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[2016-04-27-LLE] El Hijo de L.A. Park & L.A. Park & Super Parka vs Pierroth & Rush & Toscano

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This was a special match. It was nice to see a chaotic brawling trio in Arena Mexico again and the crowd greeted them with insane crowd heat. There were portion in this where they would digress and just do awesome macho bullshit and it was just so cool, you get the feeling these guys would be world champions at posing. LA Park's son threw a good punch and just catapulted himself into the crowd on a dive and also choked Pierroth with camera cables so he definitely has potential. Still you are here to see LA Park and Rush go aat it and, while the match is mostly worked around teasing that pairing rather than giving it straight away when you do get them going at it it's just pure magic. ****

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