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[2016-03-14-WWE-Raw] HHH vs Dolph Ziggler

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I think it's pretty undeniable at this point that Triple H is a pretty self-conscious worker. I don't even think that's an inherent negative honestly. I liked the Reigns match more than pretty much anyone else and I was starting to wonder if the micromanaging and his status of a demigod within the company would finally allow Triple H to turn into a good worker. They did not. This was boring, played to the cheapest instincts of the most shallows wrestling crowd. Uninteresting and very basic quasi-matwork that was all heatless headlocks that they transitioned away from only when the crowd started chanting their names out of boredom after failed CM Punk chants. Triple H's move-PAUSE-move-PAUSE formula was as apperent here as it ever was. A lot of stuff they did was rough around the edges and they relied on uninteresting cliche transitions to get through the match. The crowd will pop for 2.9999 counts though, so there's that. *3/4

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