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[2016-08-20-WWE-NXT Takover: Brooklyn II] Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Bobby Roode

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La Sombra is just so much better at wrestling than Bobby Roode it's really interesting this is the situation they ended up in. You look at the most important aspects of getting over in WWE-name, entrance, outfit. Roode is just so much above Sombra in every one of those and it is really no surprise he's gotten a much better reaction. In terms of acting Sombra is lightyears ahead of him-his calm and cocky mannerisms feel a million times more natural and genuine than Roode spamming a taunt that looks like it was designed specifically to be like Triple H's without looking exactly like it. That's much like Roode himself-someone pointed out yesterday he looks like Triple H's nephew. In terms of being popular in WWE he's pretty much a good finisher away from being a legit superstar. Can't they just give him a Dominator or something? Give him a Folding Powerbomb. Just something that looks good. The match was fun, I liked Sombra's shine periods a lot, Roode played a good base for him and kept his offence simple and good looking, his counter to Sombra's wacky DDT looked brutal in particular. Sombra on the other hand feels lost trying to find something that will work for him and he ends up doing Rey Mysterio's, Ibushi's and Tanahashi's spots, in many cases depriving them of what makes them work in their usual context. It's a shame but he isn't adapting right. And his finisher and finisher taunt are stupid. **3/4

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