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[2016-02-07-Stardom] Stardom (Mayu Iwatani & Kairi Hojo & Io Shirai & Jungle Kyona & Momo Watanabe) vs World Selection (Chelsea Green & Viper & Santana Garrett & Kellie Skater & Evie) (Elimination)

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This is a 'Survivor Series' style tag with battle royal over-the-top eliminations as well. The World team gets off to a good start by being the more in sync team, which was surprising. They actually put over Viper strong as she pretty much takes out all of the Stardom women on her own, pinning Kyouga to get the first elimination. In the middle portion of the match they do a good job of giving the lower ranked women a chance to work some competitive sequences before getting eliminated. There is even some nice top rope teases before both Hojo and Santana get eliminated at the same time. Just a really fun match from start to finish, which is just what you want out of this type of match. ****

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