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Tony Anthony vs King Cobra


These two were tag team partners up until about a week ago when they had a falling out. King Cobra has since turned his back on both Anthony and the fans and has joined the hated Ladd’s Army. The match is not for the fan of the technical wrestling match. It is punch after punch and kick after kick. After gaining control by hitting Cobra with a flying elbow, Anthony goes for a Bucksnort Slam (a choke slam) but King Cobra blocks it and whips Anthony of the ropes. King Cobra catches him with a Flying Dropkick. He picks up Anthony again and repeats the previous move. Anthony is in trouble. From behind, King Cobra sneaks up and puts the Cobra Clutch on Tony Anthony. He struggles to free himself but is right in the center of the ring. Slowey, Anthony falls to the canvass as Referee Paul Morton lifts his arm and watches it fall limply to his side. Morton repeats this move two more times and that is it. Your winner by submission at 7:11, King Cobra

King Cobra refuses to let go off the Cobra Clutch as Morton starts calling over and over for the bell.

Tony Anthony is in trouble when from out of nowhere comes Len Denton. Denton goes after King Cobra but Cobra slips out the other side of the ring. With his hand raised in a symbol of Black Power, Cobra walks back to the dressing room to a chorus of boos.






This is the fans first look at JR Foley and The Commonwealth. TNT is already in the ring and also wondering who the Commonwealth is. JR Foley comes out by himself wearing brown Army Fatigues and carrying the flag of The British Commonwealth, which nobody in the audience recognizes. He is waving the flag and yelling at the fans all at the same time. He grabs the in-house mic and starts screaming that the low class Memphis fans better stand up and show some respect for his team. He introduces the Commonwealth as 255 pound, Lumberjack Pierre (actually Igor Volkoff) from the Yukon Territory and 250 pound Butch Miller from Auckland, New Zealand.

As the match begins, the ref has his hands full. The Commonwealth just beats on TNT. The closest thing that Butch Miller did to a wrestling move was a running clothesline. The only problem was this happened after he grabbed Tommy Gilbert by the ears and threw him through the middle rope out onto the floor. He was so unorthodoxed in his movements that Gilbert and Adias did not know what direction the attack was coming from. When Lumberjack Pierre was in, it was much of the same except he liked showing off his power. He nailed Adias with a bodyslam and followed it up with a huge leg drop. The end came when Pierre grabbed Miller’s head and rammed it into the gut of Gilbert. Gilbert had the air knocked out of him and it was an easy pin for Pierre.


Winners by pin at 5:11, The Commonwealth.







Sir Oliver Humperdink leads his man to the ring to a chorus of boos waving his walking stick and verbally assaulting each spectator on his way to the ring. The crowd is fully behind Idol but The Universal Heartthrob has his hands full with the 6’10, 475 pound giant. Frazier is able to control the tempo in the beginning by using his size and pushing Idol into the corners. At one point, Frazier refuses to break cleanly and rams Idol with a knee to the gut. From here it is forearm after forearm. Idol tries to take a break on the ring floor, but as Frazier distracts ref Jerry Calhoun, Humperdink hits Idol across the back with the night stick. Idol barely makes it in before the 10 count but he is in trouble. Once again the two men are in the corner as Frazier has Idol trapped. He goes for an overhand smash but Idol blocks it. Frazier for another overhand smash but again, Idol blocks it. Idol slips behind Frazier and start with a series of right hands. Frazier eventually hits the canvas. Humperdink is beside himself. He is up on the apron but is being admonished by the ref. Idol grabs Frazier by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Frazier ducks a right hand and whips Idol right into the ref who hits the canvass. Idol is now grabbed from behind by Frazier as Humperdink enters the ring. Humperdink winds up with a full swing with the walking stick aimed at Idol’s head. At the last second, Idol breaks free and Humperdink nails his own man. Idol grabs Humperdink and throws him over the top rope and to the floor. Idol now rolls onto Frazier just as Jerry Calhoun is coming to. Calhoun’s count is a little slow because he is still weary but Idol is able to hold Frazier down for the count of 3. Humperdink rushes back into the ring to try and make amends with Frazier.


Austin Idol defeats Plowboy Frazier by pin at 13:21. Idol will now be in the finals for the Mid-American Title.




