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Mid Atlantic Wrestling

Tuesday, January 24, 1984

Spartanburg, SC

Memorial Auditorium


All wrestling matches are one-fall with a fifteen-minute time limit, unless otherwise noted.


1. Toru Tanaka & Hiro Saito vs Jules & Jay Strongbow

  • The Strongbow's team up here to take on the unfamiliar team of Saito & Tanaka. The Japanese team takes a pounding quick, but is able to turn the tide after a cheap double-team move behind the referee's back. The work over Jules in their corner, working him with strikes and some decent suplex moves, but they get cocky and one mistake leads to Jules tagging to “Chief” Jay Strongbow and he enters with many knife-edge chops, one big tomahawk chop, and a big sleeper to end the contest.
  • Time: 9:22
  • Winners: Jules and Jay Strongbow


2. Lanny Poffo vs Italian Stallion

  • Lanny Poffo debuts against another debut in the Italian Stallion. Lanny gets on the house mic and recites a poem, then tosses some frizz-bee’s with that poem on it to the crowd. The Stallion starts off strong, punishing Poffo with some stiff strikes and a couple of thumping body slams. He locks in a chin lock, wearing down the younger Poffo. Lanny begins to work his way back to his feet, breaking the hold, executing a leaping dropkick to stun the Stallion. A couple of elbows to the head and a backbreaker sets up a second-rope push off backflip into a body splash for the win.
  • Time: 9:46
  • Winner: Lanny Poffo


3. Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens vs The Moondogs

  • Both teams debuting against each other. The popular Moondogs against the sometimes hated, sometimes loved team of Patterson and Stevens. This is a back and forth affair. Both teams trade advantages a couple of times during the contest. Just as both teams break out into a pier-six brawl, the bell rings and both teams have wrestled the time limit.
  • Time: 15:00

Winners: Time-limit Draw


4. Kamala w/Skandor Akbar vs Sivi Afi

  • Kamala enters the ring, takes off his face mask and drops the weapon and attacks Sivi. Kamala lays him down with a bunch of punches and shops. He body slams Afi to the ground, gets some momentum off the ropes and leaps into the air, crushing down onto Afi, getting the three count.
  • Time: 2:23
  • Winner: Kamala




5. The Grapplers © vs The Vachon's (U.S. Tag Team Title Match – One Fall – 30 Minutes)

  • There is an announcement made to the crowd that at the last show MACW sanctioned, the main event was announced as a “loser leaves town, loser leaves MACW”. However, the contracts were NOT signed with that stipulation on it. The Freebirds jumped the gun in announcing that stipulation, therefore it cannot hold up. The Vachon's were re-instated to the promotion, and that is why they are back, challenging for the US Tag Titles.
  • The match was a fun battle of styles. The Vachon's use their brawling skills, and the Grappler's tried to wrestle the Vachon's down to the mat. After going back and forth, the champions gained the advantage and never looked back. The masked wrestlers finished off the Vachon's with a vicious double-team back suplex to Mad Dog Vachon for the three count.
  • Time: 16:55
  • Winners: Still the US Tag Team Champions, The Grappler's


6. Pedro Morales vs Rip Rogers

  • Pedro starts off with some basic wrestling holds, working over Rogers. Rogers uses the tights to send Pedro to the floor to gain the advantage. Rogers takes over, beating down on Pedro, the crowd starts to chant. Rogers stomps on Morales as he begins to make it back to his feet. Morales back body drops Rogers onto the mat. He swings those lefts and rights, staggering Rogers into the corner. As Pedro follows into the corner, Rip grabs his tights, pulling him into the corner face first. As Pedro crumbles to the, Rogers covers him, putting his feet on the ropes for added leverage and gaining the win.
  • Time: 7:11
  • Winner: Rip Rogers


7. The Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy & Roberts) vs Barry & Kendall Windham & Sam Houston

  • This match has a special 20-minute time limit.
  • All out chaos, as the Freebirds are known to do. All six men brawl in and out of the ring. The chaos doesn't let up, and after about 6 minutes, the referee calls for the double-disqualification. The battle continues well after the bell, with a number of officials running out to stop the brawl. The Freebirds finally decide they've had enough for the night and are escorted from the ring. All six men were bleeding at the end of the fight. Barry gets on the house mic and challenges them to a street fight, anything goes, the next time they come back to Spartansburg!
  • Time: 6:59
  • Winners: Double-Disqualification


8. Terry Taylor © vs Mr. Fuji (U.S. Title Match – One Fall – 45-Minute Time Limit)

  • Mr. Fuji is announced as a replacement for the missing Adrian Street. Terry Taylor comes out and agrees to let Fuji challenge for the title. Fuji cheap shots Taylor to begin the contest. We go a few minutes with Fuji's cheap dirty tricks. Questionable shots to the throat. Hidden chokes, chops to the eyes. Fuji's normal, sneaky style. The crowd was quiet at first, but as he cheats more and more, they get on him about it. They rally behind the champion heavily at this point, and Fuji tries for a head-butt off the second rope, but Taylor moves away and Fuji crashes hard to the mat. Taylor gets to his feet and starts to battle back. The referee gets caught in the middle of a dropkick sequence, getting knocked to the ground. Fuji reaches into his tights and pulls out the mysterious salt. He walks towards Taylor, but Terry knows what’s going on and kicks Fuji's hand, sending the salt into his own eyes. Terry leaps with a flying forearm to the face, as Fuji gets knocked back into the ropes, he bounces off and Taylor scores with an inside cradle, as the referee recovers just enough to count the three count, Taylor retains the gold.
  • Time: 11:45
  • Winner: Still NWA United States Champion, Terry Taylor

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Great work getting the Vachons back! Love the way you worked in unsigned contracts.


Looking forward to seeing what you do with the freebirds. I think they are a promotion changer! I feel the same about Skandar Akbar!


Glad to see the Strongbows back together!


I am also interested in who comes to feud with Terry Taylor. U.S. Title is a pretty big deal.


Good Luck. Any way I could be of help, please ask.

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I like the first output for the new MACW. Good continuation and write ups. I think you've got a good formula and this is a lot of detail for just a house show. You may be able to streamline some of it and add that effort into television but we'll see how it all plays out.

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Mid Atlantic Wrestling

Wednesday, January 25, 1984

Shelby, NC

Rec Center


All wrestling matches are one-fall with a fifteen minute time limit, unless otherwise noted.


Blue Demon Jr. & Pierroth Jr vs Salvatore Bellomo & Italian Stallion

The luchadors come in quick, using leverage moves to take their opponent's off their feet. It doesn't take too long before the Mexican team gets their opponent's off balance and lost. Blue Demon Jr. finished off the Stallion with a hurrancanrana for the three count.

Time: 6:22

Winners: Blue Demon Jr. & Pierroth Jr.


Rip Rogers vs Pez Whatley

Rogers cheats early to take the advantage. Pez makes the come back and they go back and forth until Rogers is able to catch Pez with a powerslam to get the win.

Time: 6:44

Winner: Rip Rogers


The Vachon's vs Sivi Afi & Lanny Poffo

The experience pays off here, as the Vachon's take over the match after slowing down the quicker, younger team. Mad Dog gets the pin for his team.

