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[2016-05-29-Stardom] Kris Wolf vs Starlight Kid

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It's Kris Wolf's return after a few months absence. This is established as a comedy match from the beginning, as Kris Wolf acts traumatized when the ref inspects her tail. There's a pre-match hand-tail shake between the two competitors. They work the usual opening armwrench exchange, which Kris ends by biting Kid's arm. Oedo Tai distracts the ref and Kris bites the ear of Starlight Kid's tiger mask. This is probably the comedic peak of the match. There's a nice bit of continuity later as Kris traps Starlight Kid's head with a hold and pulls on the part of the mask she bit. They have a lot of counters and reversals, including a transition from a giant swing into a Boston crab that is reversed into a pin attempt by Kid. I don't understand some of the psychology of Kris breaking up her own pin attempts. Kris hits the double knee off the ropes, but Kid gets a Fighting Spirit kickout, but the comeback is short as Kris gets a small package for the win.


This match reminded me that we need more minis and comedy matches in wrestling. I'd rather watch this stuff than WWE preshow matches.

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