This is another match up of big men with big guns! Graham actually has a 15 pound weight advantage but Reed is obviously thicker. The match is full of momentum changes as neither man backs down. At one point Graham gained control by ramming Reed’s head into the turnbuckle numerous times. From there he kept Reed trapped in the corner with shoulder block after shoulder block. After two knife-hand chops to Reed’s throat, Graham thought he was on his way to victory. After an Irish Whip he catches Reed in his signature Bearhug but Reed simply overpowered Graham and broke free. The ease at which he did this shocked Graham. Reed seized momentum with a huge right hand followed by an Irish Whip into the corner. Reed charged right behind Graham and caught him with a football tackle to the gut. Reed scoops Graham up and hits a huge short-armed clothesline. Again, Reed picks up Graham by the head and follows up with a double underhook suplex. From here it was a Gorilla Slam and a cover. Ref Paul Morton makes the three count.

Hacksaw Reed wins by pinfall in a rather easy win at 17:42. Reed will face Idol later for the Mid-American Title.




THE GOLDEN GRAHAMS (Mike Graham and Luke Graham)



This is the first time CWA fans are seeing these wrestlers as they have been wrestling in Mississippi Valley Wrestling which was recently acquired by CWA. Moretti, a 315 pound monster and Higgans, a 275 barrel chested strongman are the champions.

“Crazy” Luke Graham hits the ring and faces off with Moondog Moretti. The match is full of brawler tactics as the two men seem perfectly happy in a street fight atmosphere. After a few minutes, Luke tags in Mike who uses more of a scientific wrestling approach. He is able to control Moretti with a series of side headlocks and ankle lock takedowns. Higgans is tagged in but receives some of the same treatment. Mike Graham seems in control until Higgans catches him with a thumb to the eye. For the next few minutes, Moretti and Higgans use a series of quick tags with violent double team moves that has Mike Graham in trouble. Twice Luke attempts to enter the ring illegally to help Mike, only to be forced back to his corner by Referee Jerry Calhoun. This just allowed for more double teaming by the champs. Eventually Mike is able to catch Higgans with a few right hands and rolls to the corner for a tag. Luke enters the ring like a Wildman. He clears house with a series of round house punches to both Moretti and Higgans. Mike Graham joins the fight and all 4 men battle away. Calhoun is finally able to restore order and we are left with Higgans and Luke Graham in the ring. With Calhoun’s head still turned, Graham hits with a tapped thumb to the throat, A GOLDEN SPIKE.

Luke Graham goes for the pin.


Moretti in for the save but is cut off by Mike Graham



The Golden Grahams are celebrating in the ring as they are the new champions.

Wait a minute, Referee Jerry Calhoun is declaring the match a time limit draw as the time expired just before the 3 count. Higgans and Moretti are still the champions. The Golden Grahams can’t believe the decision and are highly upset.







The crowd is soundly behind Lars Anderson but that might only be because they see him as the lesser of 2 evils. As the match begins, Anderson finds many of his power moves nullified by 410 pounder. Anderson could even budge him on a few Irish Whips. Big Red took over after an unclean break where he caught Anderson with an elbow to the head. Big Red used his size and power to keep Anderson in trouble. Eventually, Anderson was sprawled out in the center of the ring after a huge body slam by Reese. Reese goes for The Holy Ghost splash as he came off the ropes and leaped towards Anderson. In the knick of time, Lars rolls away. Gene Anderson comes out from the back and starts yelling at Reese. Big Red seems to really be bothered by Gene Anderson. While in the corner, he turns his attention toward Gene. Lars sees his opening and at full speed runs into the back of Reese. Reese falls forward and hits his head on the ring post. He is busted wide open and on the ground. This is all Lars needed as now the giant is out of his comfort zone on the matt. Lars begins to torture the right arm and after a few minutes he locks in the Anderson Arm-Bar. Pulling with all his might, Reese is screaming in pain and is forced to submit.


Lars Anderson defeats Big Red Reese for the Television Title at 12:17. Gene and Lars celebrate in the center of the ring as Reese slowly goes towards the locker room.





