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[2016-04-02-EVOLVE 59] Matthew Riddle vs Zack Sabre Jr

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I'd like to see Riddle's strenghts used in the manner a Battlarts-esque style would use them, or see him work as a shootish base in matches that would be worked like New Japan vs UWFi, but since that just isn't going to happen since most Evolve guys aren't good or creative enough for that I'll gladly take him vs. a charismatic showman like Zack Sabre Jr. This was more Sabre's match than Riddle's, Sabre did a great job of selling the threat of Riddle's submissions and I like the way Riddle countered Sabre's flashy submissions with simple and logical counters many wrestlers don't even see are there for the taking due to bubble they're used of thinking in. This may sound like a weird comparison but the way Riddle executes Suplexes reminds me of Buzz Sawyer, he'd also jump and hit moves with the same intensity Riddle does. This was worked in a similar vein to a lucha title match and I enjoyed it a lot. ***1/2

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