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[1987-01-03-WWF-Boston, MA] Randy Savage vs Bruno Sammartino

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The most basic of heel/face psychology going on here: Randy has insulted Bruno, calling him "washed up". Bruno needs to defend his own honor and teach this loud-mouth punk kid some respect.


Randy proves what a coward he is, several times hiding behind Liz and taking every opportunity to cheap shot Bruno. In fact, he's only in control when he's not playing fair. Bruno has right on his side - as well as a fairly rabid crowd. When he's in a fair fight, he dominates. It's a tricky line to walk for booking your young star. Do you have him humiliated by the obviously fatter, older man? Or do you have him demolish the old man and risk turning Randy's healthy heat into x-pac heat?


It works here. They kept it simple and didn't spend too much time.


Highlight: Three refs trying to break Bruno's bear hug after the match. It tales half the locker room to finally do it.

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