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[2016-06-19-NJPW] EVIL vs Hirooki Goto

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EVIL is still trying to figure things out, which means he hasn't settled into a formula and his matches aren't just spamming contemporary New Japan cliches. This forces Goto to step out of his (dreadful) comfort zone and as a result these two have had some surprisingly solid matches. EVIL does some thing here that I liked as ideas but could've been milked out more like ending an elbow exchange with an eye rake (seriously, that could've been my favourite spot of the year if they treated it like it mattered more) and rubbing his elbow across Goto's face. The good parts are when they're smashing into each other with elbows, lariats and so on. The bad parts are when they're turning around a lot and it looks more like modern dance than a fight and also when Goto does his stupid indy backbreakers on a knee. There's a lot of movement and the match is almost all action, and it kept me interested throughout, so the good outweights the bad. **3/4

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