Time: 12:53

Winners: The Vachon's


Chief Jay Strongbow w/Jules Strongbow vs Toru Tanaka w/Hiro Saito

The “Chief” picks up the win after putting Toru alseep with the sleeper hold.

Time: 9:00

Winner: Jay Strongbow




Kamala w/Skandor Akbar vs The Stomper

Kamala attacks early, with lots of strikes. The Stomper tries to make a comeback, but gets caught with a thrust kick by Kamala that sets up the leaping splash for the 3-count.

Time: 7:43

Winner: Kamala


The Moondogs vs The Grapplers (NWA US Tag Team Title Match – One Fall – 30 minute time limit)

The Grapplers steal a win here after Grappler #2 loads his mask and headbutts Spot, letting Grappler #1 cover him for the win.

Time: 15:16

Winners: Still NWA US Tag Team Champions, The Grapplers


Pedro Morales vs Tiger Chung Lee

Nothing too offensive here, Tiger is way off his game here, Pedro takes an early advantage. The finish see Pedro execute a knee lift for the victory

Time: 7:54

Winner: Pedro Morales


Main Event – One Fall - Special 60-minute Time Limit

10-Man Tag Team Match

TV Champion Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens


US Champion Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham & Sam Houston

Fun main event, a LOT of back and forth action. No one team keeps a real advantage for very long. The finish comes when Terry Gordy gets a pinfall over Kendall Windham after a double team with Michael Hayes.

Time: 22:11

Winners: Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens

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Wow, Rip Rogers with wins over both Pedro Morales and Pez Whatley. He is on a roll.


A 10 Man Tag Match: That's the way to get the feuds going and the whole roster involved in a match with little long term meaning. Very Nice!

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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Television Taping

January 26, 1984 (Showed on January 28, 1984)

Greenville, SC

Memorial Auditorium


Tony Schiavone: Welcome to Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling! I'm Tony Schiavone, and this is David Crockett, and David we have plenty to discuss on this week's show.


David Crockett: Thank you Tony, and what a week we have today. The United States Champion, Terry Taylor is here! So is the United States Tag Team Champions, The Grapplers!


Tony: Don't forget, The World Heavyweight Champion is here for a very special interview.


David: Let's get to the ring for our opening contest.


One-Fall 10 minute Time Limit

The Strongbows vs Tiger Chung Lee & Hiro Saito

Basic TV match, the Strongbows look strong in overcoming the team of Lee and Saito. After a number of chops, Jay puts Lee asleep with the sleeper hold and ends the quick match.

Time: 3:45

Winners: The Strongbows


Tony: After that win, let's bring in the Strongbows! Congratulations on that tag team victory.


Jay Strongbow: Thank you Tony. We have tough competition here in the Mid Atlantic region, and we don't take any foes lightly.


Jules Strongbow: That's right, Tony. We know what the competition is like in these parts, and that's why we are here. We want the gold!


Tony: And with that, we will take a commercial break.




David: Welcome back, and joining me is Skandor Akbar and his charge, Kamala.


Skandor: Shut up! My Africian warrior will show you right now that I am here to take over! Gold. Money. Power. This is what I want, and Kamala will help bring this all to me. Kamala, get to the ring and show these idiots what I mean!


One-Fall 10 Minute Time Limit

Kamala w/Skandor Akbar vs Salvatore Bellomo

Very quick squash match. Kamala just naisl Sal with a number of quick chops. He gets him down on the ground and kicks him a number of times, bounces off the ropes and leaps with the crushing splash for the three-count. Kamala then picks up Sal and tosses him from the ring.

Time: 2:11

Winner: Kamala


Video package: Randy Savage is coming to MACW… NEXT WEEK!...Basically the same videos that have been played over the last few weeks, just mashed together into a new video.


Tony: Randy Savage is coming to Mid Atlantic. Right now, I'm with the United States Heavyweight Champion, Terry Taylor.


Terry: Thank you, Tony.


Tony: What's next for the US champ?


Terry: As you know, I'm accepting all challengers. Whoever signs the contract, I will wrestle for the title. I'm defending this title all across the United States, especially all over the Mid Atlantic area. There are some tough challenges ahead, but I'm ready.


The crowd pops, and begins to boo as Randy Savage shows up. He struts out to the set.


Tony: What are you doing here Randy Savage?! We just played a video that said you would be here next week!?


Randy: Ohhh did you now? Well the Madness does what he wants, and I don't work on your schedule, oh no I don't. I'm the Macho Man, and I've come to this region for gold. Terry Taylor, you have some gold. Oh Yeah, and now...I want that gold!


Terry: Oh yeah? Well, I'm ready, sign the contract, and we can do this.


Randy: Yeahhhhh, The Macho Man is already putting that contract together. It will be the biggest wrestling debut anywhere, especially here in Mid Atlantic. My first match brother, I will win the US title and make myself the number one challenger for the World's Heavyweight Championship! Oh Yeah!


Terry: You want to do it next week? You're on!


Randy: Oh Yeah! New US Champion, dig it?!


As Randy walk off, he quickly turns around and nails Taylor unexpectedly. Tony rushes away. Savage grabs Taylor and jams his face into the desk. Savage picks up the US title and poses to the camera. As Taylor struggles to get up, Savage hits Taylor in the face with the title belt. Taylor gets busted open as Savage tosses the title on the injured Terry Taylor. Savage grabs Tony by the tie and brings him back into the picture.


Randy: That belt will be mine, OHHH YEAAAHHHHH!!!


Tony: I can't believe you did that! How can you expect a title match now?!


Randy struts off.


Tony: We need to go to break, and we need help out here for the United States Champion!



One Fall – 10 Minute Time Limit

Sam Houston vs Toru Tanaka

Tanaka gets the quick jump on Houston. He attacks with stiff strikes and a beautiful suplex, but only gets the two. A minute or so of a wear down hold, Houston makes his comeback, quickly nailing a bulldog takedown for the quick victory.

Time: 5:28

Winner: Sam Houston


David: Big win for the youngster! Sam Houston is making some waves here in Mid Atlantic! A quick update, Terry Taylor is being looked at by the doctors in the locker room. He is blazing mad and has demanded that the contract be signed for the title next week!


Ric Flair struts to the interview set, with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.


David: And now let me welcome, the World's Heavyweight Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair


Flair: Whooo! David Crockett! Did you see the “Macho Man” out here! Whoo! He says he wants a piece of me and the World title?! I think he has his hands full with the US Champion.


David: We will find out about that next week.


Flair: Doesn't matter, I'm the World Champ! That fact won't change anytime soon, pal. Whoo!!


David: Well, I know you are prepared for tonight's challenge in Charleston, SC. Ricky Steamboat gets his chance to earn the World's title.


Flair: Steamboat, huh? You think he has a chance against the World's Heavyweight Champion? David, as the World's Champion, I'm always prepared to meet every challenge placed in front of me. Ricky Steamboat is no different, he's a talented wrestler. Whooo! But I'm the best there is, pal! I'm the World's Heavyweight Champion, and the 60-minute man! This right here (points to the title belt), this doesn't go anywhere! Whooo!!!!




NWA Television Championship Match

One-Fall with a 10-Minute Time Limit

The Stomper vs Terry Gordy ©

The match starts off with a little back and forth action, but Gordy quickly gains the upper hand. He uses his stiff strikes and power to overwhelm the challenger. One big back suplex later, and Gordy retains the title.