This is the match all of the Mid-South Coliseum was waiting for. Hacksaw roughed up Idol on TV last week and Idol vowed revenge. The match begins a little slow as both men are still tired from their earlier match. The first momentum change occurred when Idol challenged Reed to a test of strength. The crowd seemed leery of this and Reed started to take control but it was all a set up by Idol. He kicked Reed in the midsection and then went on a rampage of punches. He turned an armbar into a kick right to Reed’s teeth and the fans were going wild. With Reed flat on his back, Idol leaped into the air for an elbow drop but Reed slipped out of the way. Reed recovered a little bit faster than Idol and went at him with such contempt. After a double hook suplex, it looked like Idol was out on his feet. Reed went for his finisher, A Gorilla Press Slam but Idol somehow slipped out the back and caught Reed with a kick to the knee. Idol began to weaken the legs of Reed. Finally he got Reed in the Las Vegas Leglock. (Figure Four) Reed looks like his is about to submit as Ernie Ladd comes to ring side. Ref Paul Morton warns him not to get involved but this distraction allows Reed time to sit up and reach into his tights to pull out some type of object. He nails Idol in the head and quickly tosses the object out of the ring. Ladd backs away and puts his hands up as if to say “I would never interfere.” As Martin turns back to the action, Reed is walking around the ring trying to get his legs back under him and Idol is on his knees holding a bloody head. Ladd walks around the ring and picks up the object and puts it in his trunks and the crowd screams at the ref. Martin thinks something has gone wrong and demands to check Reed for foreign objects. Reed hold his hands up and allows the search. He is clean as Ladd walks back to the dressing room. From here, Reed scoops up Idol and drops him across his knees for a huge backbreaker. Idol is a bit fuzzy from the blow to the head. Reed again goes for the Gorilla Press Slam and this time he nails it! Reed goes for the cover and this time Ref Paul Morton makes the 3 count. Reed celebrates in the ring as members of Ladd’s Army come to join in the celebration. Superstar Graham runs out just in case of an attack on Idol but all seems as peaceful as can be expected in CWA Wrestling. Ladd’s Army raises the hands in a symbol of BLACK POWER as they leave to a chorus of boos. Graham guides Idol back to the locker room as he still a bit woozy after having his bell rung by a foreign object. Jerry Lawler is somewhat suspicious by his absence.


Hacksaw Butch Reed pins Austin Idol at 22:23 for the Mid-American Title.







This match is the last in a series of 7 to decide the champions. The Bruise Brothers won the first three while The Rock N Roll Express rebounded to win the last three. The crowd goes wild when they hear KISS and “Rock N Roll All Night” start to blare from the speakers. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson run to the ring and give a wave to the fans. Porkchop Cash and Troy Graham use this moment to sneak attack the Express. The action is all over the ring as the four men are going at it. The Bruise Brothers have the advantage due to the attack but also because they were able to injure Robert Gibson’s leg the other day during the TV show. Gibson and Graham spill out onto the floor and Ref Jerry Calhoun sees this as his opportunity to finally start the match as for the first time, there are two legal men in the ring. Ricky Morton is able to turn the tide against Troy Graham using his quickness and acrobatics. After catching Graham with a flying body press, the match finally settles down. After a back and forth period where each team uses a series of quick tags and double team moves, Pork Chop Cash catches Gibson with a huge powerslam. The only thing that prevented the title change was Ricky Morton breaking up the pin attempt. Cash continues a series of power moves and pin attempts but each time Morton makes the save. While Cash attempts to tag in Troy Graham. Morton escapes and flips to his corner and tags in a very fresh Ricky Morton. Morton takes care of business by himself for a few minutes. He disposes of Cash by drop kicking him through the ropes. An Irish Whip on Graham is followed up another drop kick. By now, Morton is back on his feet. A tag and an Irish Whip is followed up by the Double Drop Kick on Graham. It appears that for the fourth time in a row, Graham will be pinned after the Double Drop Kick. Ref Paul Morton makes the count but Porkchop Cash comes flying off the top rope at the count of two right onto the injured leg of Gibson. Not only is the count broken up, Gibson is injured. Ref Paul Morton forces Cashe to the apron as Graham takes complete control. A huge body slam has Graham feeling very cocky. He senses victory and begins to toy with Gibson who can barely walk. Gibson is thrown into the ropes and Graham connects with a huge back flip. Graham picks up Gibson and connects with a huge powerbomb. Instead of going for the pin, he lifts Gibson up one more time.

Gibson grabs the legs and rolls Graham up for the pin.





