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[2011-10-25-RJPW] Yuki Ishikawa vs Yujiro Yamamoto

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9 minutes of these two grappling around sounds like a good time to me. You know how it goes. They go through a lot of positions. Then Ishikawa gets the mount and throws shoot punches. Then they do more swank grappling. Maybe hit each other really hard if they feel like it. It's good stuff I promise. You kind of forget RJPW has pinfalls but those are for wusses anyway. Ishikawa does a beautiful roll through into a grounded Cobra for the win and that's a GIF in the making. This is a weird match up to talk about for me because it seems so self-evidently good that I really have nothing to add. If you like these two you'll like this match, even if it is just a small taste of what they can do.

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