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[1986-02-14-Houston Wrestling] Dick Slater vs Jake Roberts (No DQ)

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Mid-South North American Champion Dick Slater vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Mid-South, Houston 2/14/86 No DQ


In the angle leading to this match, Slater wanted to hold all the gold in Mid-South and was angling for Roberts' TV Championship. The Snakeman was ok with that as long because he wanted the North American Championship. Dicky Slater said the match would only be title vs title if the DDT was banned. Roberts being smarter than most wrestlers says no way, but when Slater doesn't budge he calls for Dark Journey to be banned. They brawl and Dark Journey sprays something in his eyes. Roberts in his blind sat DDTS DARK JOURNEY!!! HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS AWESOME! CROWD EXPLODED!


Jake pokes fun of Slater asking him where Dark Journey is at the start of this match and Slater loses it on Roberts using a shirt to choke him and attack him. Slater beats the shit of Jake in this No DQ bout. He posts him, which busts him open. Piledriver! Jake's foot is on the ropes. Slater does his Terry Funk impressions while punching and chopping The Snake. Nice Russian Legsweep and then chokes him with tape. This is a really good match thus far. Slater has looked awesome and Roberts is a pretty decent seller. Jake takes off his boot and just starts wailing on Dicky Slater with it. Awesome idea! When you are getting beaten that bad, desperate times call for desperate measures. Slater blades off this. Roberts follows up with a clothesline and is signaling for the DDT! The crowd is going wild, but Slater dumps him with a back drop. Slater comes off the top, but cant follow it up. Jakes takes off his boot again, but loses control of it. Dicky Slater goes to pick it up. Jake steps on the boot and then BANG DDT! AWESOME FUCKING FINISH! Huge pop!

This match is helped immensely by how over Jake and the DDT are. It was such a great ending. I thought Slater was great working on top kicking ass. He was getting revenge for the Dark Journey DDT, but never like the babyface. Too short to be an all-time classic, but as a feel good match with a ton of heat to it this was awesome. ****1/4

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