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[1985-07-06-Mid South-TV] Ted DiBiase vs Terry Taylor

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Ted DiBiase vs Terry Taylor - Mid-South TV 7/3/85


Vero's Hero is set to take on Teddy Boy in a battle of former North American champions that are looking to get back in the hunt as everyone is jockeying to get a title match with the Nature Boy. Flair in tandem with Eddie Gilbert was getting tired of Terry Taylor's challenges and got him bumped off in favor of The Nightmare. Eddie Gilbert said The Nightmare gave his contractually obligated rematch to Terry Taylor and was owed no more. DiBiase had a beef with Taylor because he never got his and slapped the taste out of his taste to start this impromptu TV match off hot.


These two wrestlers have reps for being a bit on the bland side, but I thought they showed some good fire in this TV sprint. Nothing in this match would revolutionize pro wrestling and there is no spot that wows, but it is a very entertaining bout and just nice to see these two in this setting. I feel that DiBiase wrestled up to this match where sometime he can be overshadowed. He was one the creating the movement and energy in the match. His punches looked good and everything he did felt urgent. I liked him going for the figure-4 early and Taylor going for the dropkick->pin early. Taylor was gritty in how he worked the arm with nice knees to the biceps and a forearm to the face. DiBiase created the action forcing him into the corner and unloading with the heavy artillery. The heat segment was fine with Taylor peppering in a nice backslide, which I bit on since they were working at such a fierce pace. Just as Taylor looked to be mounting a comeback, DiBiase hit the kneecrusher and into the figure-4 and then reversal spot. Taylor wanted to continue the work on knee, but DiBiase was in the corner and this necessitated a break affording him the opportunity to load his glove. I liked how he missed at first so there was a bit confusion in my mind if Taylor would eek this out which conflicted with the sense of impending doom and then BAM! Taylor was out.


I probably wont remember this match in a couple months, but it was a fine TV match. There was really no hook. They worked hard and everything felt urgent. Good match. ***

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