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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling June 1984

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May 31, 1984

TV Taping (Airing on 6/2/84 and WWW for 6/3/84)

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Coliseum

MACW TV Taping to be aired on June 2nd.

Tony Schiavone: Welcome wrestling fans, to the Charlotte Coliseum. This week is a huge television program! This week, we have the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team titles on the line! The Champions will defend their titles against the Moondogs.

David Crockett: That’s right, Tony! What a main event that is! We usually don’t have a major title defense like this on television! We also will have the NWA World’s Champion here to discuss his cage match from last weekend against Ricky Steamboat.

Tony: And that’s not all, we will hear from both challenger and champion, as there is also a big United States Title match set for World Wide Wrestling.

David: What a huge beginning to the summer we have in store! Let’s get right to the action, Tony.

Single’s Match

One-Fall with a 10-Minute TV Time Limit

Terry Taylor vs Tony DeVito

Terry Taylor gets a loud ovation. His friend Sam Houston accompanies him to ringside. Terry doesn’t waste much time, delivering a nice flying forearm for the win.

Decision: Terry Taylor

Time: 3:01

Tony: Welcome to the set, victorious Terry Taylor and his tag team partner, Sam Houston.

Sam: Thank you, Tony.

Tony: You are gunning for those United States Tag Team Titles.

Terry: That’s right, Tony. We are a new team, but we are working our way up that ladder. We want nothing more than to be the next US Tag Team Champions.

Sam: Yeah, and with Terry Taylor as my partner, I see nothing getting in our way. We will continue to get wins and build a resume towards that number contendership.

Terry: Patterson & Stevens, be ready for us. We are ready for you.

Tony: And we’ll be right back.


Before we head to the ring for the next match, a pre-tape interview with Randy Savage about his title match on WWW this week.

Randy: I hear that big, bad, Barry Windham wants a shot at the champ. Can you believe that?! He wants to take on the Macho Man, even after I embarrassed him and destroyed his brother, yeah! Don’t you worry, I’ve got special plans for you Barry. You are in the scope my friend, yeah! The Macho Man knows who you are, and he will take you out, DIG IT?!

David: Before we head to the ring for our main attraction this week, the Freebirds have joined us here at the table.

Michael: This is crap, David Crockett! I don’t know what your idiot brother is trying to prove, but we won’t let him get the best of us!

Buddy: That’s right! We are the best team in the entire world. We are fighting champions, and we WILL keep these pretty gold belts. You can put us in steel cage matches, we win. You can put us up against the toughest pretty boys, we win. You can even book a match on the fly today, and we will win. We are that damn great.

Terry: Enough talking, let’s go.

The Freebirds storm off the set and head to the ring.

NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match

One-Fall with a 45-Minute TV Time Limit

Challengers, The Moondogs (Rex, Spot & Moretti) vs Champions, The Fabulous Freebirds (Gordy, Hayes and Roberts)

The announcers discuss why the Freebirds are so upset about this title match. They say the Freebirds claim they didn’t have to defend the belts for another few weeks, due to their recent steel cage victory, but the NWA Board decided that this match was to take place. Basically saying that because the ‘Birds had Savage’s help to win, they had to defend the belts again to the next top challengers. The match itself goes between three commercial breaks. The birds had the advantage over Moretti for quite a few minutes. But he wouldn’t be kept down. The big tag to Rex turns the match and momentum around in the Moondogs favor. The Freebirds turn it into a pier six brawl all over the ring. Referee Tommy Young is trying to keep order. Terry Gordy nails Spot with a vicious back suplex, but Tommy won’t count. The wrong Moondog is being pinned. Gordy tosses him to the floor, and Rex school boys a shocked Gordy for the win! The Moondogs roll to the floor, pick up Spot and are handed the championships. They are ecstatic and the place is going crazy. No one really thought that the Moondogs could put it together against the hot team of the Freebirds. Buddy grabs the microphone.

Buddy: I can’t believe this! How did this happen?! You know what, you’re all against us. I can feel it. I’m sick of it. We are the best damn team in the world. You jealous (bleeped on TV). You can’t get the best of us. We are the best! We are the real champions! Screw this, let’s go boys.

The Freebirds stomp out of the building as we head to commercial break.

Decision: New NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, The Moondogs!

Time: 29:42


David: What a shocker, huh Tony?! NEW champions right here in the NWA! The Moondogs upset the world AND the Freebirds to win the championships!

Tony: An unbelievable moment here in MACW, David! The Freebirds just walked out of here, grabbed their bags and walked straight out of the building. I tell you this, whoever their target is next, I don’t want to be near that situation.

David: They are sore losers, for sure. Someone who isn’t a sore loser, is the challenger for tomorrow’s big time US title match on World Wide Wrestling, and he is the TV Champion, Barry Windham!

Barry walks to the interview set to talk with David Crockett.

David: Barry, you finally get a shot at the Macho Man on World Wide Wrestling. The NWA Board of Directors named you the number one challenger after your impressive streak with the TV Title.

Barry: Yes, they did David. I think I’m deserving of this chance. It is a huge opportunity for me. I love being the Television Champion, but the United States Championship has such a tradition behind it as well. It is almost a stepping stone to earning that NWA World’s Heavyweight Title. It’s just a bonus I get to beat on that Randy Savage as well.

David: He is a dangerous human being, are you prepared for “Macho Madness?”

Before Barry could answer, a masked man jumps from the audience and attacks Barry. This masked man tosses Windham into the barricade. He then grabs a folding chair and waffles him on the back with it. This masked man pushes over David Crockett and picks up Barry and delivers a very brutal looking powerslam onto the floor. He tries to pick up Barry once more for maybe a piledriver, but officials and security arrive to take the man away. Barry is brutally hurt.

Tony gets on the microphone.

Tony: We need medical help for Barry, and someone please check on David Crockett! What’s that, uh, no, we can’t have the World Champion out here now. We need help out here! Wrestling fans, this is insane. Barry is hurt. The truck is telling me we will go to a replay of this horrible incident, and we will see you back here next week on Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Until then, join us on World Wide Wrestling. I don’t even know if Barry can wrestle tomorrow!

We show a replay of the attack and fade to black.



Dark Match not taped for Television.

Kamala defeated Pez Whatley in 6:22 after two big splashes.




World Wide Wrestling Taping to be aired on June 3, 1984

Bob Caudle: Welcome to World Wide Wrestling! I’m Bob Caudle, and I am joined once again this week by Tony Schiavone. We have a huge United States Championship match in store for you this week!

Tony: That’s right, Bob! But we have an announcement to make about that match right now. After the brutal attack on Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling this weekend, Barry Windham will not be able to compete for the United States Championship. However, the Board of Directors have issued a notice that there WILL BE a title match on this week’s show!

Bob: We have just learned that Sam Houston has been named Barry’s replacement in this title match. That is huge news this week on World Wide Wrestling.

Tony: The Champion, Randy Savage is livid at the announcement. He’s threatened to leave the arena, but the Board of Directors also stated that if he does, he can leave the championship behind, as they will strip him of the title for skipping out on a Television defense. The Board members are on hand to today to make this quick decision. They were not pleased at the events that closed our TV show this weekend. Rumors have been running rapid around the locker room that either Randy Savage was under the mask and attacked Barry, or he has hired someone to do his dirty work. We have offered Randy Savage TV time to respond, but he has declined to comment. This is very unusual for Savage to not want to step in front of a camera and speak his mind.

Bob: Well, in his defense, Tony, he does have a huge title defense today, and against a challenger he really wasn’t prepared for. But, let’s not waste much more time, the fans want to see some action. And we have an six-man match coming up!

Six-Man Tag Team Match

One-Fall with a 15-minute time limit.

Mr. Fuji’s Clan (Saito, Lee & Tanaka) vs Sweet Daddy Siki, Salvatore Bellomo & Chris Champion

Fuji’s henchmen dominate in this match pretty easily. Much to the surprise of the crowd. Bellomo takes a beating before getting a quick tag off to Siki, but he also quickly gets into trouble. Getting himself stuck in the corner for a number of double and triple-teams. Tanaka sets up Siki with a huge butterfly suplex into Saito’s splash for the win. Fuji’s men were dominant here.

Decision: Fuji’s Clan

Time: 7:13


Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

The Vachon’s vs Rip Rogers & Italian Stallion

The Vachon’s go on the attack early. Keeping Stallion in their corner. The just brawl the majority of the match, ending with a double back elbow to Stallion. Rogers never even tagged into the match, and left his partner before the end of the match.

Decision: The Vachon’s

Time: 4:21

Bob Caudle: A big win for the veteran team of the Vachon’s. We have pre-recorded comments from the NWA World Champion, Ric Flair. He taped these comments earlier today before getting into the jet for his next appearance.

Ric Flair: Woooo!!! You are looking at the man who is the diamond in the rough that is the Mid Atlantic region. The limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun, Whooo!!! The one and only World’s Champion is here to stay, pal! I will get into the private jet, only as a World’s Champion can fly, and fly into the next town, defend this 15 pounds of gold and give another beautiful woman a ride of Space Mountain! Ricky Steamboat, I proved to you that I am THE MAN! I’m officially done with you and moving on. I don’t care who the next challenger proves to be, I will show him, just like you Steamboat, that I’m the Nature Boy! I’m The Champ! Whooo!!!!

Tony Schiavone: When we return, we will have the United States Championship defended next!


NWA United States Championship Match

One-Fall, 60-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Sam Houston vs Champion, Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth)

The action begins right away. Savage stalls immediately, locking up with Houston, but then bailing to the floor. The referee yells at him to return, and Savage eventually gets to the apron and returns to the ring. Sam patiently waits for Savage to be ready. They go to lock up and Savage bails to the floor. The crowd is booing him very loudly. Houston follow him out and the chase is on. Savage rolls into the ring, Houston follows him in, Savage drills him with a knee and immediately has the advantage now. Macho Man quickly goes on the offense. Working over Sam Houston with some quick offense. He drops a couple of hard knees to the upper torso. We go to a commercial break.


