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[2016-05-05-WWE-Smackdown] Emma & Charlotte vs Becky Lynch & Natalya

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Seems like Natalya and Charlotte alternate between opening their matches between chain wrestling that looks either solid or sloppy, it looked ok here. Charlotte escaping the waistlock by using the ropes and then quickly cutting off Natalya with a big boot was a smart and efficient spot. Emma's character work on the apron was ofen more interesting than what Charlotte was doing inside the ring. Man-Emma viciously slammed Natalya's face right on the apron like LA Park did Dr.Wagner Jr. in their TxT match. And then she hit her with a bunch of good looking punches. She's really grown into a great worker. Ok, I really liked the "Charlotte pulls Emma out of the ring while Becky is beating on her and then Becky goes after Charlotte only to get hit from behind by Emma" sequences. Have to wonder if this is a reaction to me critizing agents for phoning it in. Emma is just so vicious in everything she does and I could see myself turning into a Charlotte supporter if her big boots and head kicks become like a third of their offence like they kind of were here, another really neat spot was when Emma was stretching Becky and as soon as the ref pulled Emma back Charlotte kicked Becky in the face. Holy shit Charlotte randomly Forearms Becky off the apron! I'm all in on this match. And then as the ref turns his attention to all that jazz Emma cheapshots Becky! Natalya makes the hot tag-and has some good ideas, she does an awesome like......back suplex/atomic drop hybrid followed up with her cool stomp on the back but her execution is also often lacking. Natalya gets Charlotte in the Sharpshooter but she tags out to Emma while in the hold and Emma cuts Natalya off with a great clubbing blow! Man this match ruled. I need to think up a name for this kind of spotfest. It wasn't that they just went through a bunch of moves, rather they had a lot of ideas and sequences and clearly spent a decent amount of time putting it together. Much like the American Alpha/Revival match in that regard. Sneaky good. ***1/2

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