In a miracle finish, The Rock N Roll Express are still the AWA SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

Morton helps Gibson to the back as Porkchop Cash seems really irritated at Graham. Cash begins to push Graham who pleads his case. Cash pushes again and this time Graham warns him enough is enough. One more push by Cash and the two are now brawling in the middle of the ring.


Wait, here comes Hacksaw Reed, Big Reed Reese and King Cobra. They join in the fight against Troy Graham. He has no shot now. It is 4 against 1. DOES THIS MEAN PORKCHOP CASH IS A NOW PART OF LADD’S ARMY?

From the back, Mike Graham, Luke Graham and Superstar Graham! It is now a 4-4 donnybrook. The 8 men are battling all over the arena. Some are busted wide open. Some use chairs, others use fists but it is a wild scene in the Mid-South Coliseum. Eventually, Ladd’s Army retreats including Porkchop Cash.

Left in the ring are the GOLDEN GRAHAMS and Luke Graham? A lightbulb seems to go off in the heads of the fans. Troy Graham must be related to these other Grahams. He had always been seen as a Bruise Brother but now he is receiving a huge ovation.






This is the match everyone has been waiting for. There is a slight delay as the workers erect the cage but there is a buzz in the crowd. Ladd, standing 6’9 and weighing 320 pounds is first to enter the ring.

The Crowd really is all over Ladd. They are sick and tired of his racist rhetoric and also of his Army always seeming to interfere. They are relieved that this is in a cage where it will be one on one.

Jerry Lawler, the hometown favorite, is next to enter the ring to the loudest applause of the night.

As the match gets under way, both men are cautious as there is so much on the line. The first major move comes from Ladd after a collar and elbow lock up. He is able to use his power and catapults Lawler’s body first into the steel cage. Lawler is in pain and again Ladd uses his size and the cage to his advantage as he places his big right foot into the side of Lawler’s head and presses it against the steel mesh. Lawler begins to show a little blood and ref Jerry Calhoun does nothing as this is no DQ. After, Ladd throws a big right hand, Lawler’s back stiffens and he stands straight up. Ladd punches Lawler again but Lawler seems unfazed. Lawler urges Ladd to hit him again! After a third punch, Lawler is almost shaking with adrenaline. It’s like a light switch went on and Lawler starts to pummel Ladd. Ladd backs into the corner and Lawler climbs to the middle rope and punches Ladd 10 times as the crowd counts off the blows. Lawler does try to end the match with his signature Sleeper but Ladd just forces him to the turnbuckle. Ladd uses the corner once again to turn the tide. Elbows and overhand smashes have Lawler a little wobble but as Ladd tries an Irish Whip, Lawler reverses it and follows Ladd to the corner for a huge knee to the gut. Ladd stumbles forward and Lawler slips behind a puts “The Big Cat” in the Abdominal Stretch. After about 2 minutes, Ladd refuses to submit so Lawler let’s go of the hold. Lawler shows great strength with a scoop of Ladd which he turned into a “Royal Backbreaker” but Ladd’s height neutralizes much of this move. Lawler goes for the cover but Ladd kicks out at two. Lawler grabs a hand full of hair and throws Ladd faced first into the cage. Ladd is busted open and is lying flat on his back. Lawler quickly climbs to the top of the cage. He shows the fans the right fist. They are going wild! Lawler leaps off the top of the cage trying to land a B 52 Fist Drop. The match should end after this move one way or another. As Lawler is in midair, Ladd rolls to his right and Lawler crashes to the mat. He is in agony and looks to have injured both his hand and back. Ladd takes some time to recover but is up way before Lawler. Ernie grabs “The King” by the hair and whips him into the rope and nails him with a “BIG BOOT.” This might be over. Ladd starts to go for the cover and the crowd goes wild.

From under the ring, Junk Yard Dog is on the apron. Ladd does not see him and goes for the cover. Ref Calhoun reaches a count of two.

WHAM! JYD hits Ladd with an elbow drop! JYD is throwing one haymaker after another. He’s got Ladd by the head and hits him with 3 straight headbutts. Ladd is bleeding all over. JYD is howling and biting at the air. Ladd’s Army runs to the ring but can’t get in! JYD whips Ladd into the ropes and catches him! THUMP! A huge powerslam. By now Ladd’s Army has rushed to ring side but can’t get into the cage. Lawler has regrouped and this time climbs only to the top rope. He leaps! FIST DROP! WHAM! This time he nailed it. Lawler for the cover.