When we return, Savage is wrenching a vicious chinlock as he berates the fans at ringside. The fans are cheering on Houston. He’s been worn down, but is battling to his feet. Savage grabs the hair and drags him to the mat. The referee, Tommy Young, misses the infraction, but talks to Savage anyways. The US Champion keeps the pressure on for the next few minutes, wearing him down with the chin lock and some strikes as well. He climbs the ropes and leaps with a double axe-handle for a two-count. Savage suplexes Houston over. He climbs up the ropes, points to the ceiling, leaps and misses the huge leaping elbow smash! Both men are on the mat. Savage is in pain, but still have a lot more energy at this point. He gets up first, but Houston quickly leaps to his feet, grabbing Savage with a rolling reverse cradle, and get’s 2 and ⅞’s! The crowd went nuts, but the match continues. Savage gets to his feet and levels Houston with a leaping clothesline. Savage stands up, shaking off the elbow he injured with the big leap off the ropes. Randy kicks at Houston then tries for a cover, but once again gets a two count. Savage tosses Houston to the floor through the second and top ropes. He climbs up the ropes, waiting for Houston to stumble into position. Savage leaps once more, but Houston sees him coming and moves away, Savage crashes into the barricade. Houston grabs Savage and pushes him into the ring. Savage has had the control of the match, but two BIG misses have put him in jeopardy of losing the title today. Both men get to their feet, Houston leaps and drops the champion with a dropkick. Houston covers him for a long two count. Both men work their way to their feet. Sam grabs Randy and whips him into the ropes, Sam tries for a backdrop, but Savage stops him, grabbing him and lifting him for a piledriver. Houston blocks the attempt. He backs off the piledriver and pushes Savage into the ropes, Houston rebounds off the opposite side and tries a clothesline, but Randy ducks, the both rebound off the ropes again, Houston leaps, cross body block, Tommy Young gets to the mat and only negotiates a two count. Both men are getting exhausted now. Savage seems injured based on the big misses. Houston is recovering from all the punishment from earlier in the contest. Houston pulls himself up in the corner. Savage rushes in with an elbow smash, but Houston moves, Randy nails the turnbuckle. Houston grabs Randy quickly and drops him hard to the mat with a running bulldog takedown. He covers for the 3-count! The crowd leaps in the air with excitement as we have a brand new US Champion!!

Decision: New NWA United States Champion, Sam Houston!

Time: 24:41

Bob: What a match, and a shocking decision! Sam Houston comes in and wins the United States Championship! What will this title change mean to MACW?! Join us next week here on World Wide Wrestling! So long, folks!

Fade to black.



Dark Match Main Event

20-Man Battle Royal

Kamala wins the battle royal last eliminating Ricky Steamboat to earn the victory.

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Wow. Didn't see coming your 2 title switches AT ALL. Also love your format. Keep it up!

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June 1, 1984

Rockingham, NC

High School


Chris Champion defeated Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Mr. Fuji) in 7:11.


Toru Tanaka & Hiro Saito (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated The Vachon’s in 8:42.


Lanny Poffo defeated Mr. Fuji in 10:39.


Adrian Adonis defeated Pez Whatley in 11:33.




NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

The Moondogs (Rex, Spot & Moretti) defeated The Grapplers & Rip Rogers to retain the titles in 15:21.


The Strongbow’s defeated Kendall Windham & Terry Taylor in 20:19.


Kamala defeated Sweet Daddy Siki in 4:44.


NWA United States Championship Match

Sam Houston defeated Pedro Morales to retain the title in 18:30.


Six-Man Tag Team Main Event Match

The Rock n’ Roll Express & NWA TV Champion Barry Windham defeated

NWA World Champion, Ric Flair & NWA US Tag Team Champions, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens (w/ Paul Jones) in 39:01.




June 2, 1984

Columbia, SC

Township Auditorium


Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Champion defeated Toru Tanaka & Tiger Chung Lee in 9:00.


Adrian Adonis defeated Lanny Poffo in 8:33.


Mr. Fuji & Hiro Saito defeated The Vachon’s in 10:50.


NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

The Moondogs defeated Kamala & The Strongbow’s via DQ after Kamala attacked the referee in 12:55.




Terry Taylor & NWA United States Champion Sam Houston defeated The Grappler’s in 14:25.


Rip Rogers defeated Pez Whatley in 6:41.


NWA United States Tag Team Title Match

Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens (w/ Paul Jones) defeated The Vachon’s in 16:28 to retain the titles.


NWA TV Champion Barry Windham and Kendall Windham defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair and masked man known simply as Mr. Money in 37:22.

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June 7, 1984 (TV Taping, MACW airing June 9th, and WWW airing June 10)

Hampton, VA

The Coliseum


Tony Schiavone: Welcome wrestling fan to this week’s edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling, I’m Tony Schiavone, and this is my broadcast partner, David Crockett. Last week was a very historic week in MACW. We had two huge television shows with two major title changes!


David Crockett: That’s right, Tony. Right here, last week, we saw the Moondogs with a huge upset, defeating the seemingly unbeatable Fabulous Freebirds to win the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championships!


Tony: And if you were able to join us on World Wide Wrestling, Sam Houston defeated Randy Savage to win the United States Championship.


David: What a shocker last week was in MACW. We understand that the “gentlemen” that attacked Barry Windham to keep him out of the US title match showed up at an event over the weekend and called himself “Mr. Money.” We are not sure who this individual is, but he has apparently signed to appear at more Mid Atlantic shows in the coming weeks. I’m sure that actually makes out TV Champion happy, as Barry wants to get revenge for that dastardly attack last week.


Tony: I’m sure you are right, David. We also have to announce that due to their title loss last week, The Fabulous Freebirds have left the Mid Atlantic region. They stormed off and no-showed a number of events over the week. Mid Atlantic officials have suspended them until they pay the $30,000 fine. That’s $10,000 each for no showing those events.


David: We also have some new blood coming into the area, Adrian Adonis, a champion from all over the world, has already made his name known here in the Mid Atlantic region.


Tony: We also will have some more wrestler’s debuting over the next couple of weeks, as we head into Mid Atlantic Mayhem, June 30th in Charlotte, NC.


David: And don’t forget the other major announcement we have before our first contest. The main event of that show, will be NWA World Champion, Ric Flair, defending that championship, against Bruiser Brody!


Tony: That’s a huge announcement, David! We understand that we will be seeing Brody here next week on MACW.


David: And the World Champion will discuss this match on World Wide Wrestling this week. But that’s World Wide Wrestling, let’s talk about today’s event. Coming up later on this week, we have Rip Rogers against Chris Champion, Kamala in action, The Strongbow’s are here as well. Up first, Mr. Fuji and his clan of warriors.


Six-Man Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-minute TV time limit

Fuji’s Clan (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs Dennis Stamp & the Scrap Irons

Fuji’s guys are on a mission. They attack before the bell. Saito keeps Stamp into the middle of the ring. He lays down a vicious attack of strikes. Then leaps with a big senton splash to keep Stamp grounded. Fuji’s guys toss the Scrap Irons from the ring. Saito tags in Tiger Chung Lee, who crushes Stamp with a leaping knee smash. He tags in Tanaka and Toru grabs a vicious arm bar for the submission.

Time: 2:59

Decision: Fuji’s Clan


Tony: Welcome to our set, Mr. Fuji and his warrior clan.

Mr. Fuji: Tony-san. You are correct. My warriors. They have been in training, day and night. Working harder than they have ever been expected to. They are becoming the most vicious and violent warriors I can groom them to be. You saw a little bit of that in that ring. Moondogs, you are our focus. I want gold for my warriors. When they destroy you, they will earn that prize.


Tony: You are challenging the new Six-Man Tag Team Champions?


Fuji: Of course. I want money. I want pain for the Moondogs. My men do what I want. My warriors do as I say. They train for pain. They train for agony of our opponent’s. They train to carry championships. Hahaha. Moondogs, I await your answer.




Single’s Match

One Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Rip Rogers vs Kendall Windham

Kendall takes the early advantage, working a side headlock. But Rogers gets a cheap shot to the knee in. He takes over rather quickly, working on that injured knee. Kendall eventually reverses the momentum, and takes down Rogers with a flying shoulder block. A running bulldog later and Kendall gets the win.

Time: 4:29

Winner: Kendall Windham


David: Let’s welcome Kendall as he comes to the set after a hard fought win.


Kendall: Thanks David.


Before he even gets to speak, the masked wrestler known as “Mr. Money” attacks Kendall. He pounds away, and tosses him into the barricade. He picks him up and drops him against the guardrail. A number of referee’s rush out and intervene. Mr. Money raises his arms in victory and walks into the locker room.




Single’s Match

One Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Tony DeVito

Kamala destroys Tony. A few knife-edge chops, and overhead forearm smashes. Kamala lifts him up and drops him with a big body slam. Kamala bounces off the ropes and drops a big splash for the win.

Time: 2:10

Winner: Kamala


Tony: As we mentioned during the match, Skandor Akbar has returned from his suspension. This is the first chance he will have to address that situation.


Skandor: I don’t want to address that, you idiot! I don’t live in the past. I told you before, I’m here to take over this stinkin’ promotion. I will rule the NWA, and that starts with the Mid Atlantic region. Kamala is my killer. He can’t be defeated. The Strongbow’s are the greatest tag team combination in the history of the world! They will be champions very soon. We will run this entire company soon enough.


