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Bobby Fish

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Mainly wanted to get Bobby Fish nominated in case Lanza ends up submitting a ballot because I know he'll vote for Fish.


Fish has an interesting career. His early run in NOAH was fun. I haven't seen anything besides one six-man with Misawa in 2009 that I would recommend, but he never looked bad. He was somewhat of a charisma void in EVOLVE, but I love his match with Hero from EVOLVE 3. The Danielson match from the next show is just as good. Now that I think about it, his EVOLVE run is pretty under appreciated.


I don't know who injected he and Kyle O'Reilly with charisma but I've loved every second of those two teaming together for almost three years now. Obviously there's The Briscoes, but besides maybe the Kings of Wrestling and Aries & Strong, who has had a better tag run in ROH? A lot of that is due to Fish. He is outstanding in his role. Now he's getting more chances to shine as a singles star and he's not disappointing. Doesn't hurt that he's one of the most entertaining guys to watch live. Great at interacting with the crowd.


He'll be 95-100 if I vote for him, but I'm really not opposed to doing so. Someone who's skill would convince me, more so than his peak.

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Bobby Fish is a guy that's so fluid and natural in-ring that I really get transfixed by him at times, by that I mean I will be watching Fish and forget about everything else. I've found myself watching Fish and actually questioning how anyone else can be any better in the moment obviously I snap back to reality pretty quickly and remember that he's not the greatest ever although that fact that he has that effect on me speaks to his quality in ring. I have also noticed reDRagon has a similar feel that even when they hit the same pattern of spots for their "two man smash machine" run it always feels fresh, original, and spontaneous while also fitting in perfectly to the flow of a match.


Bobby Fish my not be the GWE but damn if he doesn't carry himself in a way that make you believe he is.

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