Lawler wins by pin at 31:18 and defends the AWA Southern Championship and he is the ”KING OF THE CWA.” Lawler and JYD continue to beat on Ladd as the Golden Grahams, Mike, Luke, Troy and Superstar rush the ring and attack Ladd’s Army. The cage is unlocked as the fighting continues for about 5 minutes. LAWER, JYD AND THE GOLDEN GRAHAMS OUTNUMBRED LADD”S ARMY AND ARE NOW IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE RING! THEY HUG EACH OTHER AS THE CROWD GOES WILD!

The one person missing from the celebration is Austin Idol. Maybe he is still hurting from his match.

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photo-thumb-39989.jpg?_r=1443898361MONDAYDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1983



JR Foley does his best to antagonize the fans as he leads Butch Miller and Lumberjack Pierre to the ring. Wheather he was waving the British Commonwealth flag, yelling at the fans or just by dressing like Adolf Hitler, he has the fans incensed by the time they reach the ring. He continues this behavior throughout this squash match. The Commonwealth continued their brutal style throughout the match but it was the first time we saw Lumberjack Pierre with the finisher. It was the Cobra Clutch on Burrhead Jones for the submission in just under 5 minutes.



With Tommy Gilbert leaving CWA, Brian Adias was left looking for a new partner. Tommy Lane, who has been rather successful in the early stages of his career here in CWA stepped up and joined Brian. Tonight, it might not have mattered if it was Lou Thez himself as the Japanese Assassins made a point to prove to everyone that they are still the #1 contenders for the AWA Southern Tag Titles. Magic Dragon and Goro Tsurumi just pummeled TNT from start to finish. The match ended in 6:15 with a powerbomb from Goro on Brian Adias.




Many of the Memphis fans remember Bill Ash as a real heel from the last time he was a regular in the area. Granted that is about 7 years ago but he and Dave Schultz brutalized the tag team division throughout Tennessee. As a result of some of the greatest wrestling fans in the industry, Ash receives a loud chorus of boos on the other hand Mike Graham is growing into a crowd favorite. The match was back and forth for quite a while until Ash caught Graham with a thumb to the eye. He used this to his advantage for a while and really tries to rough Graham up by slamming his head into the turnbuckle. As the fans around here are beginning to know, never count Mike Graham out. Ash whipped him into the ropes and went for a clothesline but Graham ducked under it and sling shot himself off the ropes. From there, it was a Lou Thez Press and a count of 3 by ref Paul Morton. Mike Graham wins in 11:46.




This match is just the beginnings of what seems will be a really nasty feud. King Cobra and Tony Anthony were partners until recently when King Cobra turned on him and joined Ladd’s Army. Len Denton has really had Anthony’s back of late and they have formed the new tag team, Dirty White Boys. The match has really amped up the crowd as they are so angry at Ernie Ladd and his entire Army for their Racist Ideas. The Dirty White Boys started really fast and fought just as their name implies, DIRTY! After some quick double team moves, The Dirty White Boys had King Cobra in trouble. Tony Anthony hit him with a few right hands and then whipped him into the ropes. Anthony caught him with his right hand around the throat and nailed a Bucksnort Blaster. (Choke slam) It appeared to be over but Reese made the save. Denton hit the ring to protect Anthony but Reese nailed him with a massive clothesline. Anthony came after him but again a clothesline from Reese put him on the ground. This time, Reese hit the ropes and came off with a Holy Ghost Splash as all 410 pounds crashed down on Anthony. Ref Jerry Calhoun was able to get Reese back outside the ring but that was all she wrote. Both Dirty White Boys were sprawled out on the canvass. Cobra regrouped and laid across a helpless Anthony for the pin. Ladd’s Army defeated the Dirty White Boys in 13:11.