They head back to the ring, as the Strongbow’s have a tag team match scheduled after the break.




Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar & Kamala) vs Jason Knight and Dusty Wolfe

This match is an easy one for the Strongbow’s. Jay gets the win with a sleeper hold. After the match, they attack both men and Kamala gives them both the big splash. The Vachon’s run out for the save, but the numbers game keeps them from helping too much. Then Junkyard Dog runs out from the locker room and it turns into a three on three brawl to end the show.

Time: 5:39

Decision: Jay & Jules Strongbow




Dark Match

Junkyard Dog defeats Mr. Fuji with THUMP in 8:43.


World Wide Wrestling Taping


Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone welcome the fans to the show and send it right to the ring.


NWA Television Title Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute TV Time Limit

Challenger, Scott Casey vs Champion, Barry Windham

The announcers discuss the debuting Scott Casey. They tell the audience that he earned his title shot by his record throughout the United States and in other NWA member areas. He and Barry have a great back and forth match. The champion picks up the win with a second-rope superplex. After the match, Mr. Money arrives through the crowd and attacks Barry once more. Mr. Money nails the TV Champion with a chair across the back and poses with the title belt.

Time: 8:59

Decision: Still Television Champion, Barry Windham




Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Rock n’ Roll Express vs Terry Gibbs and Frank Williams

The Express make easy work with the inexperienced team of Gibbs and Williams. The pick up the win with the double dropkick.

Time: 4:33

Decision: Rock ‘n Roll Express


Bob Caudle goes to ringside to talk with the Rock ‘n Roll Express. They issue a challenge for the June 30th Mid Atlantic Mayhem show. They want to challenge the US Tag Team Champions, Patterson & Stevens. They tell them they are the next challengers and we will see who the champions are come June 30th.




We return with a pre-tape interview with the NWA World Champion, Ric Flair. He discusses the upcoming title match against Bruiser Brody. He’s not happy with MACW officials for making this match, but he’s the World Champion. He will defeat ALL challengers, and Brody is just the next in the long line of failures.


Single’s Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Italian Stallion

A debut with the rookie, Bam Bam Bigelow. This kid is 360 pounds, but with amazing athleticism. He shows this off a little bit here, as the Stallion attacks early, he whips Bam Bam into the ropes, but Bigelow cartwheels away from the back body drop. The crowd enjoys this. Bam Bam uses his power and takes over the match. Bam Bam suplexes Stallion in the middle of the ring. Bam Bam bounces off the ropes and leaps, nailing him with a vicious headbutt for the victory.

Time: 5:20

Decision: Bam Bam Bigelow




Main Event Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 20-Minute Time Limit

The Grappler’s vs Terry Taylor and NWA US Champion, Sam Houston

Taylor starts off quick, bringing down Grappler #2. He starts to work over the arm. But #2 gets away, and tags his partner. #1 enters the ring and Terry starts to wrestle him. He takes him down with an armdrag and keeps the pressure on. He tags to Sam Houston, but as he enters the ring, Terry slaps his face and bails from the ring. Houston is shocked. The Grappler’s attack. The referee tries to regain control. The fans are shouting at Terry to help Sam out. The referee calls for the bell when they just double team Houston. Taylor returns to the ring and chases the Grappler’s from the ring. He looks like he wants to help Houston, but he kicks him low and leaves the ring in disgust.

Time: 4:01

Decision: Terry Taylor and Sam Houston via DQ.


Bob Caudle is at ringside trying to get a word with Taylor, but he just pushes Caudle away as he returns to the locker room to end the show.


Dark Match after the taping:

Adrian Adonis wins a battle royal.

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I'm really feeling that old school vibe in this series. I really feel like I'm watching an episode NWA World Championship Wrestling from that time. Keep it up!

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I love the font changes you've mad. Makes things that much easier to read. I know things are hard for you to keep up on, but even if you did quick results of the television with some of the angles, it would be enough to show just how great MACW is right now with a loaded roster.

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June 8, 1984

Richmond, VA

Richmond Coliseum


Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Mr. Fuji)


Adrian Adonis defeated Lanny Poffo


Magnum TA defeated Scott Casey


The Vachon’s and the Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) went to a double DQ.


Rock ‘n Roll Express defeated Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka (w/ Mr. Fuji)


The Moondogs defeated The Grappler’s & Rip Rogers to retain the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Titles.


Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated Pedro Morales


Barry & Kendall Windham defeated Mr. Money & NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair via DQ when Mr. Money tossed Barry Windham over the top rope.


June 9, 1984

Fisherville, VA

Augusta Expo


The Moondogs defeated The Grappler’s


Rip Rogers defeated Moondog Moretti


Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Mr. Fuji)


Scott Casey defeated Lanny Poffo


Kamala & The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated Pedro Morales & The Vachon’s


Rock ‘n Roll Express defeated Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka


Magnum TA, Kendall Windham & NWA TV Champion, Barry Windham went to a 45-minute draw with Adrian Adonis, Mr. Money and NWA World Champion Ric Flair


June 10, 1984

Roanoke, VA

Civic Center


Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Scott Casey


Rock ‘n Roll Express and Magnum TA defeated Tiger Chung Lee, Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka (w/ Mr. Fuji)


Adrian Adonis defeated Pedro Morales


The Moondogs defended the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Titles against The Grappler’s & Rip Rogers in a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match


The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated The Vachon’s


Kamala defeated Lanny Poffo

Mr. Money & NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated NWA TV Champion Barry Windham & Kendall Windham.

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I can't WAIT to find out who is behind Mr. Money. It's seriously everything that the Black Scorpion angle should've been instead of that ridiculous angle they came up with back then.

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June 14, 1984

TV Taping (for June 16 MACW, June 17 WWW)

Norfolk, VA

The Scope


Tony and David welcome the television audience to MACW this week. They discuss the recent attacks by a masked wrestler known as “Mr. Money.” They bring out Barry Windham and he discusses the announcement that he will defend his TV title against “Mr. Money” at Mid Atlantic Mayhem at the end of this month. Barry states he doesn’t know what the issue is with this guy, but that he’s shown up a number of times now and keeps sneak attacking his enemies. It’s about time this guy gets what is coming to him. Just as he finishes that last statement, from behind the interview set, the masked Mr. Money arrives and attacks Barry with a wooden chair, shattering it against his back. He stands over Barry and grabs the title belt, holding it high above his head. Tony tries to get him to speak, but the masked man just shoves him away and walks off the set with the title belt.


Non-Title Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

NWA United States Tag Team Champions, Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson (w/ Paul Jones) vsTony DeVito and Frank Williams

Basic tag team match, the champions completely dominate the action. They control both men throughout the short encounter. They finish off Williams with a Stevens second-rope knee smash.

Time: 4:39

Decision: Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson

As they leave the ring, they walk to the interview set where David Crockett is waiting on them. Before he even gets to introduce them, Paul Jones grabs the microphone. He looks at the camera and tells the Rock n’ Roll Express that they have their shot at the titles on June 30th. Stevens and Patterson are going to prove why they are the champions and the best tag team in the NWA. He says that not only does Paul Jones have the US Tag Team Champions under his management, but he is going to introduce to the world the future two-time US Champion, and he brings out Terry Taylor. The fans boo this incredibly. Terry walks out and shakes all three men’s hands. Paul says that Terry will speak to the world after his match. Tony sends up to commercial.


Single’s Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Terry Taylor (w/ Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens) vs Dennis Stamp

As the match begins, the US Tag Team Champions join their new stable-mate at ringside. Paul Jones does commentary with Tony and David. They question his alliance with Terry Taylor. He doesn’t really answer directly, only stating that winners know winners, and champions know greatness. That is why they are together. Terry works over Stamp. He has a lot more aggression since he turned on Sam Houston last week. He wins with a flying forearm. Paul Jones states that Terry has the best forearm shot in the business. So much so that they have named that the “Five-Arm” because it’s such a knockout shot.

Time: 4:52

Decision: Terry Taylor

We rejoin the group at the interview set. Paul Jones congratulates his newest wrestler on the win. David Crockett grills Taylor on his betrayal against Sam Houston. Terry looks at David and says “You think I betrayed him?! What do you mean David Crockett?! You don’t think that pathetic excuse of a man turned his back on me? He’s the one that came to ME and said we should be a new tag team. HE’s the one that begged me to join him to try to win the titles from these two excellent athlete’s. We had a chance to do that, only because of how great I am. He’s a loser, but I thought we were friends. Then he sneaks around my back, snakes his way into a US title shot. You know David, he must be the luckiest man in the world to win that title. But don’t you worry...that title will come back to ME! I’m the real United States Champion. It was stolen from me earlier this year, and I will get it back. Count on it.” They leave the set as we go to another break.


Single’s Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Italian Stallion

Tony and David talk about how Bam Bam is making a name for himself around the country in recent months, especially in the Memphis area. He takes care of the Stallion with ease after a powerslam and a leaping headbutt.

Time: 3:46

Decision: Bam Bam Bigelow

Tony brings out Adrian Adonis to the interview set. As he walks out, he bumps into an exiting Bam Bam Bigelow They have a stare down, and Bam Bam steps aside, letting Adonis get to the interview set. Bigelow leaves the arena. Tony asks Adrian what that was all about. He says that rookies need to learn their place. He says Bam Bam was a little smart, knowing enough to step aside when greatness walks through. Adonis says that he will be at Mid Atlantic Mayhem, and wants to have a challenge. He then challenges the NWA Board of Directors to get him a title opportunity, as he is the only one deserving of a title shot.

We then go to a short video package showing off Bruiser Brody and his destructive ways. Some Japan footage and the Coastal Crush show clips were used.