Time: 6:22

Winner: Still NWA TV Champion, Terry Gordy


Tony: Welcome The Fabulous Freebirds!


Michael Hayes: What a victory for Gordy baby! He just destroyed that idiot and kept HIS championship! That's what we do! We kick ass and take championships!


Terry Gordy: It's going to take a lot more than that to take away my title!

Michael: Windham's! Don't think we forgot about you! We know that tonight in Charleston, you're looking for a fight. Well, that's fine by us, because we're looking for a fight EVERYNIGHT!


Buddy Roberts: We don't care who you bring as a partner, we will take care of them too!


Michael: Tonight, we take out the Windham's, then we look to take every belt in this territory! Grappler's, beware! Terry Taylor, we're coming for you too!


The Freebird's leave the set as the crowd boo's.




Non-Title Tag Team Main Event Match

10-Minute Time Limit

The Grappler's vs Lanny Poffo and Pez Whatley

Just a TV match to get the champions a little time. They take the advantage early and work over both opponent's. The finish sees Pez lose to a leaping knee drop to the head.

Time: 5:55

Winners: The Grappler's


Tony: That's it for this week folks! Join us for the big event tonight in Charleston!


David: Charleston, what an event tonight! See everyone in Charleston tonight!


We cut to a slide of the scheduled matches


Charleston, SC

January 28, 1984


Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship

Challenger, Ricky Steamboat vs Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair


NWA United States Championship

Challenger, Kamala vs Champion, Terry Taylor's


NWA United States Tag Team Championship

Challengers, The Moondogs vs Champions, The Grapplers


Special Attraction: Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Fabulous Freebirds (Gordy, Hayes, Roberts) vs Barry & Kendall Windham & Pedro Morales


Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens vs Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon


Mr. Fuji vs Sivi Afi


The Strongbows vs Rip Rogers & Italian Stallion


10-Man Battle Royal: Winner to get a US Title Shot next time in Charleston

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Very nice work. You seem so comfortable with your roster and plans in such a short time!


Flair/Steamboat: A MACW CLASSIC!




Love the short quick format. I am trying to cut mine down as it seems much more enjoyable to do and read.

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Friday, January 27, 1984

Ashville, NC

Civic Center


Lanny Poffo vs Tiger Chung Lee

Tiger gets a good amount of offense in during the middle of the match, but after missing a big move, he was in position for Lanny's push off backflip splash (his moonsault) for the win.

Time: 7:44

Winner: Lanny Poffo


Pedro Morales vs Toru Tanaka (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Fuji's first managerial shot here, as he brings out Toru Tanaka. Tanaka looked a little better with his offense after Fuji gets a distraction in, but eventually Pedro is able to make a comeback and pick up the win with a senton back splash.

Time: 6:25

Winner: Pedro Morales


The Strongbow's vs Rip Rogers & Pez Whatley

Strongbow's have the advantage for the majority of this match. Rip Rogers gets frustrated, and as he tags out, he leaves the ring area. Pez falls victim to a double suplex from the Strongbow's to end the match.

Time: 7:21

Winners: The Strongbow's


Hiro Saito (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs The Stomper

Another guy who has Mr. Fuji with him, as the young Saito faces off with The veteran Stomper. Early match say The Stomper took over, sending Saito all over the mat. Mid-match Saito is able to turn the tide sending The Stomper through the ropes crashing to the floor. Saito keeps up the offense and is able to pick up the win after a bridging belly to back suplex (German Suplex).

Time: 7:00

Winner: Hiro Saito




Sam Houston vs Ray Stevens

A rare single's match for Ray Stevens tonight. The veteran has a lot of trouble with the younger wrestler early on. Ray bails from the ring to slow things down. As he returns to the ring, you can see the momentum change. Ray begins wearing down Houston with various slams and wear down holds. Eventually Houston begins to battle back, but the bell rings.

Time: 10:00

Winner: Time Limit Draw


Pierroth Jr & Blue Demon Jr. vs Salvatore Bellomo & Sivi Afi

The team from the Mexico wows the crowd in this tag team exhibition. The use their flying head scissors and leverage moves to keep their opponent's off balance. After a top-rope cross body block from Blue Demon Jr. secures the victory.

Time: 6:19

Winners: Pierroth Jr. & Blue Demon Jr.

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Italian Stallion

This is a squash. Kamala mauls the Stallion and gives him the big splash for the win.

Time: 2:06

Winner: Kamala


Main Event – One Fall – 45 Minute Time Limit

US Champion, Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat & Barry Windham


US Tag Team Champions, The Grappler's & Pat Patterson

A really fun main event. The action goes back and forth during the entire match. At one point, the team of the Grappler's and Patterson work over Windham, but he is able to cause a mistake, get a flash tag to Steamboat and a pier-six brawl breaks out. The referee tries to gain some control, but as everyone falls out, Steamboat leaps off the top rope, landing onto Grappler #1 with a Cross Body Block. Ricky tags in Taylor as Steamboat takes Patterson to the floor. Terry Taylor climbs to the second rope, as #1 stumbles up, Taylor leaps over him, cradling him with a sunset flip for the 3-count.

Time: 22:43

Winners: US Champion, Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat and Barry Windham

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Charleston, SC

County Hall

January 28, 1984


Opening Tag Team Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

The Strongbows vs Rip Rogers & Italian Stallion

Decent opener. The Strongbow's show their experience as a team over their opponent's here. Rip Rogers walks off after tagging the Stallion in. The Strongbow's take the advantage and finally Jay puts him asleep with the Sleeper Hold.

Time: 7:25

Decision: Jay & Jules Strongbow


Single's Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Mr Fuji vs Sivi Afi

Sivi Avi comes in hot, strikes and kicks taking down Mr Fuji. Fuji then start in on his tricks. He chops Afi in the throat where the referee can't see it. Fuji locks in a nerve hold. Sivi battles free, knocking Fuji off balance with his quicker offense. Fuji backs off in the corner, goes into his tights, throwing salt into Afi's face as he walks into the corner. Fuji takes him down and cradles him with Fuji's feet on the ropes, referee counts the three and doesn't see any of the illegal activity.

Time: 5:58

Decision: Mr. Fuji


Tag Team Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens vs Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon

This is a fun tag team match. Both teams battle back and forth the entire match. The advantage swings back and forth. The four men battle all around the ring. The bell rings, but the action keeps going for a moment. The referee gets the teams seperated. It is announced that this match went the time limit.

Time: 15:00

Decision: Time-Limit Draw


NWA United States Championship Match, One Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Kamala (w/Skandor Akbar) vs Champion, Terry Taylor

Kamala attacks immediately, but Terry Taylor was ready and attacks right back. This degenerates into a brawl on the floor within the first two minutes. Kamala gets the advantage, as brawling is more his thing. He chops Taylor hard, slamming him against the ring apron. Taylor ends up against the ring post, Kamala tries to crush him against the post, but Terry moves and Kamala nails himself head first, busting him open. Taylor slips back into the ring. Kamala gets back in the ring, and its more of a back and forth again. Kamala catches Taylor and drops him hard to the mat. He really starts to beat down the champion. Terry tries to rally, but he gets cut off. After a few more minutes, Taylor gets a comeback going. He really starts to startle Kamala. He can't get Kamala off his feet, but he's rocking. Skandor sees his man in trouble and jumps into the ring and hits Taylor with a wrench from ringside causing the DQ. Akbar gets nailed, sending him back to the floor. Kamala attacks from behind, but Taylor is able to pick up the wrench dropped by Akbar and Kamala backs off, and leaves the ring area with his manager.