Lars is already the TV Champ and would love to have two belts as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew is definitely the favorites even though Moretti and Higgans are the champs. The fans seem to be behind The Andersons even though they heard some interesting things from the other Anderson brother, Ole. He really threw Lars under the bus on TV last Saturday. Moretti and Higgans just look like two big and nasty fellas that leaves the crowd leery. In a surprise, Moretti and Higgans just over power the Wrecking Crew in the beginning. Both men are shaped like fire hydrants and seem to have the power of bull. Moretti powerslammed Gene and it seemed all over but Lars made the save and illegal cleans house for a moment until ref Jerry Calhoun can restore order. This gave Gene time to regroup and legally tag in his brother. He takes on both Moretti and Higgans for a while and is having great success. Gene is also up and all 4 men are in the ring. You hear a stir from the crowd and you can sense something to happen. OLE ANDERSON hits the ring and goes right for Lars. Lars sees it coming and sneaks out the other side and hightails it back to the locker room with Ole in pursuit. It is now 2 on 1 and the champs take over. Higgans whips Gene into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Gene is down while Higgans comes off the ropes for a big leg drop. One more Irish Whip which ends in another power slam. Higgans with the cover and Calhoun with a count of three. Ole Anderson rushes back to the ring to help protect Gene from further attack.


Morretti and Higgans successfully defend their titles with a pin at 13:11.





This match pits good vs evil. The attack by The House of Humperdink and Lawler on Saturday has the crowd really looking forward to their devastation at the hands of Idol and Graham. Idol and Frazier start the match and Idol seems to think it is a boxing match instead of a wrestling match. He squares off with Frazier and uses his quickness to throw about 10 right jabs that connect with Frazier’s face. Idol bounces off the ropes and tries to move the 6’10, 475 pounder but only seems to bounce off and land on the mat shaking his head. Again, Idol bounces of the ropes and Frazier expects the same shoulder block but Idol slides right into Frazier’s knee. Frazier is hobbled as Idol tags on Graham. Graham comes in with a punch, punch, knife hand chop combo to Frazier’s head. Frazier falls down but right to his corner where he tags in Sabu. From here on out, the match has many momentum changes. The biggest change was caused by Sir Oliver Humperdink of course. With Graham and Frazier in the ring, he jumped up on the apron and started waving his walking stick admonishing Ref Jerry Calhoun for allowing what he believed was a choke from Graham. Calhoun goes over and starts to yell and Humperdink when WHAM! Frazier whipped Graham right into Calhoun who is now down and out. Idol enters the ring but is met by Sabu. Humperdink walks behind Graham who has been forced into the corner by the giant. WHAM,WHAM,WHAM. 3 Walking stick blows to the back of Grahams head. Idol sees this and goes after Humperdink. Plowboy Frazier hits the ropes and comes off with a crushing Giant Splash. Sabu, Idol and Humperdink battle on the floor while ref Jerry Calhoun comes to and sees Frazier going for a cover. Slowly, he makes the 3 count. Quickly the rest of the Grahams rush to the ring to protect and help Idol and Superstar but the fans are still really upset that the House of Humperdink has stolen another match. They are also wondering why Idol left Graham all alone in the ring after he was hit by the walking stick.


The House of Humperdink defeats Idol and Graham by pin fall at 16:11





Troy Graham might have called in all his chips for this one as somehow he is able to get Bruiser Brody to show up all be his tag team partner. As Graham and Brody come to the ring to the approval of the fans, Brody is in rare form howling at the moon and snorting through his nose. Porkchop Cash, the newest member of Ladd’s Army and the NWA Mid-American Champion, Hacksaw Butch Reed do not seem intimidated at all. Hacksaw Reed and the 6’8 Brody start the match.

