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[1929-11-25-New York, NY] Dick Shikat vs George Calza

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Dick Shikat (c) vs George Calza
NYSAC World Heavyweight Championship
November 25, 1929
New York, NY
"Heavyweight Wrestling Championship"






Much more accessible than Caddock/Stetcher. I say this mainly because it's one of the earliest big matches we have a significant amount of from after the modern working style was developed, but it's also in surprisingly good quality for how old it is and it's much easier to tell the guys apart. It's still too clipped up to judge it as an overall match and the finish seems to be misplaced at the start of the video file, but what we see is some very interesting insight into the early working style. It's obvious they're trying to entertain the fans with flashy moves and theatrical selling, but the match still looks strongly influenced by amateur wrestling and strikes are noticeably absent. Feels like a cross between old school NWA title match and WoS style with Shikat in the role of the defensive champ. A match like this could probably get over just fine on the indies today with minimal modification.

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This match is for the New York State Athletic Commision World Heavyweight Championship, which existed from 1929-1934.   Dick Shikat was champion from August 23, 1929 to June 6, 1930

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