Time: 16:47

Decision: Still United States Champion, via a DQ, Terry Taylor's





10-Man Battle Royal, No Time Limit, Winner gets a US Title Match

Typical battle royal. The field is made up of the lower card guys, but it's an opportunity to get some in-ring time in a match to earn some fans. The winner is Lanny Poffo, last eliminating Sam Houston, which surprised the crowd as Sam Houston was the favorite going into the match.

Time: 12:02

Decision: Lanny Poffo


NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match, One Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challengers, The Moondogs vs Champions, The Grappler's

Another fun tag team match. This battle goes back and forth. The Moondogs take the early advantage, then the Grappler's take the advantage for a few minutes. The crowd is really behind the Moondogs. They want to see a title change here tonight. The action breaks down, as all of these guys are in the ring battling it out. Spot is up against the ropes, Grappler #2 is giving him shoulder blocks to the gut against the ropes. Grappler is pulled from the ropes, getting yelled at by the referee. #1 sneaks down the apron and rakes Spot's eyes. The referee then gets Rex out of the ring, as Grappler #2 kicks Spot in the gut. Grappler went for a piledriver, but Spot backdrops him over the top rope, as the referee turns around and sees Grappler #2 fly over the top rope and calls for the disqualification. The crowd is pissed.

Time: 15:52

Decision: Still United States Tag Team Champions, via DQ, The Grappler's


Six-Man Tag Team Match, One Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit

The Fabulous Freebirds (Gordy, Hayes, Roberts) vs Barry & Kendall Windham & Pedro Morales

What a wild match! All six fight it out right at the beginning. It calms down to an actual tag team match, for a while. No one can keep control very long, very much a back and forth match. So much good action. The Freebirds try to keep Kendall in the ring and work him over, but he's able to escape before he gets real injured. This is the story of match throughout the contest. The 'Birds finally get him in their corner and wear him down for a few minutes. Kendall finally gets away again and tags in Barry. He comes in with a house of fire. The action breaks down again. Gordy gets his hands on Kendall and gives him a vicious powerslam. He clotheslines Pedro to the floor as Hayes climbs on top for the three count. The 'Birds slip out of the ring and celebrate to the back. The Windham's and Morales argue with the referee that Barry was the legal man, but he won't restart the match.

Time: 23:06

Decision: The Freebird's


NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match, One Fall, 60-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Ricky Steamboat vs Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

A Mid Atlantic classic. These two can go anytime, anywhere. They put on a tremendous performance against each other. This match goes over 50 minutes, with the fans thinking they were going to get a time-limit draw, but just as Steamboat climbs the top rope and leaps, Flair just steps out of the way in time and Ricky crashes to the mat hard. Flair capitalizes fast and lands a leaping knee smash to Ricky's head. He cradles up Steamboat and gets the shocking 3-count to retain the title.

Time: 53:30

Decision: Still NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair

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Very Solid Card! Love the Main Event! STARRCADE WORTHY MATCH!


I love the Freebird/Windham feud but do think Barry needs more then a rookie, Kendall and a rotating 3rd main to contend wtih BAM BAM, BUDDY JACK and P.S. HAYES. Maybe that is just because I think the Freebirds are Aewsome.


Love see Kamala rise up to Championship Bouts!


Keep up the great shows.

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Sunday, January 29, 1984

Columbia, SC

Township Auditorium


Opening Tag Team Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

The Strongbows vs Blue Demon Jr. & Pierroth Jr.

The more veteran team of the Strongbow's pick up the win. They are a little more arrgessive this time, but didn't outright cheat in the match. The pickup the win with a double-team tomahawk chops to the skull on Pierroth Jr.

Time: 8:01

Decision: The Strongbow's


Single's Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Lanny Poffo vs Tiger Chung Lee (w/Mr. Fuji)

TGL comes out with Mr. Fuji as his manager for this match. Fuji distracts Poffo to let his charge get the advantage, but it doesn't last. Lanny wins with this second-rope push off back splash (Lanny's Moonsault). Fuji attacks after the match, but Lanny gets away before he gets really hurt.

Time: 6:32

Decision: Lanny Poffo


Single's Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Salvatore Bellomo vs Hiro Saito (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Fuji brings out another one of his new charges, Hiro Saito. Sal has the crowd behind him, but the youngster is able to defeat him with a big senton splash.

Time: 6:44

Decision: Hiro Saito


Single's Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Pez Whatley

Kamala destroys Pez within just a couple of minutes. The Ugandan Headhunter just beats down Pez and gives him the big splash for the win. Akbar is elated that his charge has finished off his opponent so easily.

Time: 3:01

Decision: Kamala




Six-Man Tag Team Match, One Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit

The Moondogs & Pedro Morales vs The Grappler's & Rip Rogers

Fun back and forth match. Pedro picks up the win for his team pinning Rip Rogers after landing a nice leaping back splash (senton) for the pinfall.

Time: 12:44

Decision: The Moondogs & Pedro Morales


Single's Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Sweet Daddy Siki vs Toru Tanaka (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Sweet Daddy Siki is debuting here tonight against Mr. Fuji's man, Toru Tanaka. SDS brings the fight right to Tanaka fast. The energy is pretty good while they battle in the opening minutes. Tanaka finds an opening and starts to work over the newcomer. Siki and Fuji try to set up a double-team, but Siki ducks, letting them bump into each other, rolling up Tanaka for the win.

Time: 6:31

Decision: Sweet Daddy Siki


NWA Television Championship Match, One Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Sam Houston vs Champion, Terry Gordy

Big time energy in the crowd for this one. The youngster Sam Houston is getting to challenge for the TV title against Fabulous Freebird, Terry Gordy. Houston gets attacked before the bell, and Gordy is relentless. He keeps pounding him with heavy strikes and tossing around the lighter competitor. A big vertical suplex gets a two-count for the champion. A missed leaping elbow drop gives the challenger a small comeback. Houston tries to leap and hit a dropkick, but Gordy brushes him off. As Houston stumbles to his feet, Gordy nails a vicious looking Waistlock suplex for the win.

Time: 9:56

Decision: Terry Gordy


Main Event

Ten-Man Tag Team Match, One Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Barry Windham, Ricky Steamboat, Mad Dog Vachon, Butcher Vachon & US Champion, Terry Taylor


Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Pat Patterson, Ray Stevens & Randy Savage

HUGE 10-man tag team main event. This is just a chaotic match. Lots of brawling to begin. Each team tries to settle into a pace that is good for them, but the other team makes a tag and changes it up. Match is back and forth for the first 12-13 minutes. Finally, Savage tags in and gets Taylor down to the mat and works him over. Savage's team is able to get the US champion in their side of the ring for the next several minutes, working him over. Taylor is able to sneak free of a submission hold, causing enough seperation to get a tag for his team. That's when the brawl break out everywhere. Eventually, Savage gets Taylor down in the middle of the ring, climbs the ropes, leaps off and nails his famous Flying Elbow Drop. But the referee is busy trying to clear the ring of everyone else. As Savage tries to get the referee back, Barry Windham nails Savage to the outside. Taylor slides out of the ring. Steamboat slides in, as he is the legal man. Steamboat chops Buddy Roberts to the mat, and he climbs the ropes...leaps from the top rope with his Cross Body Block into a cover and gets the 3-count!

