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[1985-07-22-Mid South-New Orleans, LA] Ted DiBiase vs Jake Roberts

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Ted DiBiase vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Mid-South, Nawlins 7/22/85


It is my understanding now after the Duggan blowoff, DiBiase was primarily in a tag team with Dr. Death when in Mid-South. So maybe I should watch a couple of their matches. This is a part of a larger tag feud between the champs DiBiase & Doc against Jake the Snake & Nord The Barbarian (Berzerker). Nord is wearing a shirt that says "Weasel Slapper", which sounds oddly homoerotic. This is ostensibly heel vs heel, but as in most matches involving Jake, the "DDT" is very over. Jake did such a great job with that move. They get the Nawlins crowd to chant "Weasel" at DiBiase. I like DiBiase alright, he is not my favorite. Jake The Snake does very little for me until discovering the WWF Steamboat matches I thought he was a borefest. He actively seeks to do as little as possible in a match while still getting a crowd reaction. Minimalists might adore that type of work ethic, but I ask for a little more. What I do appreciate about him is that all his matches have an instant hook, the DDT. DiBiase brings the hook of his loaded glove. What can I say I am a sucker for a pair of big dumb hooks, Katy Perry 4 life BABY!


I will forever defend DDP because he took the Jake Roberts match formula and added so much more through sheer effort. DDP built his entire match around the Diamond Cutter just as Jake built his match around DDT. Early on they establish, they are both heels with hair pulls, but after that is three DDT teases and each time DiBiase bails. The Snakeman finally gives chase and DiBiase catches him as he comes in with a fist drop. I loved that as a transition to the heat segment, but it was all for naught as Roberts was able to get back on offense. DiBiase loads the glove and clobbers Roberts. The ref checks the glove and in all the time wasting, DiBiase cant get the pin. Roberts is busted wide open. Lots of fist drops from DiBiase. DiBiase is trying. Roberts is taking his beating. DiBiase likes the chinlock too much for my liking. Jawbreaker. Holy shit! DiBiase with a badass sell of that. I wish everyone sold it that well. It may actually mean something. A bit of a fracas ensues and Doc accidentally bumps DiBiase into the clutches of the Snake, DDT! 1-2-3!


Pretty simple structure: tease DDT-> loaded glove -> heat segment with blood -> DDT. It was enjoyable, but nothing mind blowing. DiBiase selling of the jawbreaker was the highlight. The payoff of the DDT after all the teases is always sweet victory. ***1/2

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