Non-Title Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute TV Time Limit

2/3rds of the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, Moondogs vs The Grappler’s

This tag team match has Rex and Spot against the former champions. The match goes back and forth, the entire way. It ends in a draw. With the announcer’s putting over that this match and a combination of these four in six-man tag team matches will be happening on the shows this weekend around the region. The close the show with these four men staring off against each other.

Time: 10:00

Decision: Time Limit Draw


Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone welcome the home audience to this week’s episode. They discuss the recent fire incidents with Skandor Akbar and his recent return after a suspension. His army will be on the show this week in action. They also discuss the upcoming Mid Atlantic Mayhem Closed Circuit event. They will have a Control Center on that event later in the program. We go to the ring for the opening contest.

Single’s Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Junkyard Dog vs Dusty Wolfe

JYD lays down the law early in this match. A few headbutts and a THUMP later, and he easily gets the “W” in this match. After the match, the Strongbow’s rush down and surround the ring. Kamala joins them and tries to attack the Dog, but JYD is able to trip up Kamala and get out of the ring before he is laid out. They are all pissed in the ring. Skandor sneaks around the opposite side of the ring and is upset his plan failed. Kamala gives Dusty a big splash for no reason.

Time: 3:20

Decision: Junkyard Dog


Single’s Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Magnum TA vs Terry Gibbs

A huge reception for Magnum. He’s already a really popular guy. The word in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazines have really earned him a great reputation here. He has a fun a little match here with Terry Gibbs. Magnum controls the majority of it here, ending it with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. The announcer’s put over his immediate popularity.

Time: 5:41

Decision: Magnum TA

Bob Caudle heads ringside to pick up a quick word with Magnum. Magnum thanks Bob for the time, and thanks the fans for welcoming him so well to the territory. He’s been a fan of MACW for quite a while and hopes to make an impact.


David Crockett is in the Control Center for an update on Mid Atlantic Mayhem. He runs down the entire card as it has been finalized.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Challenger, Bruiser Brody vs NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair

NWA United States Championship

Challenger, Terry Taylor (w/ Paul Jones) vs United States Champion, Sam Houston

NWA United States Tag Team Championship

Challengers, Rock ‘n Roll Express vs United States Tag Team Champions, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens (w/ Paul Jones)


NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

Challengers, Fuji’s Clan (Tiger Chung Lee, Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka) w/ Mr. Fuji vs NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, The Moondogs (Rex, Spot & Moretti)

NWA Television Championship (Special 30-Minute Time Limit)

Challenger, “Mr. Money” vs Television Champion, Barry Windham

Loser Leaves Town - One Fall to a Finish: Steel Cage Match

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Junkyard Dog

Tag Team Grudge Match

Jules & Jay Strongbow (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Butcher & Mad Dog Vachon

**** Local Charlotte Advertising Below ***

These matches will be taped before the closed circuit show goes live for World Wide Wrestling

Magnum TA vs Rip Rogers

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Adrian Adonis

Invitational Over-the-Top Rope Battle Royal


Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Jay & Jules Strongbow (w/ Skandor Akbar & Kamala) vs The Scrap Irons (Sheppard & Scranton)

The Strongbow’s dominate this entire contest. They use a number of chops to weaken their opponent’s. Kamala is pacing at ringside. The announcer’s talk about the upcoming matches at Mayhem. “Chief” Jay Strongbow puts Scranton asleep with a Sleeper Hold to win the match. Afterwards all three men attack the Scrap Iron’s. Kamala with a big splash to both men. He attempts another set of splashes when Junkyard Dog and The Vachon’s run out for the save. All six men are brawling as we end the show.

Time: 5:03

Decision: The Strongbow’s

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Love the way you use Stevens & Patterson as NWA US Tag Champions. Your tag team division is so loaded that having a 2nd tag team title gives you tons of options. You keep Stevens & Patterson hot while they can challenge for the World Tag Team Championship!

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June 15, 1984

Fayetteville, NC

Cumberland City Civic Center


Magnum TA defeated Scott Casey.


Adrian Adonis defeated Sweet Daddy Siki.


Kamala & The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated The Vachon’s & Kendall Windham


Rock ‘n Roll Express defeated US Tag Team Champions Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens (w/ Paul Jones) in a US Tag Team Title Match, via Countout. Patterson & Stevens retained the titles.


NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Moondogs defeated The Grappler’s & Rip Rogers to retain the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Titles in a Texas Tornado Match.


US Champion Sam Houston & Terry Taylor (w/ Paul Jones) wrestled to a double DQ in a United States Title Match.


Television Champion Barry Windham defeated Mr. Money to retain the NWA Television Title. After the match, Mr. Money attacked Barry with a chair and left him laying. Kendall Windham appeared to run off Mr. Money.


June 16, 1984

Raleigh, NC

Dorton Arena

No Flair


Magnum TA defeated Rip Rogers.


The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated The Vachon’s


Scott Casey defeated Moondog Moretti.


The Moondogs defeated The Grappler’s in a Texas Tornado Match.


Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated Sweet Daddy Siki.


Rock ‘n Roll Express and Sam Houston defeated US Tag Team Champions, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens and Terry Taylor (w/ Paul Jones) in a six-man tag team match.


Television Champion, Barry & Kendall Windham defeated Mr. Money & Adrian Adonis via DQ after Mr. Money attacked Barry with the ring bell.


June 17, 1984

Elizabeth City, NC

High School

No Flair


Magnum TA defeated Scott Casey


Adrian Adonis defeated Sweet Daddy Siki.


The Moondogs defeated the Grappler’s & Rip Rogers to retain the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Titles.


Kamala, Jay & Jules Strongbow (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated The Vachon’s & Kendall Windham.


Television Champion, Barry Windham, United States Champion, Sam Houston & Rock n’ Roll Express defeated US Tag Team Champions, Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson, Terry Taylor & Mr. Money (w/ Paul Jones) in a two out of three falls eight-man tag team match, 2 falls to 1. Match went one hour and twelve minutes total.

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Interesting that you chose to have a 72-minute match to end your June 17 show. But you had the right people to keep the crowd hot.

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The 72-minute main event was basically because I was doing a 5-match card that night. Even with two six-man tag team matches and that final 8-man tag, I wanted to give the audience something fun. 2 out of 3 falls with those right guys, seemed like something I would have wanted to see.

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June 21, 1984

TV Taping (MACW 6/23, WWW 6/24)

Spartansburg, SC

Memorial Auditorium


TV Taping for Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Start off this week with an interview with NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair. He discusses his upcoming title match with Bruiser Brody. Flair tells the world he will walk out of Mayhem as the World’s Heavyweight Champion, like only he can.


Kamala & The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated Dusty Wolfe, Frank Williams & Terry Gibbs. Followed by an interview with Tony and Akbar. He proclaims the end of JYD and the Vachon’s next weekend. Akbar promises to end a career, maybe three.




Magnum TA defeated Dennis Stamp in a quick one on one contest. He is interviewed about his match before Mayhem that will be shown on World Wide Wrestling the next day. Magnum is confident and will be victorious.


Bruiser Brody arrives and trashes the interview set while just shouting gibberish towards the screen. He motions around his waist, telling the world he wants to be the next NWA World Champion.




Rock ‘n Roll Express interview with David Crockett about their US Tag Team title shot next week. They claim to not be worried about Paul Jones at ringside, but David pushes that this could be the deciding factor in the end. Rock n’ Rolls go to the ring for a match, in which they defeat The Scrap Iron’s with a double drop kick.


Sam Houston comes out for an interview. They discuss his title match with Terry Taylor at Mayhem. He discusses wanting revenge. Tony wonders aloud if that will be too much of a distraction and he will lose the US Title. Sam promises to watch this next match.




As we return from break, we see Terry Taylor and Sam Houston brawling in the aisle. A number of officials and some wrestlers have come out to break it up. They separate them for a moment, but they break free and battle once again. Tony and David sign us off as we close the show.




World Wide Wrestling TV Taping


Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone do the World Wide Wrestling opening. They tell the fans that next week’s show will be the opening three matches from Mayhem. It should be a fun show to broadcast from Charlotte. They discuss the matches scheduled.


Mr. Money defeated Tony DeVito in quick order with a bulldog takedown to throw an insult towards Barry Windham. The announcer’s discuss the TV title match next week. They also state that they approached Mr. Money before the show to get an interview in front of the live crowd, but that he refused to do so.




The Moondogs defeated Jason Knight, Dennis Stamp & Dusty Wolfe. The Moondogs celebrate their victory and showing off their title belts. Mr. Fuji and his clan arrive at ringside and Bob Caudle grabs Fuji for an interview. Fuji says that not only will there be a title change next weekend, but bones and bodies will be broken.




Fuji’s Clan (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Chris Champion, Lanny Poffo & Pez Whatley in a semi-competitive match. The story was that Fuji’s guys wants to injure the opponent’s but when they lose their focus, they lost the control. The teamwork of Fuji’s guys ended up being for their gain and they gain the win. Afterwards the four of them beat-down the opponent’s until The Moondogs arrive on the scene to clear the ring.




TV Title Match

Barry Windham defeated Grappler #2. Barry had his brother Kendall at ringside and Grappler #2 had his partner #1 with him. Barry wins with the second-rope superplex. Mr. Money appears at the entrance, the lights go dark in the arena. He just stares down Barry and motions that he will capture the title next week and disappears into the locker room.




Dark Matches after the taping


Bam Bam Bigelow went to a 15-minute time limit draw with Adrian Adonis

Mr. Money won a 20-man battle royal last eliminating Sam Houston.

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June 22, 1984

Tag Team Warfare

Gaffney, SC

Limestone College Gym

The Moondogs (Rex & Spot) defeated Tiger Chung Lee & Hiro Saito.