Time: 24:15

Winners: US Champion Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, & The Vachon's

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Always interesting to see people's booking styles. Your Survivor Series rebooks must have run over with these great ten-man tags. Nice to see the Vachons (as grizzled veterans) getting that last run as babyfaces here. The thing I like about your roster is the old timers, youngsters, and then guys in their absolute primes. You've got a mix of everything and some legit star power to be built in the Mid Atlantic area. Great start to the rebirth of MACW.

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Sorry but Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Pat Patterson, Ray Stevens & Randy Savage as a team is what us as wrestling fans love to come across on house shows. For those few thousand in Columbia, they will talk about this for years to come. Hopefully there is footage of this team, because I know in this time line, people will be searching for this for some time...

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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Television Taping

February 2, 1984 (Showed on February 4, 1984)

Roanoke, VA

Civic Center


Tony Schiavone: Welcome to Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling! I'm Tony Schiavone, and this is David Crockett, and David we have a United States Title Match here to open up this week's show.


David Crockett: Thank you, Tony. We certainly do, the champion is looking for revenge after the assault that happened right here last week.


Tony: Randy Savage attacking the champion after challenging for the title. Let's take a look at that incident from last week before we had to the ring.


Replay clips of the attack from last week are shown.


NWA United States Championship Match

One-Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs Terry Taylor ©

Taylor enters with his forehead bandaged up from last week's attack. Early moments are Taylor chasing Savage. Once Randy get's an advantage, he keeps on top of it. He rips off the bandage, re-opening the wound. Savage works over the champion. Lots of strikes to Taylor's head. He's bleeding badly. We take a commercial break during the match. When we return, Terry puts up a fight, even starting a small comeback. Savage backs into the ropes, causing a break, as the referee gets between the two, Savage gets an object from his tights, as Terry breaks away, Randy punches him in the face, as the champion just crumbles to the ground. Randy drops the object to the floor, then climbs to the top rope. He leaps and executes his flying elbow drop onto the chest of Taylor. He covers him for the 3-count.

Time: 16:21

Decision: New United States Champion, Randy Savage


Randy grabs the title belt and celebrates as he walks towards the set.


David: What did you hit him with?


Randy: Ohhhhh yeah! I did it! Just like I said I would. The “Macho Man” is THE MAN around here! David Crockett, that man felt the Madness. That man felt the Savage Elbow Drop from the heavens...OHHH YEAH!


David: You know what I'm talking about..what was that foreign object?


Randy: Are you questioning my integrity David Crockett? {Randy spins around, posing with the title belt.} I'm the United States Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. I'm the best wrestler EVER! Dig It?! OH Yeah!


David: Well I'm not getting anything new here, let's go to a break.






Tony: What a shocker, we already have a NEW United States Champion! Randy Savage just defeated Terry Taylor to win the title!


David: The medics are once again looking at Terry Taylor. We are told he is expected to be fine.


Tony: Coming up, we will hear from The Windham's, and Mr. Fuji.


David: Also in action, we will see The Fabulous Freebirds.


Tony: But right, let's bring out Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens


The crowd boos as the veteran tag team comes out.


Tony: Welcome gentlemen to Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling


Ray Stevens: How's it feel, Tony?! To be graced with the best tag team in the world today.


Pat Patterson: That right, we are the best tag team in all of wrestling.


Tony: We understand you have a couple of big matches already signed, especially against The Moondogs, Rex and Spot.


Pat: What do we look like? Animal lovers? We are wrestler. We are the best tag team. Why would we be wrestling….these dog?!


Ray: Pat, don't worry. We will prove to everyone when we destroy those Moondog's, that we are only deserving of championship caliber matches. But first, let's go take care of these two in the ring now.


They leave the set and head to the ring.


Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 10-minute TV Time Limit

Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson vs Dusty Wolfe & Jason Knight

Not much of a competitive match here. The veterans take care of their opponent's in easy fashion. Patterson finishes off Knight with a leaping knee drop.

Time: 2:40

Decision: Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson




Tony: Welcome back, and joining us at the desk is Barry and Kendall Windham! Gentlemen, the Freebird's, have been on your mind as of late.


Kendall: Yes, sir! Yes they have. They want to fight, us Windham's are ready! We'll fight.


Barry: Tony, these three guys have been running around here like they own this place. We've had some battles with them around the Mid Atlantic area, but we haven't settled our differences.


Tony: Tonight, in Richmond, at the Coliseum, you have another shot at these three. Will it end here?


Barry: I certainly hope we'll get some of the Freebird's tonight, but I don't know if it will ever be over. They're tough, they're cocky.


The Freebird's make their way out for their six-man tag team match. The crowd boo's loudly.


Barry: I think we'll just stay right here and see what happens, if you don't mind Tony.


Tony: Oh! No, not at all. David, let's take it to the ring.



Six-Man Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute TV Time Limit

The Fabulous Freebirds vs Frank Williams, Terry Gibbs & Tony DeVito

The Freebirds easily handle their opponent's. They taunt The Windham's while they beat up their opponent's. Gordy gets into the ring and just physically destroys DeVito. The Windham's on commentary tell the 'birds to just finish the match and they can battle tonight, but the 'birds like punishing their opponent's. Eventually Hayes finally puts down DeVito with a Bulldog takedown. The attack the opponent's after the bell, which brings in the Windham's to battle it out. The numbers game catches up with them, but Sweet Daddy Siki runs in with a pipe and the Freebird's bail.

Time: 5:22

Decision: The Fabulous Freebird's


Tony: Sweet Daddy Siki saves the day here! He must be the surprise tag team partner of the Windham's for tonight's Bunkhouse Brawl in Richmond!


David: What a choice! The Freebird's didn't see that one coming!


Tony: That will be a brawl all over the building tonight.


David: We have to go to break, up next, Mr. Fuji!




David: I'm joined by Mr. Fuji. I'm also joined by a number of wrestlers (Hiro Saito, Toru Tanaka & Tiger Chung Lee) that you've been closely associated with lately. What's the deal here?


Mr. Fuji: Ahhh, David-san, I've wrestled all over the world. I've seen many, many terrible, horrible things. Those thing's make me very happy ah ha ha. I've won so many championships, that I've decided I have nothing left to prove in the ring on a regular basis. But I still want to see people tortured, people scream and in agony! I've picked out these mean, vicious, warriors to bring under my wing. I've been teaching in the martial arts I've studied and perfected over the years. They will continue to torture all these weaklings for my amusement.


David: You're a sick man, Fuji.


Mr. Fuji: Ah, Thank you, David-san.


Fuji takes his crew to the ring. Hiro Saito climbs into the ring, and attacks the opponent immediately.


Single's Match, One-Fall, 10-Minute TV Time Limit

Hiro Saito (w/ Mr. Fuji & partners) vs Italian Stallion

Saito just levels Stallion. He pounds him with vicious karate chops. Fuji is yelling at him to use the nerve hold he's been taught. Saito locks in a trapeze nerve hold. Stallion almost passes out, but Fuji ordered the release of the hold. He then picks up him, waist locks him and gives him a belly to back bridging suplex (German suplex) for the three-count. Then Saito tosses Stallion from the ring while Fuji's men kick at him. All the men climb into the ring as Fuji celebrates.

