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Superstar Sleeze

[2001-05-28-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit

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Nice recommendation from Loss!


WWF World Heavyweight Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit - RAW 5/28/01


I loved the beginning of this match. This is in Calgary so Benoit is over huge and Austin is actually disliked. Benoit has taped ribs and Austin is relentless on the ribs using that as a focus for transitions and for his control segments. Austin really comes off as a great mean SOB. This is a shining example of how great Benoit can be as a babyface especially fighting from underneath. Austin wins control by targeting the ribs, but Benoit is always chopping his way back into the match. You can really feel the struggle. The Thesz Press reversal into Crossface was a great sequence to take from their November match and the Sharpshooter got a MASSIVE POP! Austin always went back to the ribs by using steel steps or some really nice front suplexes (two on the barricade and one off the tope rope). This finish sucked. It really did not make sense with Austin hitting a Stunner and no ref (total babyface spot) then Vince is distracting Earl and inexplicably Earl throws the belt into the ring and Benoit nails Austin with it. It gets the desired nearfall reaction, but it made no sense. Benoit gets another Crossface, but Austin makes the ropes. Austin applies his down Crossface and they do the Montreal Screwjob finish. At least the fans go home happy as Jericho puts Austin in the Liontamer and Benoit puts Vince in the Crossface. This really makes me want to see the Smackdown match, but the finish does sour the match overall. ***1/2


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