Mr. Fuji & Toru Tanaka defeated Moondog Moretti & Salvatore Bellomo

Rock ‘n Roll Express defeated The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) via DQ

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) & Adrian Adonis defeated Sweet Daddy Siki & Bam Bam Bigelow

US Champion Sam Houston & Magnum TA defeated Terry Taylor (w/ Paul Jones) & Rip Rogers

US Tag Team Champions Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens (w/ Paul Jones) defeated Butcher & Mad Dog Vachon.

NWA World Champion Ric Flair & Mr. Money defeated Television Champion Barry Windham & Kendall Windham.

June 23, 1984

Shelby, NC

Rec Center

Magnum TA defeated Rip Rogers

Fuji’s Clan defeated NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Moondogs & Salvatore Bellomo.

Adrian Adonis & Terry Taylor (w/ Paul Jones) defeated US Champion Sam Houston & Bam Bam Bigelow

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) defeated Sweet Daddy Siki

Rock ‘n Roll Express & The Vachon’s defeated The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) & US Tag Team Champions, Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson (w/ Paul Jones)

Television Champion Barry Windham & Kendall Windham went to a 45-minute time limit draw with NWA World Champion Ric Flair & Mr. Money

June 24, 1984

Rock Hill, SC

Winthorp Coliseum

Magnum TA defeated Rip Rogers

Tiger Chung Lee & Hiro Saito defeated Moondog Rex & Moretti

Adrian Adonis defeated Moondog Spot

Bam Bam Bigelow & Sweet Daddy Siki defeated Mr. Fuji & Toru Tanaka

The Rock ‘N Roll Express defeated The Strongbow’s (w/ Skandor Akbar) via DQ

US Tag Team Champions Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson (w/ Paul Jones) defeated Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon to retain the titles.

NWA World Champion Ric Flair, Mr. Money & Terry Taylor defeated Television Champion Barry Windham, Kendall Windham & US Champion Sam Houston

June 25, 1984

Winston Salem, NC

Memorial Coliseum

Magnum TA defeated Mr. Fuji

Adrian Adonis defeated Salvatore Bellomo

Fuji’s Clan (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated The Vachon’s & Sweet Daddy Siki

NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Moondogs defeated The Strongbow’s & Kamala via DQ to retain the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Rip Rogers

US Tag Team Champions Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens & Terry Taylor(w/ Paul Jones) defeated The Rock n’ Roll Express & Kendall Windham

US Champion Sam Houston & Television Champion Barry Windham defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair & Mr. Money

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Aaaah, the use of the good old time-limit draw. Always very effective, even in house shows!

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June 28, 1984

TV Taping (MACW Airing 6/30)

Greenville, SC



Tony and David start the show with a run down of the card for later this evening at Mid Atlantic Mayhem. They bring out NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair to discuss his title defense. He brags as only Flair can about being the 60-minute man, the diamond in the rough and the greatest wrestler in the world. Why? Because he has the 10-pounds of gold to prove it, pal! Whoooo!! Flair sees that Bruiser Brody has arrived onto the interview set. Flair taunts Brody with the title belt, claiming that he’ll never have it. Flair will keep HIS title later tonight in Charlotte. Flair gives a big “whooo!!!” Brody just clocks the World Champion with his fist and we have a brawl on the interview set. The announcers rush off the set, as Brody just manhandles Flair. He tears at his $10,000 suit. Flair gets a poke in the eyes, keeping Brody off for a moment, but Brody still gets his hands on Flair and tosses him on the floor. They attack each other as the officials run out to break up the brawl. They battle into the aisle, as Tony and David return to the set and grab the microphone’s to call the action. Flair and Brody can’t be pulled apart just yet, and make their way back to the set as the announcers drop the microphones and bail out of harm’s way. This sends us to our first commercial break.




We return from break, and the brawl has been broken up. Both men have been removed from the building we are told. We are back on the set with David Crockett as he brings out the Television Champion, Barry Windham and his brother Kendall. They begin to discuss the TV title match later that night when Mr. Money arrives through the crowd. He jumps the rails and enters the ring. Mr. Money grabs the microphone. We think we are about to hear from the man. He puts the mic up to his face, but then a distorted noise emerges from the sound speaker. “Barry Windham, you piece of garbage. I will take your title tonight. However, before today’s show is over. I will destroy your stupid little brother.” The masked man drops the microphone, clearing not actually speaking. Kendall jumps onto the desk and yells towards the ring that he accepts, and they will settle it in the ring today. Mr. Money just shakes his head in agreement and wonders off the same way he came.

Barry and Kendall leave to the locker room and Tony sends us to the ring for our first match.


Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Rock n’ Roll Express vs Tony DeVito and Frank Williams

Basic tag team match. Just a little warm up here for the Rock n’ Roll. The announcer’s discuss their challenge for the US Tag Team Titles later on this evening. During the match, there is a pre-taped quick promo insert shown with comments from Paul Jones and the US Tag Team Champions, Stevens and Patterson. They say they are the best tag team, the gold proves it and tonight, they will show the Express how true that statement is. Rock n’ Roll’s win with a double dropkick.

Time: 6:20

Decision: Rock ‘n Roll Express




Six-Man Tag Team Match

One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Junkyard Dog & The Vachon’s vs The Scrap Iron’s and Dennis Stamp

Another quick match. The Vachon’s do some quick brawling, JYD ends it with a THUMP on Stamp for the three-count. During the quick opening minute, Skandor Akbar had an insert promo where he insisted that tonight would be the very last night we ever see the Junkyard Dog in MACW. He warned the Vachon’s not to show up, or they too could be seriously injured and removed from MACW.

Time: 2:48

Decision: Junkyard Dog & The Vachon’s


Interview time with Adrian Adonis. Tony is talking with Adonis. They discuss that his match tonight will air on tomorrow’s episode of World Wide Wrestling. He is upset that not only is he not on the live broadcast tonight, but he is also offended that he has to face such lowlife rookie like Bam Bam Bigelow. Who is this kid? Oh, he’s big and he’s bad. Tough, Adonis is big and bad. He is the greatest of all time and he demands a little respect. Everyone will learn how respect is taken when they watch him tomorrow on World Wide Wrestling.




Another interview is upon us as we return from the break. This time we are with the challengers for the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championships. Mr. Fuji brings out his Clan. Fuji tells David Crockett that it is just as important to have a championship as it is to hurt people. Having championships is telling the world that his men are dangerous. They are mean, vicious and championship material. Tonight, they take the first of many championships from the Moondogs.


Single’s Match

One-Fall, 10-Minute Time Limit

Kendall Windham vs Mr. Money

Mr. Money stalls at first. Kendall is amped and ready to fight. Mr. Money is cool, calm and collected. He’s taking his time, working the fans at ringside. When he finally steps into the ring and they lock up. Kendall gets the early advantage. Mr. Money gets locked into various arm moves and submissions early. Eventually he turns the momentum. Mr. Money gets a few kicks and slams in. Barry walks out and joins the commentary team. Mr. Money works over Kendall for a few minutes. We are already close to the time limit. Mr. Money makes one mistake, trying a leaping elbow from the second rope and misses. Kendall starts to make his comeback. Barry is cheering him on from the announce booth. Mr. Money catches Kendall off guard and pitches him over the top rope for the disqualification. Mr. Money quickly rushes to the floor and picks up Kendall and sends him into the post. Realizing what is going on, Barry rushes to ringside before more can be done, just barely missing Mr. Money as he climbs over the rail and runs away through the hot crowd to end the show.


Dark matches after the taping.


Pat Patterson, Ray Stevens & Adrian Adonis defeated the Moondogs in a non-title match.


Pez Whatley defeated Scott Casey


Magnum TA defeated Mr. Fuji


Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Rip Rogers

NWA Television Champion Barry Windham, NWA United States Champion Sam Houston, Pedro Morales & Bruiser Brody defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair, Kamala, Jules & Jay Strongbow (w/ Skandor Akbar) via DQ after Mr. Money jumped in through the crowd AGAIN and attacked Barry Windham. This brought out Kendall to help his brother. Terry Taylor ran out to brawl with Sam Houston, JYD and The Vachon’s rushed out to brawl with Kamala and the Strongbow’s. Everyone eventually made it the back, leaving Brody and Flair battling inside the ring. Brody nails Flair with a running foot to the face. He climbs over the champion, and slaps his own hand on the mat three times signalling a pinfall for himself. Brody grabs the title belt and parades around the ring with the title as Flair lays there unconscious. Brody drapes the title over Flair and motions that he will be champion after Mayhem to send the crowd home happy. The TV camera’s were rolling, so this may be used in a future TV episode or shot for a video package for the Closed Circuit event.

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Another solid show you've put out there. Mr. Money vs Barry Windham is becoming your hottest feud in the territory!

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Sorry, forgot to post this house show between my TV and Supercard.

June 29, 1984

Ashville, NC

Civic Center

Bam Bam Bigelow, Pedro Morales & Pez Whatley defeated The Grappler’s & Rip Rogers in 9:20.

Adrian Adonis defeated Lanny Poffo in 7:26.

Mr. Fuji defeated Chris Champion in 5:12.

The Moondogs defeated The Scrap Irons & Dennis Stamp in 4:52.

Toru Tanaka, Hiro Saito & Tiger Chung Lee defeated Sweet Daddy Siki, Sivi Afi & Salvatore Bellomo

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June 30, 1984

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Coliseum

Mid Atlantic Mayhem Closed Circuit Event

*The first three matches were not broadcast on the live Closed Circuit event. Those matches were taped for this week’s World Wide Wrestling...but I will post that info here as it will be easier to follow.*

Bob Caudle: Welcome to World Wide Wrestling, I’m Bob Caudle, and joining me at ringside tonight is Tony Schiavone. We are here at Mid Atlantic Mayhem, taping this week’s episode of World Wide Wrestling!