Time: 4:10

Decision: Hiro Saito


Tony: What a wrecking crew Mr. Fuji has brought together.


David: He's an evil man. Who knows what he has in store for all the other wrestlers.


Tony: We were handed a note before the end of that last match that Fuji has signed a six-man tag team match for tonight's show in Richmond. His men against The Strongbow's and Sivi Afi!


David: Join us tonight in Richmond! Goodnight everybody!

Richmond, VA


February 4, 1984


Main Event

United States Championship

Challenger, Terry Taylor vs Champion, Randy Savage


Six-Man Tag Team Bunkhouse Brawl

The Freebird's vs Barry & Kendall Windham & Sweet Daddy Siki


Six-Man Tag Team Match

Toru Tanaka, Hiro Saito & Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs The Strongbow's & Sivi Afi


Kamala vs Lanny Poffo


United States Tag Team Championship

Challengers, The Moondogs vs Champions, The Grapplers


Pedro Morales vs Rip Rogers


Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens vs The Vachon's


Pez Whatley vs Italian Stallion

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The reign of the Macho Man begins. I loved the title swap and while you could see it happening, pulling the trigger is always great.


The Richmond card is coming together. I think you've got some great pieces here and are fitting them in good spots. I personally love the Windhams vs Freebirds program right now.


Looking forward to Kamala becoming the man beast we all know and love out of all of this as well.

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OOOHHHHH YEA! Macho Madness begins!


I agree with Lowblow and really like the rise of Kamala.


I hope Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens get whats oming to them. They were just too arrogant for too long. You hvae their attitude down very nicely.


Love the Mr. Fugi/ David-san interview.


Good show as always.

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Friday, February 3, 1984

Fisherville, VA

Augusta Expo


Tonight is a special one-night tournament. The winning tag team will earn a title shot against the NWA World Tag Team Champions. The match will be the next time we are in Fisherville, on March 2nd. The special attraction event tonight is a ten-man tag team match.


Opening Round Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Butcher & Mad Dog Vachon vs Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka (w/ Mr. Fuji)

The team lead by Mr. Fuji really turn it up tonight. They have more energy and are showing a little more of a vicious side. Must be Fuji's influence. Vachon's take the fight to their younger opponent's, but eventually fall to Fuji's henchmen.

Time: 8:40

Decision: Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka


Opening Round Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

The Moondogs vs The Strongbows

Interesting tag team encounter here. Both teams liked by the crowd. A very clean, fun wrestling match to begin. Eventually the Strongbow's would take control of the match. They almost had the Moondog's pinned a few times, but the veterans battle back. Jay gets tossed to the floor and Jules gets slammed with a vicious powerslam by Rex for the 3-count.

Time: 8:03

Decision: The Moondogs


Opening Round Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Barry & Kendall Windham vs Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson

The story here is simple, youngsters vs veterans. A true battle back and forth early on. The veterans take the advantage after capitalizing on a mistake from Kendall. They work him over for nearly 10 minutes, but they mis-time a double-team, allowing Barry to make the hot tag. He comes in cleaning house. Sending both opponent's bouncing around the ring. He throws them together, and works over Stevens as the referee tries to get Patterson from the ring. Then as Kendall gets himself tagged back in, Patterson returns to knee Barry out of the ring. He pushes Kendall into a violent leaping knee from Stevens and they get the fall.

Time: 14:33

Decision: Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens


Opening Round Tag Team (Non-Title) Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

The Grapplers vs Blue Demon Jr & Pierroth Jr.

The Mexican team are immediate fan favorites because of the team they are facing. The use their high-flying moves to keep the champions off balance. But a leaping head scissors spells trouble for Blue Demon Jr, as he gets caught and dropped throat first against the ropes. The champions capitalize immediately, wearing him down. Eventually they drop him with a double-gut buster and get the pinfall.

Time: 7:11

Decision: The Grapplers


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Pez Whatley

Kamala enters the ring, and as soon as he gets his mask off, he attacks. Pez tries to battle back early, but the Ugandan Headhunter is too much for him. His nasty chops and vicious strikes takes Pez down early. A few hard kicks keeps Whatley down long enough for Kamala to get the momentum off the ropes, leaping and crushing Pez with a big splash. Three seconds later and we have a winner.

Time: 3:53

Decision: Kamala



Semi-Final Round Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs The Moondogs

The Moondogs are attacked before they even get to the ring by Fuji's men. A vicious beatdown with Fuji leading the charge. The referee eventually gets some order, and the match begins. Tanaka and Saito are real cocky, taking the unfair advantage. They double-team often and sneak in cheap-shots when they can get the referee to look the other way. Their cockiness gets them in trouble, after a missed double-team, they are both on the ground. Moondog Spot finally gets over to make the tag. Rex is on fire, punching and kicking both guys. He keeps both men backing off and getting knocked down. When Spot gets back up, he and Rex double-axe handle smashes Saito and they get the pin.

Time: 8:44

Decision: The Moondogs


Semi-Final Round, Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson vs The Grapplers

Another interesting match, as two villain teams battle each other now. This is fun to watch. The Grapplers are more of the cheating style, where Patterson/Stevens are more aggressive, but don't real cheat outright. This match goes over 15 minutes, and comes down to the Grapplers getting frustrated and behind the referee's back and tosses Stevens over the top rope. Since the referee missed it, there is no DQ. But while out there, Stevens pulls out something from his tights, as he finally gets back into the ring, he swings wildly, missing Grappler #2, the object drops, the referee sees it, but isn't sure who had it, as he questions both men and turns to toss the object, Stevens low blows Grappler #2 and school boys him, Patterson rushes in to nail #1 off the apron and they get the win.

Time: 17:22

Decision: Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson


Special Attraction Ten-Man Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit

US Champion Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat, Pedro Morales, Sweet Daddy Siki & Sam Houston


World Champion Ric Flair, Randy Savage & The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy, Roberts)

We continue this night of tag team matches with a HUGE 10-man tag team attraction. This one is just a fun match, some good wrestling, breaks down into a big-time brawl, settles back down into a hot tag team match. This one goes the 30-minute time limit just as Terry Taylor was getting some revenge on Randy Savage. (The title match hasn't air on TV yet, neither man was announced as champion during the intros). They continue to brawl, until the referee's and other members of this match break it up. The Freebirds hold Savage back as they go to the locker room. Flair grabs his championship and struts off. Taylor's team raises their hands in a moral victory.

Time: 30:00

Decision: Time limit draw


Main Event

Final Round Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit

Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson vs The Moondogs

Based on the interviews at TV yesterday (airing tomorrow) this rivalry is born here. The Moondogs come out battled and injured from their last match. Stevens and Patterson come out worn out from their long battle. These two teams go at it. A classic tag team battle. Back and forth, Stevens and Patterson get Moondog Rex in their corner, working him over. They almost get a few near-falls. Rex battles out of the corner, and Spot comes in, but he gets caught and is worked over by the veterans. It looks like Patterson and Stevens have the Moondogs ripe for the picking. However, just as Stevens leaps off the ropes with a leaping knee smash, Spot moves, Stevens crashes into the mat. Both men make tags, Rex rushes into the ring, ducks a big Patterson clothesline, rebounds off the ropes and leaps with an incredible cross body block, taking down Patterson, cradling the leg, and getting the unbelievable pinfall! The crowd explodes at the finish.

