business. No time for funny stuff. He wants Rocky Johnson to know that he feels his pain when it comes to the misdeeds of various groups here in Big Time Wrestling, and that if he ever needs someone to watch his back, he knows where to find him. He stares down the Animal one last time as Christy seemingly contemplates unleashing the beast.


Ivan Koloff vs Chicky Starr


The atmosphere is tense. Smirnoff and Sierra are at ringside, and Jesse Ventura stops at the table to be a special guest commentator. He’s got Jesse Barr and Greg Valentine standing behind him. Layton attempts to ask Valentine about who he’d rather face in the finals but Jesse repeatedly cuts him off.


In the ring, Koloff controls Starr through most of the early going with a powerful offensive. Sierra and Smirnoff both make moves to interfere but don’t. Starr turns the corner on Koloff and scores a near fall. Smirnoff and Sierra have a staredown on the outside that turns into a brawl. Koloff and Starr don’t notice and continue going back and forth, finally Koloff hits the sickle for the clean win - and at the same time, the Smirnoff/Sierra brawl spills into the announce area. That brings in Valentine and Barr. Valentine goes after Smirnoff and Barr goes after Sierra. Koloff stands tall in the ring as we head off the air by showing the card for Cobo on November 26th, and reminding viewers that the Saturday night showing of BTW will not take place that day - but some local stations will be carrying the Cobo Arena show live. There will also be a special studio show on Thanksgiving to get you ready for Cobo - check local listings!


Ivan Koloff (2-0) d. Chicky Starr (1-1) in 16:30



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Pretty good stuff moving forward here with Big Time. I like the methodical pace you have with your shows which sets them up for an easy read and follow. I am interested to see some of these records come together with some more matches under people's belts. Keep doing work man.

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