They lock up collar and elbow and Reed forces Brody to the corner and to the surprise of all, there is a clean break. The go to lock up collar and elbow but Brody only pretended to and slipped under and nailed Reed with an overhead chop to the head. Brody with another chop and another chop has Reed wobbling. Reed tags in Cash and Brody just looks at Troy Graham. This is the match-up he wants. Brody senses this and tags him in. Graham has a lot to get even with after Cash turned his back on him after their Tag Title match last week. The two square off and throw punch after punch at each other. Cash ducks under a right hand and hits Graham with a knee to the gut. From here it is elbow smash after elbow smash as Cash gains control. Cash scoops Graham up and drops him neck first across the top rope. From here, Reed and Cash work well as a team and use a bunch of power moves to have Graham in real trouble. Brody can take no more and comes running into the ring only to be forced out by ref Paul Morton. Reed seems in total control until Graham blocks a right hand and hits Reed with one of his own. After another exchange of blows, Graham finally gets to Brody for the tag. All hell breaks loose now. Brody is full of rage and anger and takes it out on both Reed and Cash. All four men are fighting in the ring and then outside the ring. Paul Morton makes the 10 count as both teams are counted out but there is no way of stopping the brawl. Graham and Cash square off and that seems like an equal battle but for the first time since his arrival in CWA, Reed seems to have his hands full with an opponent. After Reed was down, Brody nailed him with a running knee smash that nearly took Reed’s head off. Reed fell over the metal stairs and split his head open. This only seemed to incite Brody more as he picked up a chair. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The fans are unsure what looks worse. The Chair or Reed’s face. Reed is down and out and now Brody and Graham double team Cash who receives the same treatment. The coup de gras was a power slam by Graham on his now enemy, Porkchop Cash. Brody and Graham roll their opponents into the ring and stand over them in their own sign of dominance. Even though they did not get the actual win, this was more about righting a wrong and they seem satisfied with the physical win. Reed for the first time, has met his match. Where was the rest of the Army tonight?


The end result was a double count-out at 16:12.



Another One Bites the Dust by Queen begins to blare and the crowd goes wild but to their surprise, it is Ernie, “The Big Cat”, Ladd. Ladd is out for revenge for last week when JYD hid under the ring and surprised Ladd during his steel cage match with Jerry Lawler. Ladd is screaming at the crowd as he walks to the ring. The crowd goes wild as “Another One Bites the Dust” begins to blare for the second time as JYD comes to the ring. The match is not for the faint of heart as both men are content with a street fight. JYD had a little momentum but he might have bitten off more than he could chew as he whipped Ladd off the ropes and went for a Big Thump (power slam) but Ladd’s 320 pounds collapsed onto JYD. From here it was Ladd with overhand punches and choke holds to gain the advantage. Ladd whipped JYD into the ropes and went for The Big Boot but JYD ducked under and then he bounced off the ropes and hit Ladd with one of his own favorites. A football tackle! JYD starts his Dog like antics of howling and biting at thin air as the crowd was on their feet. JYD picked up Ladd by his Afro and hit him with numerous big head-butts. One after the other. With Ladd down, JYD climbed to the middle rope and came off with a Lawler-like fist drop. It appeared over and Paul Morton started the count.



Ladd kicks out but is in serious trouble. JYD is able to muscle Ladd into a shoulder breaker and again climbs the ropes for what looks like another fist drop. From behind comes Big Redd Reese who shoves JYD off the ropes. Morton immediately calls for the bell as Ladd is disqualified. Reese begins to use his 410 pounds to his advantage. He whips JYD from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and follows each whip with a running leap into JYD. JYD is in trouble. Ladd has recovered and now it is 2-1. Ladd picks JYD up and whips him into the ropes and as JYD comes off, Ladd nails him with a Big Boot. Immediately after, Reese comes off the ropes with a Holy Ghost Splash! JYD is hurt as Lawler, Idol and Superstar Graham hit the ring. Ladd and Reese escape and on their way back to the locker room, they raise their hands in a symbol of Back Power.

JYD WINS BY DQ at 17:57.





The Rock N Roll Express, the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions enter the ring first to KISS and “Rock N Roll All Night.” The fans are very excited as they would love to see their favorite team with the World title.

KISS begins to blare again but this time it’s “War Machine.” Animal and Hawk come to the ring and they are a menacing site. From the face paint to the studded wrist guards and the spiked shoulder pads, they are the most intimidating team in wrestling.

NOTE: The AWA Southern Titles are not on the line, only the AWA World Titles are.