Time: 19:54

Decision: The Moondogs

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I bet Buddy Robert took a hiding in that 10 man. I'm enjoying Crockett becoming the home of the multi man tag match. Also really enjoying you getting into your flow, seems like the foundations have been laid and we're about to go full throttle in the Carolinas...

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Richmond, VA


February 4, 1984


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Pez Whatley vs Italian Stallion

Basic opening, nothing too complicated. Pez Whatley gets himself a win here with a leaping headbutt.

Time: 7:44

Decision: Pez Whatley


Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens vs The Vachon's

Fun tag team match. These teams battle back and forth. The crowd cheers for the Vachon's. Patterson & Stevens work hard and get Mad Dog down and work him over. Eventually we see Mad Dog tag into the Butcher, who starts to make the big comeback for his team, but he gets cut off and taken down by a big leaping knee by Stevens and getting the pin.

Time: 7:26

Decision: Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Pedro Morales vs Rip Rogers

Rip Rogers is hated by the fans, and Pedro gets himself a nice reaction. Pedro works the match really well, keeping the advantage for the majority of the match. He gets the win with the cannonball drop (senton splash).

Time: 6:39

Decision: Pedro Morales


Six-Man Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

Toru Tanaka, Hiro Saito & Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs The Strongbow's & Sivi Afi

Fuji's new stable of villains are on tap for a six-man tag team match. Their opponent's are the Strongbow's and Sivi Afi. The Strongbow's are in early and fight off Fuji's men. Sivi gets tagged in and Fuji gets a distraction and then they beat the daylights out of Afi. Tanaka drops Afi with a big gut-wrench suplex and gets the pin. Fuji's men leave the ring and the crowd just hates on them. The Strongbow's enter the ring and check on Afi, then they level him and attack their fallen partner. The leave in disgust with a lot of the crowd turning on them.

Time: 8:00

Decision: Toru Tanaka, Hiro Saito & Tiger Chung Lee




United States Tag Team Championship, One-Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challengers, The Moondogs vs Champions, The Grapplers

The Moondogs brawl with the Grapplers all around the ring. Once the referee gets this settled into a tag team match, the Grapplers take over. They out-wrestle the challengers. Once the match turns back into a brawl, the challengers battle back. The chaos gets out of control and Rex sends Grappler #1 over the top rope and the referee calls for the DQ.

Time: 17:22

Decision: Still US Tag Team Champions, via DQ, The Grapplers.


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandar Akbar) vs Lanny Poffo

Lanny knows what's coming and as soon as Kamala charges, he leaps into the air, drop-kicking Kamala. That stuns him, Lanny does it again, and Kamala stumbles backwards. Akbar can't believe it! Lanny dropkicks Kamala a third time and Kamala's momentum sends him to the floor between the top and second rope. Lanny is on fire to start. Kamala is pissed. He rolls into the ring, and Lanny tries to keep him off balance with short strikes. Kamala shakes them off and just backhands Lanny into the corner. Kamala runs into the corner with a huge avalanche style splash. Lanny crumbles. Kamala literally kicks Lanny into the center of the ring, Kamala gets some speed off the ring ropes and leaps, crushing Lanny with the big splash.

Time: 4:04

Decision: Kamala


Six-Man Tag Team Bunkhouse Brawl, One-Fall, No Time Limit

The Freebird's vs Barry & Kendall Windham & Sweet Daddy Siki

Just as the title claims, this is a brawl from beginning to end. All six men dressed in t shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots. Taped fists as well. With No DQ's or countouts, these men brawl all over the building. In the isle, in the crowd. Moments into the match, all six-men are bloody. Eventually all six men make it back to the ring. The action goes back and forth, not one team keeps an advantage throughout the brawl. The finish sees Terry Gordy nails Siki with a running power slam to get the win. The Freebirds get another one over the Windhams!

Time: 24:11

Decision: The Fabulous Freebirds


Main Event

United States Championship, One-Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Terry Taylor vs Champion, Randy Savage

This is a rematch from this week's TV that aired earlier in the day. The new champion, Randy Savage defends the title against the former champion, Terry Taylor. Taylor once against sporting a bandage over his forehead. This starts off as a hard-hitting brawl, but when Savage gets control later in the bout, it turns into more of a wrestling match. Savage uses some elbow smashes to keep Taylor on the mat. Terry gets bloody once more. Savage works a chin lock for a moment. The crowd can see Terry's head bleeding heavily. Taylor tries to make several comebacks, but Savage cuts him off each time. Taylor builds a comeback, knocking Savage to the floor. They battle on the floor for a moment, before heading inside the ring once more. Taylor keeps his momentum going, pounding Savage with punches and forearms. He whips Savage into the ropes and nails a vicious flying forearm, but only gets a 2 count. Terry once again kicks and punches at Savage. He whips him into the ropes once more, ducking for a back body drop, but Savage counters Terry. Randy lifts him up and drops him with a violent piledriver. Savage has this won, climbing to the top rope. He points to the lights, and leaps, crushing Taylor with a flying elbow drop. Savage hooks the leg for the 3-count.

Time: 21:04

Decision: Still US Champion, Randy “Macho Man” Savage

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Sunday, February 5, 1984

Hampton, VA



Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Salvatore Bellomo vs Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Basic opener. Get the crowd going, but nothing too hot. Chung Lee defeats Bellomo with a second-hope headbutt.

Time: 6:44

Decision: Tiger Chung Lee


Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

The Strongbow's vs The Vachon's

So the crowd is torn. Most don't know about the attack from the night before. So they cheer for both teams at first. And its an even contest to start. Both teams go back and forth. A clean contest, no cheating, both teams working hard. The match goes to a time limit draw. After the match, the Strongbows attack the Vachon's after the match and leave them laying. The crowd turned on them after the cheap after match beatdown.

Time: 15:00

Decision: Time Limit Draw


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Lanny Poffo vs Rip Rogers

Rogers attacks before the bell, works over Poffo for a few minutes. Rogers misses a big move, that allows Lanny's comeback. Lanny lands the second rope back flip splash for the win.

Time: 5:24

Decision: Lanny Poffo


Six-Man Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

Sivi Afi, Pierroth Jr & Blue Demon Jr. vs Hiro Saito, Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji

Fuji's team is on defense for much of the early part of this match, they are able to injure Afi and keep him close to their corner for the next several minutes. However, after a small miscue between Saito and Tanaka, he is able to tag his partners. They keep the Japanese team off balance with high flying kicks and leverage moves. The finish sees Blue Demon Jr with a dropkick from the second turnbuckle onto Fuji for the win.

Time: 9:00

Decision: Sivi Afi, Pierroth Jr & Blue Demon Jr.




Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandar Akbar) vs Pez Whatley

Squash. Kamala just pounds Pez into the ground and finishes it with the big splash.

Time: 2:21

Decision: Kamala


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Sam Houston vs Pat Patterson

Single's match for Pat Patterson. Sam Houston takes the fight to the vet. They have a really fun, wrestling match. Patterson's experience is too much for the youngster, and he gets the pin after a nice leaping knee smash to the side of the head.