Tony Schiavone: That’s right Bob, and what a night we have in store. On today’s show, we will have the first three matches of this historic event. On this week’s episode, we will have Magnum TA against Rip Rogers.

Bob: That’s not all, we will also have Bam Bam Bigelow against Adrian Adonis. Don’t forget about that big battle royal for $10,000! I see the contestant’s for the first contest are making their way ringside, so let’s take it up to the ring.

Single’s Match

One-Fall with a 15-Minute Time Limit

Magnum TA vs Rip Rogers

Magnum TA is an early crowd favorite. The match turns to Rogers way early after a poke to the eyes. Rip Rogers works over Magnum for a couple of minutes, but he can’t keep TA down. Magnum catches Rip with a knee lift to turn the tide. Moments later he executes that Belly-to-Belly Suplex to get the victory.

Time: 7:14

Decision: Magnum TA


Tony: Welcome back to World Wide Wrestling, upcoming we will have another single’s match, with the young rookie, Bam Bam Bigelow as he battles Adrian Adonis. These two had words recently on TV, and tonight they will battle inside the ring to settle their verbal war.

Bob: And that begins very shortly, as Bam Bam Bigelow is in the ring. Adrian is walking to the ring now.

Single’s Match

One-Fall, 15-Minute Time Limit

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Adrian Adonis

The young star Bigelow starts off with a quick flurry to get the veteran off balance. Adonis bails to the floor. Bigelow follows him out but Adrian catches him and gets Bam Bam in trouble with a clothesline to the floor. Then he lifts him up and Bam Bam crashes against the guardrail. Adonis rolls Bigelow inside the ring, and now it is all Adonis. Adonis pounds away against Bigelow, using some nice strikes to the body. Adonis climbs up the to second rope and leaps with a crushing knee to the body for the three count.

Time: 11:01

Decision: Adrian Adonis


Bob: Fans, welcome back to World Wide Wrestling, live to tape from Mid Atlantic Mayhem! Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone are here at ringside for our main event on this week’s episode. It is an Invitation-Only 20-Man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal with the winner earning $10,000!

Tony: The wrestler’s are currently making their way to the ring right now. Bob, who do you see being the favorite in this style of match?

Bob: That’s a tough choice, Tony. The winner could be someone we would never expect.

Tony: That could be true, Bob. How about someone like the devious Mr. Fuji, or a newcomer like Chris Champion?

Bob: Maybe someone like Kendall Windham as well? Anything is possible in this kind of match

Tony. And we are about to get underway here.

20-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

No-Time Limit

Chris Champion, Mr. Fuji, Pez Whatley, Grappler #1, Grappler #2, Salvatore Bellomo, Kendall Windham, Pedro Morales, Sweet Daddy Siki, Scott Casey, Lanny Poffo, Dennis Stamp, Dusty Wolfe, Frank Williams, Italian Stallion, Jason Knight, Scrap Iron Scranton, Scrap Iron Sheppard, Terry Gibbs & Tony DeVito

The wrestlers begin immediately, just a brawl, as you would expect from a battle royal. Not much in the terms of anything special. Just a lot of punching, kicking, trying to get guys over the top rope. The jobber guys are the first ones gone, but this match goes for a while before the first elimination. But once the first guy is gone, all of sudden the ring clears out quickly. After about 15 minutes, we have left both Grappler’s, Mr. Fuji, Pedro Morales and Kendall Windham. Kendall takes down Fuji with a Bulldog, but before he could try to toss Fuji, the Grappler’s attacked him. Pedro comes over to make it a two on two affair. All four men just tossing fists in the middle of the ring. The Grappler’s stop and rake the eyes of their opponent’s. They try to throw Windham and Morales together, but they reverse it, the Grappler’s collide into each other. Windham and Morales toss them from the ring. It’s down to three. Mr. Fuji realizes this and begs off. Kendall and Pedro look at each other and then down to Fuji. Before they could capitalize, Fuji’s clan arrive at ringside and distract the two. Fuji pulls something from his tights. Windham and Morales keep the Clan at bay, as they turn around, Fuji blasts both of them with salt to the eyes. He quickly uses Kendall’s height against him and tosses him from the ring. Fuji’s clan then hit the ring and beat down Morales. They lift up Pedro and Fuji gets an assist in dumping him over the top rope to the floor to gain the victory. The fans are livid at the outcome, and the announcer’s are showing their displeasure as well as shock that Mr. Fuji outlasted the other 19 wrestlers, even with help from his clan.

Time: 24:53

Decision: Mr. Fuji wins the battle royal.

Bob: What a shocker! Mr. Fuji takes the battle royal this evening!

Tony: We’ll have more on this situation next week!

Bob: And we’ll have a full recap of tonight’s Mayhem event as well. Until then, see you folks next week right here on World Wide Wrestling!


The crew waits a few minutes before going live for the Mayhem show. The in-ring announcer runs down the rest of the card for tonight. The broadcast team stays at ringside ready to call the action. As we go live, the crowd starts to get loud. The Charlotte crowd is excited for the show. The announcer does the countdown to go live.

Tony Schiavone: Welcome everyone to Mid Atlantic MAYHEM! We are LIVE on closed circuit all across the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region. We have a huge show coming up for you fans this evening!

Bob Caudle: What a show! It’s already been fun here in Charlotte, and you can see that action on World Wide Wrestling THIS week! But coming up in the next few hours, we have FIVE Championships on the line this evening!

Tony: That’s right, and don’t forget about that Loser-Leaves-Town Steel Cage Match. That should settle a score, as well as that big time grudge tag team match that is scheduled for tonight’s card.

Bob: Let’s not waste another minute, Tony. We will head backstage to David Crockett as he speaks with the competitors in our next match here at Mayhem!

David Crockett: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us on this Saturday evening here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Up first, we have a big-time championship grudge match. As you might tell from behind me, we have a lot of security backstage tonight. We don’t want any of the action to happen back here, we want to see it all out in the ring. With that said, let me bring in Mr. Money. He doesn’t speak very often, but maybe I can get a few words. Mr. Money, any thoughts on your upcoming championships match against Television Champion, Barry Windham?!

Mr. Money just looks into the camera, with a nice red and black rope, matching his newest mask. He motions for the championship around the waist and walks off the set.

David: Well, I guess that’s an easy message to understand. His opponent, and champion is Barry Windham. Can we get a few words from you?

Barry: David Crockett, you know this, and all of the fans of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling knows this. This championship means everything to me. To me, it’s just as important as any other championship in wrestling. Maybe even MORE important, being it’s defended so often on television. I don’t know who this Mr. Money guy is, but he wants this belt. He’s sneaked attacked me a number of times. I know he is a vicious guy, but I have the title belt for a reason, and it means I’m pretty damn tough! I’m pretty damn talented as well, and tonight, he will learn that lesson the hard way. You can count on that!

David: And let’s take it to the ring, Bob Caudle. Tony Schiavone. These two are headed your way.

Bob: A very intense champion, Tony. Will that be what he needs to overcome this mysterious opponent? Or will Mr. Money be the man to take that championship away from Barry?

Tony: Barry Windham looks extremely focused, Bob. Only time will tell, and as you can see by the entrance of the challenger, we are moments away from finding out those answers.

Bob: What a cocky individual this Mr. Money is. When do you think he’ll ever reveal himself?

Tony: If he has his choice? I don’t know that he will, Bob.

NWA Television Championship Match

One-Fall, Special 30-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Mr. Money vs Champion, Barry Windham

They actually wait for the bell to ring before they attack, but as soon as the bell rings, they attack each other with fists, back and forth. Barry gets the early advantage, and Mr. Money bails to the floor. Barry quickly follows him and gets him on the ground and just starts to lay in some heavy right hands. Barry picks up the challenger and tosses him back into the ring, but Mr. Money uses that opportunity to kick Barry right in the head and take over the advantage. The crowd is hot for this match, as this has been hot on TV leading into this showdown. Mr. Money shows off his wrestling technique, to which the announcers speak highly of on commentary. They discuss who could be under the mask, how well he is doing inside the ring. Mr. Money keeps up the offense, laying in some stiff shots to the upper body / neck area of the champion. Barry tries to battle back, but Mr. Money is ready. A few more minutes of Mr Money working over the champion. The crowd is behind the champion, clearly chanting and clapping for him to get back into this one. Mr. Money does make a mistake, trying a second rope elbow smash, and missing to turn the tide. Barry gets back into the fight, a couple of hard right hands, a very beautiful looking leaping lariat only gets a two count for the champion. Barry looks out to the crowd for a moment and he drops Mr. Money with a big body slam. Barry is gaining more momentum with each passing second, and Mr. Money is back on the run. He gets caught with a big back body drop that sends Mr. Money to the mat hard, but he uses the momentum to roll out of the ring. Barry chases once more. Mr. Money rushes back into the ring, but Barry catches him by one leg and pulls him to the floor. Mr Money crashes to the concrete very hard. Barry grabs him and pulls him up, and you can tell through the mask they Mr. Money is bleeding. He grabs Barry’s trunks and in a move of desperation, pulls Barry over him and into the ring post. Earl Hebner, the official, warns them both of a countout and disqualification. Barry is hurt and bleeding now as well. Both men are back into the ring, and bloody. They stand up, facing off in the middle of the ring. Bloodied and exhausted. They punch it out, back and forth. After a number of solid shots, Mr. Money misses a shot, Barry dropkick’s Mr. Money into the turnbuckle. Barry finds a second or third wind. Mr. Money is begging off. Barry rushes into the corner and nails him with a solid back elbow shot. He wraps his arm around the head, and runs out of the corner for a bulldog. As he leaps, Mr. Money shoots him off in mid-air. Barry reaches out to try to keep his grip and grabs as the mask, pulling it almost off, but Mr. Money somehow keeps the mask on his head. Barry crashes hard to the mat. Mr. Money leaps down on top and just starts to choke him. Barry is able to push him off, so much so that Mr. Money falls out of the ring. Barry once again follows him out. Mr. Money has grabbed something from ringside, a wrench from under the ring and nails Barry with it out of the referee’s site. He pushes Barry into the ring. Barry is really hurt at this point. Mr. Money digs into his tights, and crawls back into the ring. He dives onto Barry, and the referee gets hit, not hard, but enough to get him to roll with away with his back to the action. Long enough for Mr. Money to use the foreign object, a taped pair of brass knuckles it appears, right between the eyes. Barry is out. Mr. Money hides the evidence and pins Barry to steal the championship away.

