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[2016-01-10-WRESTLE-1] Andy Wu vs Hiroshi Yamato

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Good grief I should've just continued watching ZST. Terrible modern junior match. Opening is them doing bad looking arm wingers, wrist locks and hammerlocks and them chain wrestling manages to look more like a dance than the worst Will Ospreay flip flops. The selling is highly questionable-they sell in the moment but the damage is forgotten as soon as they move on to the next move. The finishing stretch is filled with modern puro tropes like "look at how strong and cool I am" fighting spirit no selling. And hey-this is pro wrestling. You can make everything work. But they don't since they're not good at wrestling. This is essentially a junior workrate match-so you're hoping they're at least going to do something cool-but they don't. It's just a bunch of average action crammed together. Yamato's Spear looked really bad and his Reverse Kokeshi is the most embarrassing looking move I've seen in a long time and there were a couple instances where I wasn't sure if they'd botched or their moves just looked like shit. *1/2

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