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[2016-03-07-WWE-Raw] Kevin Owens vs Neville

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Hey! I liked this a lot! It started out like your regular TV match but actually ended up being quite good, like a PWG match condensed into TV match time without it seeming like they were just trying to get all of their shit in. Pretty insane you get stuff like a Shooting Star Plancha on a throwaway TV match. I liked Neville's prolonged kick combo and his German Suplex bump was insane, usually when you have guys flip all the way it looks more like them doing a standing moonsault over the other guy than an actual German Suplex, here it looks like Neville was centimeters away from breaking his neck but it is ultimately a safe bump which is completely insane and something only a freak athlete like him could do. I do not care much for Owen's, he is pretty much a poor man's Chris Jericho, his trash talk is not as good and he doesn't have a scarf or a cool jacket, he did serve as a good base for Neville here and can definitely keep up with him in spot-fu. ***

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