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[2016-07-14-WWE-Cruiserweight Classic] Tajiri vs Gran Metalik

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Very fun junior workrate match. There were two instances where they were setting up the next spot and it looked bad (them turning around in the corner so Metalik could strike Tajiri and Metalik not falling to the floor to set up the Dragon Screw) and I wasn't a fan of them faux-dramatically using Tajiri's high kicks as highspots just to have Dorada come back from peril in the next move. Still there was some fun stuff, Dorada is an elite high flier and Tajiri is the kind of base you want to see him against, Tajiri's offence was on point, I'm sure everyone's pointed out his strikes and kicks still look good but I was impressed by the impact of his knee drop and neckbreaker as well, and the Tarantula variation he busted out was badass. ***

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