It is Animal and Robert Gibson who begin the match. Gibson gets literally thrown around the ring by Animal who is just so much more powerful that Gibson. At one point, Animal used a powerbomb that almost broke Gibson in half. Both team make a tag and it is more of the same as Hawk just seems too strong for Morton. A huge clothesline has the Road Warriors in complete control. From bodyslams to suplexes, the Road Warriors use one power move after the next. The Road Warriors are doing everything but being able to pin the Rock N Roll Express. Morton and Gibson continue to kick out at 2 ¾ or the other rushes into the ring to make the save. The Rock N Roll Express are able to take advantage when Hawk basically hits himself in the head in frustration at being unable to pin Morton. Morton sees his opportunity and ducked under another clothesline and caught Hawk with a drop kick. A quick tag to Gibson who nails Hawk with a drop kick of his own. A quick cover but Hawk kicks out at one. Gibson whips Hawk into the ropes and hits a missile drop kick. Another cover and another one count. Gibson is unsure what else he can do. Hawks stands up and Gibson goes for and nails an enzuguri kick. Hawks is in trouble. Gibson goes for the “Gibson Leglock. (Modified Figure 4) Hawk refuses to submit as the fans go wild. Animal comes in to break the hold and stomps on Gibson’s neck and breaks the hold. Morton comes into the ring and squares of with Animal all 4 men are now engaged and it’s a real Pier 6 brawl. It is amazing the Rock N Roll Express can go toe to toe with the Road Warriors. Ref Jerry Calhoun tries to restore order and eventually Morton and Animal leave the ring. Hawk is able to regain control after a massive bodyslam. An Irish whip and huge shoulder smash follows. Gibson is in trouble. A quick tag and Animal takes over. Another bodyslam and shoulder block is applied to Gibson. Animal scoops up Gibson and makes the tag. Hawk climbs to the top rope. It looks like a Warrior Splash which should give them the victory. Hawk dives off the rope and nails Gibson. Hawk with the cover and Animal turns to make sure Morton can’t make the save. Ref Calhoun begins the count.




Oh no, the fans can’t believe it. Their favorite team has lost their chance at the AWA title.

The crowd and the Rock N Roll Express are visually upset.

The Road Warriors win by pin at 24:31.




The fans, by process of elimination, have already figured out that it must be Jesse Barr in this match as the rest of the House of Humperdink has already wrestled tonight. Lawler is first to the ring to the applause of the fans as they see him as their one true hope to fight all the evil that is in the CWA. He is also the hometown hero from right here in Memphis, Tennessee.

Humperdink: Ladies and gentlemen please rise and welcome the next AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion


Standing 6’4 tall and weighing 321 pounds.


Humperdink: “The Bad Man” From Borger, Texas


Humperdink: Stan “the Man” Hansen.

The match gets under way and it takes Lawler awhile to get going. He seems unsure of how to go about fighting this huge, wild man. Hansen has his way in the beginning after a huge shoulder block on Lawler. From there the action switches from the ring to the floor a few times but all with the same result. Lawler is just getting beat up! Lawler does block a right hand and begins to answer fire with fire. After taking Hansen off his feet, Lawler caught Hansen is an abdominal stretch but Hansen just hip tosses him off. Lawler is able to keep control by mixing in a few straight right hands. After an Irish Whip, Lawler catches Hansen in a sleeper. It is locked in pretty good and Hansen is in the center of the ring. Hansen tries to fight it off and after Humperdink distracts ref Jerry Calhoun, Hansen hits Lawler with a back kick right to the Royal Jewels. From here Hansen just puts another beating on Lawler. Hansen nails Lawler with the Lariat and instead of pinning Lawler, Hansen comes up from behind him and puts The King in the Brazos Valley Backbreaker. (Boston Crab) Hansen has it clamped in so deep and as pulling with all 321 pounds that it seems like Lawler will break in half. Hansen keeps it on for about 5 minutes but somehow Lawler will not submit. Finally Hansen breaks the hold. He whips Lawler right into Calhoun who goes down. Hansen goes right for the bull rope and nails Lawler with the cow bell over and over again. Lawler is busted wide open. Hansen then puts the rope around Lawler’s neck and begins to choke him. Hansen picks Lawler up by pulling on the rope. Hansen whips Lawler so hard that he goes over the top rope. Humperdink now joins Hansen in literally hanging Lawler from the top rope. They are trying to kill him. Calhoun comes to and quickly calls for the bell. The crowd is horrified. Hansen and Humperdink leave with Lawler still dangling from the ropes. JYD rushed to the ring along with the medical staff. The careful untie Lawler and place him right into a next brace and place him onto a stretcher and rush him out of the arena.


Jerry Lawler wins by DQ at 24:45.

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Some pretty great cards from the Coliseum here. It is a nice way to build up these regular big shows and showcase a ton of great talent. The second show especially with the AWA tg title match and then the JYD, and of course Hansen and Brody. Keep churning these things out as they are awesome events to see unfold.

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