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[2016-05-01-Noches de Coliseo] Diluvio Negro I & El Satanico & Tequilita vs El Dandy & El Divo & El Hijo de L.A. Park

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I liked the opening matwork and how they transitioned into the FIP segment, Satanico is the king of cheapshots and I also loved how he signaled to his teammate to save him when he was in trouble. Tequilita was the worst guy here, I'm not one to shit on fat and/or big guys just for the sake of doing so and while Dandy may have managed to carry him on the mat his punches and clotheslines looked pretty bad. Everyone else was good though, Diluvio Negro rocked Dandy with some great punches and headbutts. Dandy seemed to struggle with locking in the Figure 4, guess his knees might be shot but he can still throw some great strikes which is good enough for me. ***1/4

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