Time: 11:28

Decision: Pat Patterson


United States Championship Match, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Pedro Morales vs Champion, Randy Savage

Pedro gets a nice ovation from the crowd. The people hate Randy Savage. He taunts them with the championship belt. They want to see him get beat. These two have a pretty good battle. Pedro starts off strong, bouncing Savage around the ring. Savage bails and stalls, trying to find an advantage. Randy gets Pedro off him game and brutalizes him with some stiff strikes. Savage with the elbow smashes and even a couple of leaping knees to the upper body. Savage keeps the advantage the rest of the match, finishing off Morales with the top rope flying elbow drop.

Time: 15:16

Decision: Still US Champion, Randy Savage


Main Event

Ten-Man Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit

Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Terry Taylor & The Moondogs


NWA World Champion, Ric Flair, Ray Stevens & The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy, Roberts)

The Freebirds get Barry into their corner and all five men work him over during the majority of this match. Barry breaks free, gets so close and gets cut off. When he does get a tag, the place goes nuts. Steamboat comes in a house of fire. Chops for everyone. All 10-men work their way into the match. Action spills to the floor, everyone's battling it out. We are close to the time-limit. Steamboat is in the ring with Buddy Roberts. Steamer gets a beautiful top rope cross body block for the pin. All the men battle on the outside for a few moments later. As they realize the match is over, Flair's team bail and leave the arena. Steamboat's team stand tall taking in the cheers.

Time: 28:55

Decision: Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Terry Taylor & The Moondogs

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Love the main event. That's a lot of star power for one match.


Waiting to see who is going to stand up and be the rival for Savage. He is such a plus on any roster.


Kamala continues to kill it. 2:21 match. He is too much for any ne to handle. Might need to go to the 5 count for a pin like King Kong Bundy did.

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Monday, February 6, 1984

Winchester, VA

High School


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

US Tag Team Champion, The Grappler #2 vs Mad Dog Vachon

Tag team wrestlers breaking off in single's competition today. Grappler #2 battles Mad Dog Vachon. Decent opener, fans booing the champion, and cheering loudly for the Mad Dog. However, the cheers weren't enough as Mad Dog goes down to the Grappler after a falling headbutt.

Time: 7:20

Decision: Grappler #2


Handicap Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Italian Stallion & Dusty Wolfe

Just as you would expect here. Kamala comes in, crushes both opponent's in no-time flat. He body slams one on top of another, bounces off the ring ropes for added momentum and leaps with the big splash onto both men. Referee gives it a 3-count and Kamala earns another victory.

Time: 3:17

Decision: Kamala


Single's Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

US Tag Team Champion, Grappler #1 vs Butcher Vachon

The tag team partners of both men in the opening contest battle it out here. Fans cheering for the Butcher. They are even more behind him now than in the opener, because they want to see him get some revenge from the earlier loss. Butcher does feel the crowd behind him, and uses that energy to drop Grappler #1 with a big-time vertical suplex and immediately follows that up with a big flying elbow smash for the win.

Time: 7:57

Decision: Butcher Vachon


Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson vs The Moondogs

This rivalry begins to get even hotter between these two teams. A little tease on TV during Patterson & Stevens' interview, but the Moondogs won't be anyone's stepping stones. They battle it out in the ring, going back and forth. Patterson & Stevens use some trickery and cheap tactics to get the Moondogs down for a pinfall.

Time: 11:04

Decision: Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens




NWA Mid Atlantic Television Championship Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Pedro Morales vs Terry Gordy ©

Fun title match to open the second half of our show here. The fiery Pedro Morales challenges the TV Champion, Terry Gordy. The strikes in this match are just brutal. Pedro throwing the head forearms. Terry landing some violent punches to the side of the head. Gordy gets Pedro down after some back and forth and works over his neck. Pedro tries to battle back, but he's really injured. Gordy lays in some nasty knees to the back of the neck. The crowd is hot at Gordy, they do not want to see him retain this title, but unfortunately for them, he does just that. The referee stops the bout after he slaps on a camel clutch style move. Pedro is in a lot of pain.

Time: 11:43

Decision: Still TV Champion, Terry Gordy






Eight-Man Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

Mr Fuji, Toru Tanaka, Tiger Chung Lee & Hiro Saito vs Lanny Poffo, Sivi Afi, Pierroth Jr. & Blue Demon Jr.

Fuji stays on the outside of the ring for the majority of the match. He orders his troops around, and they listen fairly well. They get Afi into their corner and work him over pretty good. Each of the three men keep rotating in and out, keeping a fresh man in. After a few minutes of getting a beat down, Afi is able to counter an attack and roll over to his corner for the big tag into Lanny Poffo. As soon as the tag hits, it becomes a huge brawl. All eight men in the ring, battling it out. Fuji sneaks a cheap shot to the throat on Afi, sending him to the floor. Fuji digs into his tights, pulling out something, tossing it into Lanny's eyes, blinding him. Saito gives Poffo a standing side kick to send him to the ground, leaps into the air and drops down with a back splash for the big win.

Time: 10:55

Decision: Mr. Fuji, Toru Tanaka, Tiger Chung Lee & Hiro Saito


Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Barry & Kendall Windham vs The Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes & Roberts)

All three Freebirds are in the ring as the Windhams walk to the ring, but they are attacked at ringside by all three 'birds. They brawl for a moment, but Gordy and Hayes target Kendall and send him into the post. Then they grab a wooden chair at ringside and break it over the kids head. He's a bloody mess. The 'birds enter the ring, all happy with themselves. Barry checks on Kendall. The referee's come out and take Kendall to the back. Barry still wants to fight. Sam Houston comes out from the locker room and offers to take Kendall's spot. The Freebirds are hot. The referee agrees, but sends Gordy to the locker room. Gordy refuses, but the referee says either leave, or he is fined $5,000. Gordy is pissed, but leaves. The 4-men brawl all over the ring and ringside. The referee let's it go because of the earlier incident. All four-men return to the ring bleeding. They keep brawling. No tags, just a lot of brawling. They keep battling through a 15-minute time limit. The eventually just brawl to the back.

Time: 15:00+

Decision: Time-Limit Draw


Main Event

Tag Team Match, One-Fall, 30-Minute Time Limit

Ricky Steamboat & Terry Taylor


US Champion, Randy Savage & NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair

Wrestling at it's best here. Some brawling when Savage and Taylor are inside the ring against each other, but otherwise a pretty straight forward wrestling match. The champions get Taylor in their corner and hammer on his leg pretty bad. Savage targets the bandaged head a little bit, but the real focus in the leg. Flair even locks in the Figure-Four at one-point, but Steamboat makes the save. When Taylor gets the tag, Steamboat rocks the champions with fast offense. Steamboat is on fire, chops and various kicks to both men. Flair is the legal man, and falls to the mat after a dropkick. Savage enters the ring and Steamboat cuts him off, then Taylor fly’s across the ring, tackling Savage to the floor. Taylor's leg is really hurt still, so he can't get right back up. As Steamboat turns around, Flair knocks him out with some brass knuckles and gets the pinfall. The champs grab their belts and retreat to the locker room.

Time: 27:42

Decision: World Champion, Ric Flair & US Champion, Randy Savage

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