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[2016-05-29-Stardom] Shanna vs Hiromi Mimura

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It's the debut of another gaijin in Stardom, this time Shanna from Portugal. She's going up against the rookie Hiromi Mimura, who has recently had some good outings in tag matches. Hiromi brings the chops at the beginning of the match, with little effect to Shanna. Shanna throws Hiromi into the opposite corner, which leads to an awkward looking dropkick from Hiromi and a poor wind-up punch from Shanna. In the middle of the match it looks like Shanna is just moving from point A to point B to set up for the next spot. Shanna looks a lot better when she's on offense near the end. She milks the crowd a lot longer than most wrestlers do in Stardom, but she gets a decent reaction so I can't blame her. A nice looking top-rope splash, leading to a kickout, followed by a variant of the facebuster I can't name for the pin.


She's getting a Stardom World Alliance title shot against Io Shirai on 6/4, so we'll see how she looks against a more seasoned opponent.

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