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Superstar Sleeze

[1986-02-23-AWA] Stan Hansen vs Sgt. Slaughter

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AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen vs Sgt Slaughter - AWA 2/23/86


Slaughter's hair was really Bozo-ing out, dude, needs to get that in check. Alright, here we go Stan the Man, this is more what I was expecting. A really nice brawl for the AWA World Championship in front of a packed house. Hansen and Slaughter fight on the floor. Slaughter gets the best of it. Hansen feeds and bumps for Slaughter well. In AWA at least, Hansen is controlling more on the mat than I remember from his work in Japan. Hansen bounces Slaughter's head off the turnbuckle. On second attempt Slaughter blocks and retaliates, but Hansen goes after leg. Hansen goes a really good job grounding the heated Slaughter with leg work then escalating and really kicking it at the leg and wrenching against the post. Slaughter does a Hulk Up and the Bozoing out really happens. Wind up! Big punch! Hansen is able to use his weight to mess up Sarge's knee. The collide heads. Slaughter follows up with backbreakers so much for his knee. Slaughter actually has a pretty fun offensive sequence leading up to the Cobra Clutch ramming Hansen into the turnbuckles, dropping elbows and knees on a prone Hansen on the apron. Hansen is selling well for Slaughter. Cobra Clutch and a pretty big pop from the crowd, which I think was chanting "We Want Blood" earlier. Hansen makes ropes but charges into corner and goes flying on outside. Slaughter gives him no quarter and beats him up outside. He throws him back in and signalling for the Canon. Again, Hansen ducks sending Slaughter careening to the outside. The brawl really gets heated on the floor. Hansen swings chair into the post. The ref calls for a double countout. Hansen bails before Slaughter can hit, but then he comes back for more and Slaughter obliges by kicking his ass. They tussle over the chair and Slaughter nails him. Really fun, entertaining brawl. ****

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