Time: 19:35

Decision: Mr. Money wins the TV Title

Barry is out cold. Earl Hebner awards Mr. Money with the title belt. He slowly climbs to his feet, as Kendall Windham arrives on the scene to argue with Earl about the knuckles, then helps an injured Barry from the ring. As Mr. Money looks on, holding his championship gold. He steps into the center of the ring, holding his belt high above him with one hand. He takes the other hand and slowly tugs on the mask, slowly pulling it off his bloody head….

Bob: What’s this, Tony? Is Mr. Money about to reveal himself here?

Tony: Well, that’s what it looks like Bob….

Bob: What in the...That’s TULLY BLANCHARD! Are you kidding me!?

Tony: I can’t believe it, Bob! What a turn of events here in our opening match. Tully Blanchard debuts under a mask….AND wins the NWA Television Championship!

Bob: He is celebrating inside the ring, mask in hand, TV title in the other. His face that crimson mask. I don’t believe it.

Tony: What a shocking evening we have had this far, Bob, and it’s only the first match. Wow.

Bob: I don’t know what to say, as the new champion is returning to the locker room. We will take it back to David for words from the next match.

David: Did I really just see that guys? Tully Blanchard is here in Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling? Up next is a tag team grudge match. I was supposed to be able to chat with all 4 in this match, but we understand that both teams went right to the ring. Let’s get back to Bob and Tony.

Tony: That is correct David, both teams have entered the ring. Referee Tommy Young is calling for the opening bell already!

Tag Team Grudge Match

One-Fall with a 20-Minute Time Limit

Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon vs Jules & “Chief” Jay Strongbow (w/ Skandor Akbar)

A brawl to begin, all four men in the ring. Tommy Young is having a hard time getting the match under control. Skandor grabs Butcher’s leg in the chaos, and pulls him to the floor, allowing a double team by the Strongbow’s on Mad Dog. Butcher punches Akbar to the ground, and leans over him and lays in some stiff punches. Jules steps out to the apron. Butcher gets up onto the apron and goes into his corner. The Strongbow’s have complete control of the match. Akbar is helped to the back to the locker room. They are beating down Mad Dog viciously. Butcher rushes into the ring to break up the beat down. Kamala is coming to the ring with Akbar shouting instructions at him while holding his face. Kamala climbs into the ring and attacks both men causing the DQ. The Strongbow’s join in the 3 on 3 beatdown. Kamala gives both men the big splash before JYD appears. Kamala tries to attack him, but the Strongbow’s hold him back. Akbar demands they pull him to the locker room. JYD checks on the Vachon’s as he stares down Kamala.

Time: 11:09

Decision: Mad Dog & Butcher Vachon via DQ for outside interference.

The announcers take it back to David Crockett, but the camera focuses on what is going on in the ring. Both Vachon’s are being helped out of the ring. They are hurt, but they don’t seem to be injured badly. David moves the conversation to our next match, the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championships are on the line. Fuji’s Clan will challenge the Moondogs for those titles. David discusses both teams heading into this match. He sends it back to ringside for the title match.

Bob: As David has just recapped for you, up next is the NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match. Mr. Fuji and his clan of thugs have just made their way into the ring. The Moondogs, as you can hear from the chant of the crowd, are on their way now.

Tony: The Moondogs rebounded pretty quickly with the addition of Moondog Moretti to their team and captured these titles in a shocking turn of events last month! They have been on a roll and look to retain the titles here this evening.

Bob: Earl Hebner is ready to call for the bell, so we are underway here in Charlotte!

NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match

One-Fall, 60-Minute Time Limit

Challengers, Fuji’s Clan (Tiger Chung Lee, Hiro Saito & Toru Tanaka) w/ Mr. Fuji vs Champions, The Moondogs (Rex, Spot & Moretti)

Fuji’s guys attack early. They get the more inexperienced Moretti in their side of the ring and begin to work him over. Each guy tagging in and out. They seem to have found an injured arm/shoulder, as that is the area they have controlled. Mr. Fuji is at ringside and is VERY impatient with his guys. He is screaming and yelling at them about pain and torture. This seems to get them distracted as Moretti leaps into his corner for a big tag to Spot. Spot rushes in and begins to take down each of the Clan. Spot knocks each guy down, big forearm shots and straight punches. Rex comes in as the numbers game picks up. Moretti joins the brawl as he recovers and all six men are battling inside the ring. Hebner is trying to maintain control, but isn’t having much luck. Fuji digs into his tights and pulls something out….climbs up on the apron. The referee paired off on the other side of the ring, and he tosses salt into the air, missing Spot and getting Tiger Chung Lee, Fuji gets a big shot to the head to drop him to the floor. Spot lands a knee to the chest and gets the victory to retain the titles. Moondogs leave the ring. Fuji and his men get into the ring and all four argue. Fuji just spits at them all and leaves them in the middle of ring.

Time: 13:56

Decision: The Moondogs retain the titles.

Bob: Some troubling issues with Mr. Fuji and his clan of warriors.

Tony: Absolutely, Bob. Fuji just spat at his boys. What could that mean, exactly?

Bob: With the devious mind that he has, I’m afraid to ask. Let’s take it back to David Crockett.

David: Thank you, Bob. From one championship match to another, we have the United States Tag Team Titles on the line in our next match. The challengers are the very popular, young Rock ‘n Roll Express. Ricky and Robert. They challenge the veteran champions, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens. The challenger’s are on their way to the ring right now, you can hear the crowd reaction. Paul Jones is here for one last statement before his team defends their gold.

Paul Jones: Listen up, my boys are the champions. After the match, they will still be the champions. It’s that simple, do you understand, David Crockett?

David: They will get that chance up next.

Paul: Shut up.

David: Back to ringside.

NWA United States Tag Team Title Match

One-Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challengers, The Rock ‘n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs Champions, Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson (w/ Paul Jones)

This is a very fun tag team match. The young team of the Express use their quickness to keep the champions off balance during the early moments of the match. Patterson and Stevens both have trouble trying to keep the challengers at bay. A few minutes into the championship match, we see the veteran team finally get their opening and they use it to secure an advantage. Ricky misses a flying back elbow and Stevens keeps Ricky down. Patterson and Stevens begin to work over the young Ricky Morton. They tag in and out like a well oiled machine. Robert is pleading with the crowd to get behind Ricky, and they certainly do. The chants get louder and louder. The champions are good at blocking out the crowd. But the cheering gets loud. It finally gets to the champions as Patterson loses it for a moment yelling at the hot crowd. That moment gives Ricky the chance to roll across the ring quickly and make the tag to Robert, which sends the Charlotte crowd into a frenzy. They just explode. Robert takes down Patterson with a flying punch. Kicks Stevens off the apron. A flying head scissors to take down Patterson. Robert is on a roll. Paul Jones is over to help Stevens up. Robert knocks down Patterson again, but only gets a two count. Ricky is back on his feet, but it still hurting from the long beating he took just moments ago. Patterson is able to sneak over and make a tag to Stevens. Stevens enters the ring and Robert takes him down with a leaping head scissors. Paul Jones gets up on the apron for a moment, Ricky gets into the ring to get Jones down. Robert tries the head scissors again, but Patterson catches him and drops him throat-first over the top rope. Robert crashes hard to the mat. The referee gets Ricky out of the ring, turns around to see Stevens on to of Gibson for the three count.

Time: 23:33

Decision: Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson retain their titles.

Tony: What an incredible match for the US Tag Team Titles!

Bob: An unfortunate ending, but you have to give it up to both teams. They battled for over 20 minutes, never stopping to claim those titles. Patterson & Stevens were the better team this evening.

Tony: David Crockett, what do we have up next?

David: Well Tony, Paul Jones’ other charge, Terry Taylor will challenge a championship he previously head earlier this year. Here comes Paul Jones back.

Paul: I told you David Crockett, my boys don’t need to prove anything to you, but they do it anyways! Now, Terry Taylor, will regain HIS championship belt that was STOLEN from him months ago! He will also destroy that trader of a so-called friend Sam Houston. You will NOT walk out of Charlotte with Terry’s US Championship.

David: That’s it from back here, Bob, Tony, back to you at ringside.

Bob: Thank you, David. Paul Jones is quite confident his newest charge will be the two-time United States Champion after tonight’s event.

Tony: Overconfident is more like it, Bob. Sam Houston has been on top of his game here in MACW this past 6-7 months, and winning the title from Randy Savage is quite the statement. This will be a grudge match, and I think that also is in Sam Houston’s favor. He has the technical style, but he can go toe-to-toe with the best as well.

Bob: This is our next title match of the evening, the first of two more left on tonight’s Mayhem show.

