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[1986-02-01-AWA] Stan Hansen vs Curt Hennig

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AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen vs Curt Hennig - AWA TV 2/1/86


Finally, it is time for some Curt Hennig in the AWA. I have seen the big match, which I am saving as a Thanksgiving treat for myself, but never seen any of the Hansen matches. Hennig is one half of the AWA tag champs. The beard helps a lot to hide his babyface youth, which I noticed when I watched the AWA way back when. He is a strong white meat babyface in this. He definitely not the overbumping Mr. Perfect. He has fine offense, but he definitely makes his money selling. Hansen has not been successful bumrushing his opponents in America. It usually backfires and leads directly to the shine, which is a nice way to start the match off hot. Hennig works a similar strategy as Leon White with a very strong headlock. This is a headlock reminiscent of Butch Reed and I was impressed with how tightly Hennig had it on. Hansen is great struggling against the headlock. The announcers left us know Hennig is coming into this match with a bad back. I love the speed Hansen takes Hennig up in a bodyslam. It is like he had no opportunity to fight it. Hennig is able to get him over the second try with a sunset flip and he unloads some nice punches. The transition is Hansen dumping Hennig balls-first onto the top rope in a very nasty spot. Hansen works over the stomach well with slams, stomach claw and the Boston Crab (he won the championship with this move). Hennig's head gets caught up in the ropes and Scott Hall saves before Hansen can do any really damage. Hall is able to run Hansen off! I know that's basic psychology. I was just surprised Hall was big enough to do that. Larry Nelson is obnoxious post-match, Hennig sounds like a whiny chump and Hall is actually pretty good on the mic, but a little shouty. I thought he was the best of the three. Good TV match to set up matches down the road. ***



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