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December 1983 Draft

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  • ASW - Inactive
  • ICW - PASS
  • Mid-South - PASS
  • WWC - PASS
  • Stampede - Inactive
  • AWA - PASS
  • Southeastern - PASS
  • Southwest - PASS
  • International - PASS
  • Big Time - PASS
  • Memphis - PASS
  • WWA - PASS
  • Florida - PASS

December -

Barry Orton

Charles Buffong

Randy Webber

Franklin Hayes (John Tatum)

Greg Cooley (Wendell's brother)

Dennis Stamp

Terry Daniels

Steve Lombardi

Don Serrano

Roberto Renesto (Tom Branch)

John Cosman

John King

Scrap Iron Sheppard

Greg Evans

Paul Kelly

Snake Brown

Buddy Lane

Mike Bond

666 (Jim Starr)

Dick Tessier

Charles Atlas

Terry Garvin

Paul Peller

Don Kovlov

Rick Connors

Abe Jacobs

Chief Thundercloud

Fred Curry

Randy Rich

Bulldog Brower

Don Anderson

Leroy Redbone

The Alaskan

Ali Bey

Jack Carson

Steve King

Ted Oates

Jerry Oates

Buck Zumhoffe

Fred Marzino

Frankie Laine

Dean Ho

Great Malumba

Johnny Powers

January -

Tommy Heggie

John Quinn

The Spoiler

David Morgan

Lou Winston

February -

New Guinea Man Eater aka Botswana Beast, Kamala II

Billy White Cloud

Thomas Ivy

David Johnson

Wendell Cooley

David Haskins

Manuel Villalobos

Johnny Rapone

Mickey Doyle

Jay York

Rick Renslow

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So how are we handling draft picks if someone is already at the cap limit of 34? Seems like you should have to drop someone before making a pick.

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They'd make the pick...then drop someone within the weekish...

I think you should have to drop at the same time as making your pick.

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