NWA United States Heavyweight Championship Match

One-Fall, 45-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Terry Taylor (w/ Paul Jones) vs Champion, Sam Houston

They stand nose-to-nose as the bell rings. Jaw-jacking leads to fists back and forth. Both men going back and forth. Just two former friends throwing fists. Eventually they tackle each other and roll around on the mat. Houston on top, Taylor turns him over and lays in a few good shots. They end up on the floor battling it out. Tommy Young ordering them back into the ring. He starts the count, as they battle back and forth. Tommy gets to an 8-count and both men stop and roll-back into the ring. Just so they can fight it out longer. Sam Houston gets control as he catches Taylor with a quick body slam. Houston starts to gain control of the match, but Paul Jones interferes enough to get Houston to chase him and Taylor gets a low blow behind the referee’s back to gain momentum in his favor. This is where Terry Taylor takes over. He just beats up Sam Houston. Terry begins to work him over with wrestling moves, showing that he is the BEST wrestler in the United States, as he keeps saying around the ring as he controls the current champion. Terry knocks him so hard in the head, Sam gets a cut above the eyebrow. Terry sees this and goes to work on it right away. Sam gets bloodier and bloodier. We are having somewhat of a replay of the earlier TV title match. The champion is a bloody mess as the challenger keeps pounding away on the cut. It’s getting vicious, straight right hands, elbows and a leaping knee to the head. Taylor only gets a two. He’s getting frustrated that he can’t get the win. Taylor controls the match a little more, and locks in a sleeper hold. The site looks awesome, Taylor locking in this sleeper, Sam bleeding badly. Terry is talking trash still, while trying to put him asleep. The announcers talk about how the blood loss and the sleeper, this could be a lot of trouble here. Sam looks to be out, and Tommy Young starts to look deep, checking it out. He raises the hand once, and it drops. Tommy raises the arm again and it drops. He lifts the arm once more and before anything could happen, Taylor lets the hold go and stands up, celebrating. Tommy Young questions him, as the match isn’t over. Taylor claims he’s the winner, and Tommy argues with that. Paul Jones hops on the apron complaining that the match should be over. Terry and Paul raise each others arms in victory. Sam Houston is slowly getting to his feet. Taylor sees this and rushes over to take him down, but Sam ducks, waist locks him, pushes him into Paul Jones, rolls him up and Young gets the three count!

Time: 24:11

Decision: Still NWA US Champion, Sam Houston

Tony: What a dumb move by the challenger! Terry Taylor let his ego get the better of him and he lost this match!

Bob: I don’t understand why he didn’t just hold that sleep a second longer! Or even if he broke too early, he could have pinned the champion and win the title! Such a big mistake, that cost him the title tonight!

Tony: Wow! I don’t even know what to say about that ending, maybe David Crockett can find the words. David….

David: Tony, I saw what you saw. I don’t have the words. Terry Taylor lost a golden opportunity there. While we take a moment to think about that. We will take a 10 minute intermission so we can construct the steel cage for our Loser-Leaves-Town Steel Cage match between Kamala, the Ugandan Headhunter against the very popular Junkyard Dog!


Bob: Welcome back to Mayhem, live from Charlotte, North Carolina! I’m Bob Caudle, and my broadcast partner, Tony Schiavone. We are here for the last two matches of the evening. As you can tell, we have a steel cage match upcoming. They are putting the finishing touches on the cage.

Tony: A Loser-Leaves-Town match here. The loser will leave Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Kamala has been battling Junkyard Dog for quite a long time now. Skandor Akbar wants JYD out of wrestling completely, but he’ll take him gone from MACW. Akbar has injured JYD in the past, and burned Sivi Afi many months ago. We haven’t seen Afi since!

Bob: This scene before us is a very scary one. This steel cage is 10-feet tall, and just made for violence. We’ve seen blood and violence already tonight, but it’s going to push the envelope here. As Skandor Akbar brings his giant warrior to the cage. A caged Kamala is scary.

Tony: He’s a caged animal for sure. Here comes Junkyard Dog.

Loser-Leaves-Town Steel Cage Match

One-Fall, No Time Limit

Kamala (w/ Skandor Akbar) vs Junkyard Dog

As soon as JYD steps into the cage we are underway. A brawl from the beginning. Kamala has some kind of bamboo stick he’s using as well as JYD’s dog chain. Kamala gets the early advantage because of JYD entering the cage second. Akbar is on the outside laughing at JYDs misfortune thus hard. Kamala has busted JYD open early. No wrestling here, just a lot of pounding. Chops, punches, kicks and weapons shots. Kamala likes this stick he has beating JYD with it. A rush into the corner that misses changes the momentum of the match. JYD starts beating Kamala with the chain, busting him open. JYD gets the control back and rams Kamala’s head into the cage. Both men are bloody. Akbar is livid at ringside as Kamala is on the edge of losing here. JYD tries for THUMP, but he doesn’t have the energy and Kamala falls on him. Akbar is digging into his pockets as Kamala is recovering. Kamala gets to his feet and lands a leaping splash. Akbar shouts instructions to Kamala. Kamala pushes Earl Hebner down to the mat. Akbar knocks out the referee outside the cage and climbs into the ring. Kamala splashes JYD again. Akbar has the materials for FIRE! He’s gonna burn JYD! Kamala is pulling JYD up, but the crowd reacts to someone coming down the aisle. It’s Sivi Afi! He’s got a patch over his face, under his eyes. He’s got a pipe of some kind as he climbs into the cage and chases Akbar around. Kamala pushes JYD down and chops Afi. JYD gets up and battles Kamala, Afi gets up and bashes JYD in the head with the pipe. The crowd just gasps! Afi looks down at JYD, Kamala puts himself on the second rope and leaps crashing with the big splash onto JYD. He gets the 1-2-3. Kamala has won the steel cage match with Sivi Afi’s help! They all kick at JYD, but are run off quickly by a number of the wrestlers showing up to help out. Afi hugs Akbar and Kamala walks off with him. They walk to an interview podium set up as David Crockett shows up and is brought over to them.

Time: 14:42

Decision: Kamala

David: Skandor Akbar, what the hell is this? Sivi Afi, what have you done?!?

Sivi: What have I done?! I’ve gotten rid of the trash! That’s what I’ve done. JYD is trash! It is because of him that I was burned! Mr. Akbar only did what he had to do three months ago! I can see that now. Junkyard Dog said he would battle side by side with me, but where was he when I was attacked? Gone! He wasn’t around! He cost me three months of my career!

Akbar: But don’t worry Sivi, you now have a new home, and a new brotherhood that will battle with you side by side. We will be your family and we will take care of our own. You past your test tonight. We didn’t get to burn that ugly dog, but he is gone from here FOREVER! And that is a promise I made, and you’ve made it come true. HAHAHA!!!

David: This is sick! How could you?!

David drops the mic and leaves the set. The three men are joined by The Strongbow’s and they all celebrate. We scan back to the ring, as the cage is being taken down, and JYD is being helped out of the ring.

Tony: What a turn of events here, Bob. I can’t believe what I’ve seen. I feel like I’ve been saying that after every match tonight.

Bob: We have, and for good reason Tony. This has been a night of grudge’s and we’re not done. We have one more match left, the main event. This will be for the top prize in the sport. The next match will be for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. While the ring crew finishes taking the cage down and JYD gets some medical advice, let’s watch the events that have led the challenger and champion to this championship collision course.

A video recap of the events of the last couple of weeks of TV and a special one camera shot of the dark match from the last TV taping where Brody left Flair laying is shown. The steel cage is taken down and when we return to the live shot, we see Bruiser Brody in the ring pacing. THe World Champion has just entered the ringside area. He has the beautiful $15,000 robe on. He steps up to the apron and removes the robe. Flair enters the ring with the NWA title around his waist. They complete the introductions and Flair hands Tommy Young the title belt. We are ready for the main event of the evening.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

One-Fall, 60-Minute Time Limit

Challenger, Bruiser Brody vs NWA World Champion, Ric Flair

The main event of Mayhem lives up to it’s name. Brody is as crazy as ever. Flair begs off at first, but once the action gets going, they don’t stop. The momentum goes back and forth. Both men at different points in the match almost get pinfalls on the other. Flair even gets a two count from a cross body block off the top rope. Brody eventually gets an extended control of the action. He takes it to Flair, even battling around ringside for a few moments. Brody gets Flair back into the ring, but can’t seem to put the Champion away. Flair finally gets to turn the momentum back his way. He starts in on the left leg of the challenger. Flair goes to town and works over the leg. Brody tries to get back to his feet, but Flair finds a way to get Brody back on the ground and working on the leg. Brody won’t give it up. Even when Flair locks in the Figure-Four Leglock, Brody won’t give it up. He eventually starts to get his second or third wind here and battles back. He’s limping badly, but he still gets some of those big power moves in. He tries for a piledriver, but Flair is able to escape. Flair walks into a boot to the face and sends him over the ropes. Flair gets back in and Brody leaps from the top rope with a leaping knee smash, he nails Flair. Brody is hurt with that move too. He tries to pin Flair, but the champion gets a shoulder up right before the final count. The ring bells goes off. Tommy Young checks in at ringside and it is decided they went to a 60-minute time limit draw.

Time: 60:00

Decision: Time Limit Draw, Ric Flair retains the championship.

All three announcers stand up at ringside and sign off from Charlotte. We see Flair holding up the championship as he leaves the ringside area as we fade to black.

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I won't lie. I marked out HUGE at Tully Blanchard being revealed as Mr. Money. Honestly, didn't see this coming at all. Great show!

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WOW!!! Beat MACW Card to date!


Mr. Fugi winning a 20 man battle royal


Tully Blanchard (Mr. Money)/ Barry Windham is a Match of the Year candidate


Akbar and the Stongbows! Nice....


Kamala/JYD was another classic brawl


Enjoyed the ending of the Taylor/Houston match.... I also like how you have so many wrestlers I grew up believing were mainly baby faces as heels. It makes it very fun to see wrestling from the other angle.


Brody makes every match great as does Flair so together you get an instant classic

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