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Press Release from Don Owens Sports

Don Owens Sports has purchased Stampede Wrestling from Stu Hart. The purchase includes all contracts and the naming rights.


Don is proud to bring wrestling to the Pacific Northwest and will be running shows in Oregon and Washington.


Some wrestlers are not happy with the move but they have been assured that if an opportunity presents itself with any other territory we will look at all options.


Don has already filled most positions within the company:


Promoter- Dutch Savage
Announcers- George Cannon and Don Coss
Referees- Sandy Barr and Dick Kroll


Don has also stated that classic wrestling will return. We will have an announcement soon on championships and house shows.


We will always be on the lookout for new talent to come to PNW.


Television shows will be held at the Portland Sports Arena.


Grab a seat, some popcorn and enjoy!

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