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[1977-10-17-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] Jerry Lawler & Norvell Austin vs Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey

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Jerry Lawler & Norvell Austin vs. Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condry

Mid South Coliseum - Memphis, TN

October 17, 1977


Cut to the middle of a face-in-peril section with an already bloodied Austin at the mercy of the gigantic Hickerson. Lawler attempts to make a save, but Condry runs interference and Hickerson gets a choke on Austin. Condry tags in but loses the advantage and tags out. Austin smartly avoids a double team as Hickerson connects with Condry instead. Austin gets a tag to Lawler, but the ref was distracted and does not allow it. Austin mistakenly sends Condry to the ropes but catches the ref instead. With the ref down and Austin on the mat, the heels attempt to double team Lawler, who brings a chain into the mix to even the odds. Lawlers wraps the chain around his fist and busts them both open. Hickerson gets in a low blow on Lawler and then drops a huge leg drop on Austin for the win. 4 minutes shown of a 23 minute bout.


After the bell, Lawler and Austin fight back with vigor. Lawler takes the chain and rakes it across Hickerson's forehead. All four men spill to the outside and brawl around ringside. Hickerson gets a huge knock-out punch on Lawler, but the King fights back and slams his head into the announce table. The heels run away as Austin and Lawler hug it out and celebrate.


The few minutes shown of the match are excellent, which great heel-face dynamics at play. Hickerson and Condry are clearly great heels and Austin sells the beating like death. I don't necessarily like to rate clipped matches, but with the post match brawl this is tremendous fun to watch. Just a good bloody fight with sound psychology. ****

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